A Bridge Between Spirit and Body Pineal Gland (Third Eye) Metaphysical Connection


A Bridge Between Spirit and Body Pineal Gland (Third Eye) Metaphysical ConnectionA Bridge Between Spirit and Body Pineal Gland (Third Eye) Metaphysical Connection

Why are children more open to external dimensions? Those interested in parapsychology (Astral Travel, Telekinesis, Telepathy, etc.) What are the dangers waiting in the metaphysical world? Interpretation of the unity between material and spiritual existence in a frame appropriate to the unity of truth has sometimes been found problematic in terms of scientific and philosophical approaches. Some scholars think that human beings can be treated with a biological dimension in materialist and positivist space, and all images of their soul can be denied or just explained by matter. The ones located at the opposite end of them are; Religion and spirituality, they are in danger of falling into a state of denying all the facts, causes, truths and mechanisms created as curtains in the creating of Allah.

  • Is the epiphyse which is defined by evolutionists as ‘a vestigial organ (!)’ From our reptile ancestors, a point of contact between ruh and the body?
    * The relationship between the opening to the world of the mnâ and the epiphysis …
    * The wisdom of people being more open to metaphysical arts at night and high places …
    Why is man like a sharp sword both sides of the metaphysical worlds ready for reference?
  • Some wisdom of night worship being important …
In this case, That physiological and bio-chemical mechanisms (even though they are gods) are known to be the truths.

The second important issue is; Physiological and bio-chemical processes, the curiosity of Allah’s knowledge and might for the sake of an examination of the secret. “Unknown person”; Soul, exquisite and body trilogy is a system that takes place in mutual relation. Also, because of the fragmented view of discipline and expertise in the sciences, it must be known that man’s ignorant dimension of ignorance is ignored in divine experiences.

At the beginning of the organs that function as contact points in the use of spirit biological mechanisms, the epiphyseal gland placed on our brain comes. It has been understood over the past 30 years how this small organization, described by evolutionists as “a vestigial organ left from our reptile ancestors,” has seen so well.

When the epiphyseal gland in reptiles and birds is in the middle of the head, just below the deep,

it is much more vulnerable to the sun’s rays. When this position is investigated; The pineal gland will play a role in the regulation of day and night bio-rhythms in reptiles depending on the intensity of the sun’s rays. The epiphyse is called the third eye because it is between two eyes. This structure, which functions as light receptor in mammals and vertebrates outside human beings, is the main center of the biological clock.

The evidence for the first time that Descartes describes the epiphyse which is described as the contact point of the soul and the body is a secretory gland on the part of the commander who is under control of the hormones which the intersection of the human sub-systems composed of the soul-mind-body trilogy is formed. Today, intensive research is being conducted on neuro-hormones such as epinephrine-releasing melatonin, pinolin and dimethyltryptamine (DMT), which are considered to be a critical endocrine gland.

DMT; Mystic pleasure and situations in man, triggers the passage of metaphysical theater.

For example, when the DMT molecule in the seeds and fruits of various plants is taken in the body as food or beverage, it results in a similar effect to the phytate-secreted DMT molecule. Harlin and harmalin which are found in the seeds of peganum harmala, similar to structure of pinolin. The same molecules as the DMT and 5-MeO-DMT molecules secreted from the pineal gland are also present in other plants. Phytoremia spp., Phalaris spp., Acacia spp., Arundo donax, Desmanthus illinoiensis can be exemplified. The herbaceous plant, especially Phalaris aruninacea, is very rich in DMT and its derivatives.

Many people are surprised by the fact that a similar analogue of epiphyseal-releasing molecules in the body is also in the genus and the akasia,

causing them to open up to the mind, followed by mental opening, altering the cognition and communicating with other worlds, meditation and biological mechanism of action through the same molecular system.

This glazed and subtle connection between material and meaning, even though the materialists would insist on their scientific abilities, saying that it is natural and normal to believe that the scientific developments in this field, the transcendental experiences and beliefs in reality, or the lack of belief are caused by differences in the biological system, It will be a means to deepen faith. The believers will observe that the truth, which their Lord created as a fruit of the universe, on a timely basis, can also be clearly observed at the molecular level. They will also have the impression that there is a sense of wisdom why night worship is important.

In mammals and on the inside, epiphyseal-secreting melatonin is involved in the regulation of headaches that trigger the closing of the eyes for sleep.

The epiphysis is activated at night or in the dark.

