How is telekinesis done?

How is telekinesis done?How is telekinesis done? We mentioned in the previous article that what telekinesis means and how it works. In this article, let’s briefly explain how to make telekinesis, which is one of the first things that comes to mind when we say parapsychology. In order to be able to act with telekinesis or psychokinesis and intense thought concentrated on any substance, it must first be made ready for it. If this innate innate effect mechanism is evident, the action process may work much faster or, in a short time, take control of its action mechanism, as is the case with the evil eye.

Information about telekinesis and aims

The person who wants to make telekinesis must first know why he she is making such an effort. A simple enthusiasm, a film frame that is affected, a short time to extinguish, such as an attempt to show and to prove, will not be enough for someone to go to patience. Instead, it will have a more positive effect on people, such as discovering the brain’s power, knowing oneself, seeing what they can do, and motivating the person for a much longer time.

Having enough knowledge about what the telekinesis is and what it means means that it will affect the motivation of the person positively. What is a simple definition of telekinesis and psychokinesis, which is influenced by thought in a substance, how can an object be affected without any physical contact, factors that cause this effect and what should be known about them. At least in the neuron cells of the person’s brain it must have learned that there is always the energy to cause this effect.

What You Need to Know About Telekinesis How to Construct

Telekinesis can be done by directing the energy with eye contact or hand movements. Simple movements can be given to objects at initial work, but more is needed to allow desired movements in the long run. The image of those who want to advance in this area (live imaging, imagination) must be well-conceived. No idea that we have touched on in our previous position is lost in the environment, just like radio signals.

As such, they have the same effect on the images created in their minds, and when they are intensified they also have features such as controlling energy, conveying thoughts. You will only look at an object with an effect, and the energy syllabic that comes out of your eyes will not look the same as the body sardine you are looking at and the work you will do by imagining what you want to do with it. The first step of your imagination work is when the eyes are closed and you are going to be able to do this while your eyes are open.

On the other side is the auto hypnosis that will provide you with dominance over the body and will. With auto hypnosis you can feel energy in your body and become controllable. Imagination in trans is more powerful and effective. As you progress, you will begin to see clear images even with your eyes open.

How Telekinesis Is Constructed A Simple Application

I hope you will not struggle with some of the concepts I will use at the very least after the above explanations. There are a lot of objects used during telekinesis or psychokinesis work, you can start by determining what kind of material you will use. If we give a few examples for this

  • You can start to work by tearing the can opener and attaching any object to the tip of the string and closing the lid. The greatest advantage of this material is that you will never experience the doubt that the stirrups that come to you are coming to the water with the flow of air. The foil may be a foil, a pin attached directly to the center, a pipette cut in the appropriate length and connected in the middle.
  • The material called psi wheel and the construction you will see below is the most known and used. But being open to the air currents is a material that can cause you to be suspicious. If you are going to use the Psi Wheel, you can close it with a glass jar. You can place the nail on the long center of a pin attached to a nail that will hold your paper in balance. 

How is telekinesis done – Precautions to be taken before application

Before you start practicing, try to relax yourself if you are not comfortable in your mind. Be careful of points such as stress, anxiety, anger, excessive hunger or toughness, any physical need to prevent your concentration, or whether you are in extreme cold or hot environment.

If there are any problems to distract you, just try to remove them. Especially the first study you will do is very important for your confidence and motivation. If possible, make sure no one disturbs you for a while, turn off your phone or turn down your voice. You can start to work when you are sure you are building a complete peaceful environment.

How is telekinesis done – First Phase in Practice

First of all discharge the negative energy above you, feed your body and your brain with oxygen, open them if you have a blocked energy channel.

  • Breathe in as much as you can to completely fill your lungs 5 ​​times in the supine position. If your breathing is not obstructed, take it from your nose and give it in your mouth and examine the changes in your body for a while.
I am filled with energy, I can control the energy and I can use it to influence energy matter
  • Take five deep breaths, and when you give your last breath, how much muscles are in your body, tighten it for 3-4 seconds. Try to feel the energy and fluctuations in your body. During this time you can also give yourself suggestions such as “I am filled with energy, I can control the energy and I can use it to influence energy matter”. If you want to move the work to a slightly more advanced size, you can imagine that when you breathe, you can imagine that a great energy enters your nose and let your breath out, and you can imagine that all the dirty and negative energy in your body has been thrown.
  • Take five deep breaths and give all your attention to the flow of energy in your body. Try to control it with energy image. Imagine that the energy is collected in your hands, in your eyes or in the middle of your forehead. After a while you will see that the regions are starting to warm up and tingle that you really started to gather at the points you dream of. As you repeat this practice, you can see that this effect is even greater. Finally, imagine what you will do a little later, and you can see what material you are working with as you work on it.
  • ** You can develop this work as you like and adapt it to yourself. If you do it on a regular basis, you will definitely see your benefit. This familiar work for meditators will help you use your energy channels more actively and at the same time will balance your energy that will provide you with your day to day fatigue.

How is telekinesis done – Application

  • Place your material in a place where you can be comfortable. This could be a table top or a coffee table.
  • You should be very comfortable when you sit, make sure your back is upright. Try to set a position where you can see the material from above, but not much trouble. (The influence varies from person to person, try to find the one that is most appropriate for you)
  • Close your eyes, concentrate only on the material, abstracted from the outer world.
  • If you want to make a move, imagine it first. The more vivid and clear the image in your mind, the stronger the effect.
  • Imagine energies accumulating in your hands. Feeling tingling and warming. Imagine that your hands are filled with an energy that you can move as you want and covered with a bright light. (Your hands if you use your hands, your eyes if you use your eyes)
  • Imagine that you stretched your hands toward the material without opening your eyes, and that the energy in your hands was going to the material with the little sparks in your hands, and that it would pass. Imagine moving the material in the way you want with this energy. (Objelly can be added to imagine that you are talking to the inner voice, communicating the message, depending on your time)
Do not squeeze your muscles or any part of your body at this time
  • When you believe that you are ready, open your eyes and bring your hands closer to the two sides of the material, now with your eyes open, what you just imagined. If you are using the Psi Wheel, imagine that the energy from your hands slowly turned the paper to the right. Do not squeeze your muscles or any part of your body at this time. After a while you will be aware that you will return to you as pain and tiredness. Release yourself and try to make the taste. Keep in mind that what you want to do is limited to your imagination.
* In the first try, the first moves are usually easy, but an overly anticipated always brings disappointment.
  • Do not get caught up in obsessions like you will accomplish everything the first day will cause you to give up too quickly. Think about this “If you have a lifetime, this is my greatest entertainment, hobbies and stress-reliever in the foreseeable 40 years.” This and similar thoughts will both help you to relax and really enjoy your work. Getting big results in a short time will be a big disappointment to return to you in a short time.
  • If you already have enough equipment, you can be successful in a short time, or even surprising results on the first try.


Methods and techniques may not have the same effect on each person. If you have visual, tactile, or emotional perception, then you will be able to get faster results by editing the methods according to your own. If you have a tactile perception, you can imagine what you touch to the material you feel by touching it. You can imagine those who have an emotional perception that you hear the voice of the wind, and that this wind is formed by your eyes or by the movement in your hands.

How is telekinesis done –

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