What is Telekinesis? Working Mechanism

What is Telekinesis? Working MechanismWhat is telekinesis? Working Mechanism. What to do for success? Telekinesis Telekinesis is a Greek word with its original name. It has come to fruition with the combination of the word “tele” meaning “far” and the word “kinesis” meaning “movement“. It comes in the form of remote control, remote activation, remote movement. ParapsychologistsPsychokinesis“, ie Metapsics, preferred to use the term “telekinesis“.

Realization of Telekinezin
In telekinesis field, there are two names that have been heard so far. Nina Kulagina and Uri Geller from the founders of the “Parapsychology Institution” who had been working in the USSR (Soviet Union) period. Although telekinesis is scientifically referred to as “unproven”, it seems that none of it is so when we look at studies conducted. If you follow the records on Nina Kulagina on Youtube it would be very funny to claim that it is a cheat or not for someone who is registered directly by a state to work.

Here, as always, qualities come to look for the realization of antisocial science as a reality. Likewise, it can be done in the same way that it can be done by someone else when conditions are met. However, it does not seem very scientific to say that “there is no” on a phenomenon that the present science does not yet understand, that it can not solve or even accept, that it does not accept on issues related to the soul. This seems to be an idea of ​​whether or not the fruit of the apple tree you do not accept exists.

Evil Eye and Telekinesis

The effect known as “evil eye” in our culture is actually a kind of telekinetic issue. Some people have the ability to act directly when they are overly passionate with an innate ability or when they look at emotions such as excessive joy and anger. People get sick, things break, equipment breaks, etc. They are witnesses of a lot of people. The difference between telekinesis and telekinesis is uncontrolled. It may be possible to control the evil eye and its effects with the understanding of the telekinesis phenomenon.

The Nas and Felak surahs descending to the Prophet (S.A.V.) have been directly reduced to protect against adverse effects. How do the frequencies that emerge when these memories are read act, how do they act and what kind of repairs are in between? What effects can telekinetic reveal when these frequencies and effects are reversed? These are the issues that need to be addressed and investigated.

How does the telekinetic mechanism work?

We do not know exactly what we are doing in our everyday life without being aware of the matter and life. All the changes that come to fruition in the soul of man are spreading as concentrated radio waves or energy. This is in fact related to the fact that a person is an entity that produces both energy and energy. Cells and especially neuron cells produce energy according to the activity of the body and mind.

Neurons, which are more concerned with the power of thought, are like power plants and distribution networks because they are also related to the neural structure of the body. Energy can be transmitted through the body as well as at the same time by focusing on a certain point of thought. When you enter an activity, you say “There is something unpleasant here” or you just remember your friend before you see your friend. Whether controlled or uncontrolled, there are energy extensions that emanate from each person’s spirit and identify themselves and constantly circulate.

Those who have success in telekinesis can influence the material by focusing on the present energy point if they have the ability to make this oscillation from birth. You have seen many of the ice crystals that are said to be beautiful and ugly words and that are formed in frozen water. The water we do not call live is affected by the words. Just as it is controlled by mental energy thought, it can have surprising effects on matter.

However, it is necessary to go through a long and patient process in order for this effect to be continuous. In order to achieve telekinesis, those who work with a small amount of experience have noticed that the first experiments are usually successful. Uncoated, nothing to test is called a dead end after the work called Psi Wheel with the movement of the paper pin attached to the needle moves. But the brain tries to convince you that it is not real by manipulating this condition that you can not accept for normal life.

Because he has not presented any proof that you are a family, school life, what you have read, nor are you here, until now. It’s just that you’ve experimented with post-writing that you read on a web site and attract your interest. Air flow, chance, influence your breath, etc. etc. Then your brain repeats it to prove to you that it is not real. Of course you can not succeed because you are conditioned now and your whole life.

What You Need to Do to Be Successful in Telekinesis Studies

* First of all, you have to accept that this work is not in line with the norms of normal living and that you are doing a work that goes beyond ordinary norms of life.

* If you are in doubt about the reality, you can watch the videos of people like Nina Kulagina.

* Get enough information. Investigate the energy potential of the brain.

* The person who will make telekinesis must be in a state of stagnation. At least you need to know what it is to catch Alpha wave rhythm.

* Investigate the energy channels called chakra and try to maximize the energy flow by keeping the related channels open.

* If you do not know how to make yourself ready, you can do light meditation “breathing” exercises. To ensure your concentration at this point, you can just give your breath to your breath. It is enough to deepen your conviction that your connection with the outside world is cut off.

* Try to feel the energy in your body by passing through the breathing exercises. With thought, try to accumulate and accumulate the desired spots in this energetic body. You will see that it is easy and successful.

* If you are going to use your telekinesis, try to concentrate your energies while you are in a trance, if your hands are warming and tingling you are doing well. You will feel the same warm-up and tingling during your work.

* Investigate auto hypnosis to learn how to master your body and energize. Try to practice as much as possible because it will make a lot of sense in Imajinasy as much energy as telekinesis.

* Be knowledgeable about imagination and imagination. Try to strengthen your imagination by entering the transa with breathing exercises. In the future you will use energy imagery to influence the material. At the same time Imjing will help you with telepathy and astral travel.

* Study telekinesis techniques but do not apply any techniques individually. Every person’s character is different. Techniques may be appropriate for those who develop them, but nobody guarantees that it is right for you. Adapt the techniques by interpreting them according to your own. In fact, develop your own techniques yourself.

* When you start studying, do not imprison yourself for a certain period of time. Just think of it as a work that will add color to your life. Remember, achieving telekinesis will not make you rich, it will not raise your class notes, it will not perfect your business life. If you are not thinking about working in an arena about the world of the show, see telekinesis only as an attempt to recreate the scenes behind the scenes that people and lives have.

* Telekinesis is never seen as a spiritual power to overthrow the people you can not keep up with in movies, like the means of getting revenge on the lines. If you are thinking about doing telekinesis with the thought of harming people or distracting when you are in a difficult situation, you should know that you do not have a life that can fulfill this thought at the moment.


The topic will be continued with Telekinesis Techniques.

For more information: www.telekinezi.com


January 8, 2017

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