The activation of the pineal gland is regulated by light. There is a nerve link between the hypothalamus and retinal layer, which is sensitive to the light of the eye. The information about light and darkness entering from the eye is carried to the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the hypothalamus. From here, electrical messages about light and dark levels reach epiphany through a specific nerve connection. After these messages are evaluated, melatonin synthesis is regulated. There are also detections of the presence of melatonin and pinolin-producing cells in retinas.

The pineal gland and pituitary gland are the organs where blood circulation and vascularization are most intense after the kidneys.

If the kidneys, pituitary, thyroid, and parathyroid glands are active or under stress, the epiphyseal releases melatonin and delivers the body to sleep. As a result, these organs are calmed down. Research has shown that if activities that promote the activation of the pineal gland are important, aging, cancer, dementia, stress and hypertension are protected.

Although melatonin and pinolin are unconscious molecules, they play a role in the regulation of the immune and nervous system with the order. Equipped with antioxidant, antistress and anticancer properties, these molecules are neurohormones that are used to regenerate one’s strength and energy, to stimulate thyroid hormones to be released, to delay aging, to protect against Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

The pineal gland has been shown to play a role in mechanisms related to sleep regulation,

as well as to provide the person with more openness to the metaphysical world at night. During daytime or light, pineal gland activity is very low. Hence, the human body is not at the level that must be complete from the point of view of the spiritual worlds. Neurohormones released from the epiphyses, which work in order to regulate the biological rhythms of human light and day length, transform the human biological system into an open communication with the spiritual worlds in the absence of light (at night). In light (day), it makes it more clear to the material world. This verse is very meaningful, indicating that “working day by day, night is prepared for rest”.

The epiphyseal reached an activity at maximum around three o’clock at night and found

an interesting parallel between human intelligence and openness and susceptibility. In this respect, nights and seasons are time periods in the soul-mind-body system where the soul is less affected by the body and travel is easier. Bediüzzaman’s statement: “It is a tantalized movement on the universe (visible, material universe), universe unseen (unseen, spiritual worlds)” is also quite meaningful at this point.

When the right person wakes up at the end of the night, the epiphyte is active at the maximum level. What is interesting here is that molecules such as epinephrine-secreted pinolin, DMT, 5-MeO-DMT are secreted simultaneously with melatonin, which brings human sleep because of the secret of testing, as a reason for the preparation of human mystical and spiritual experiences. Therefore, it is necessary for a person to defy his / her sleepiness in order to be able to use the sub-structure prepared by these molecules that work when the body is open to the spiritual realms.

If you are an early resident, you can easily get up after three-quarters of

a night and get a chance to worship at a time when your body is open to spirituality. Thus, it becomes easier to live out the narrow patterns of material life and to live at the heart and soul life. The fact that our Prophet (PBUH), the prayer of the Prophet (PBUH), was taken up in time and taken to sleep, worshiped in the late hours of the night and recommended to the Ummah was examined in terms of the role of the epiphany in the body, Will be seen.

Between these molecules and their effects, which act as a bridge between matter and meaning, there is a simultaneous occurrence of two things, which we can call “extinction” rather than cause-effect. If we open them, the epiphyseal hormones are used as a reason for the examination of secrets, when the biological system of the person is ready to travel in the mean worlds or to take the future. On the other hand, it is like a sharp sword in which one is ready to comply with the metaphysical worlds. One may also be open to the intervention of evil spirits, demons and demons, if he does not engage himself with repentance, supplication, prayer and worship.

Over three canals placed on the human body, it can be left under the influence of soul and soul.

The advice of our master (sas) about the fragrance, the advice about the little sleeping and eating less, the sensitivity of the five senses to the guardianship can be understood better when it is re-examined in this frame. Two of these three channels are the digestive and respiratory ducts that are actively held by the molecules that people ingest, with food they drink, and with respiration. The third is the message channel that reaches the brain over five senses.

The things that people eat, drink, smell, and inhale are directly affecting their biological, psychological, mental, and spiritual life. In particular, medicines, plants, and smokes, smells and drinks that alter the psychology, mental perception, level of consciousness and size of a person, affect people much more than normal food. When traveling to the emerald peaks of the Kalbin, it is very important to keep these three channels, which are fed by the nafs, clean, giving special attention to Islam in Islam.

If it is taken into account that the DMT molecule interacts with the spiritual worlds to feel the bodies and metaphysical aspects,

it can be said that the daemons and spirituals also use the synthesis or secretion of similar neurohormones as a curtain on the action of God in revealing the effects on human body. As a matter of fact, the name “Ayahuasca”, which the Amazon locals use in their religious creations, contains the harvest and harmalin in the seeds of the plant and the DMT molecule which triggers mystical pleasures and situations in the human body. DMT is excreted in both epiphyses, as well as in the body when seeds and fruits of various plants are taken.

Those who drink of them, communicate with the spiritual worlds. Others, using this biological tendency of man, can control the minds, change the levels of consciousness and consciousness. For example, if 1 gram (Peganum harmala) seed is chewed, or if the incense is made to that person, the monoamine oxidase enzyme that breaks down serotonin is inhibited. Thus, DMT synthesis is induced when disruption of serotonin is stopped. The person becomes a trance.

Factors affecting the function of the epiphysine are abnormal daytime-night rhythms (such as when traveling with airplanes),

light intensity and duration, radiation, magnetic fields, nutritional disorders, daily stress levels, and temperature. Significant differences in the level of epiphyseal activity were also determined, depending on the elevation above sea level. We see this feature of the epiphysis, which is the lowest at sea level and highest at the peak of the mountains, mostly in the selection of some places of worship and seclusion.

One of the wisdoms of the Prophet Efendimiz (sas) in Hira Cave on the mountain, the retreat of His Highness Bediuzzaman in the high mountains, the construction of the ancient Christian monasteries in the high mountains and the growth of many marriages in the mountainous regions seems to be related to this epiphyseal. As a matter of fact, in the place called “light terror”, the healthy functioning of the epiphysis is disturbed in places where it is illuminated by extremely bright and abundant light. This leads to insomnia and consequent chronic stress and immune system deficits.

Similar to other brain structures, epilepsy can be stimulated with or without medication.

It has been shown that one third of the effects of drugs in the physico-chemical structure being used in recent years is believed to be completely healed by one’s medicine, that Allah depends on believing in the Prophet’s name and keeping his hope and morale high. Thus, one can lead to an increase in the synthesis of neurohormones in the epiphysis through prayers, worship, prayers, retreats, suggestions. Molecules produced from the pineal gland can be converted to serotonin in the presence of appropriate enzymes.

As a matter of fact, it is stated that when a person regularly performs his ordeal and worship, he can also stimulate the pineal gland to produce more serotonin. Today, about 75% of the problems are related to stress and depression, which are based on lack of spiritual satisfaction. As long as there is no reduction in melatonin levels and synthesis, there are very few problems with stress. Believers and worshipers are rarely seen. The chin is on love; Life in hope, love, enthusiasm, belief is a social lifestyle that prevents the decline in epiphyseal activity. Research shows that mystical experiences and observations, together with religious conversations, have a positive impact on the immune system.1

The role of epiphysis in children

A trans and happiness is achieved with high level synthesis of DMT synthesis at birth, mother and baby. Depending on the level of this molecule, the mother folds more easily to the birth pang, and the baby sleeps too much. Surveys show that when baby reaches the world, there is a large amount of 5-MeO-DMT in the cerebrospinal fluid. Brain is 40% more active in infancy and childhood. As a result, learning and communication with other worlds is more obvious. The pineal gland is large in children at first, but shrinks considerably when it comes to puberty. Therefore, the hormone melatonin is quite high in children, and they suppress their entry into the age of puberty. To a large extent they contribute to their innocence.

The fact that the pineal gland is large and active in children indicates that molecules such as melatonin,

pinolin, DMT and 5-MeO-DMT secreted from this gland are also more open to mental and spiritual phenomena than adults. Perhaps, therefore, the openness of children’s brain-mind systems to spiritual and metaphysical artifacts is high, depending on the amount of synthesis of these molecules. If this is indeed true, then the wisdom of children not always seeing the jinn and spirituality of adults can be understood, even if they can easily see why some spiritual beings can be seen.

Because the synthesis of molecules that make the mind-brain system open to spiritual and spiritual artifacts is quite high in children, it is very low in adults under normal conditions. When people enter the age of engagement and begin to lust in their veins, the pineal gland begins to slow down and shrink its activity. The communication gap with other worlds is considerably reduced. In any case, the education, the food and the way of life that are taken today also function as a dulling function of the human spiritual life.

A Bridge Between Spirit and Body Pineal Gland (Third Eye) Metaphysical Connection

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