A Look at Assets from Quantum Level


A Look at Assets from Quantum Level

A Look at Assets from Quantum Level

A Look at Assets from Quantum Level. In Latin, quantum comes to mean particle. In physics, this word is used to describe particles at the atomic and atomic level. In terms of quantum theory (physics) in physics, it is understandable to investigate the structure of such particles and their effects on each other. In ancient Greece, Plato was looking for the way to reality with his students through philosophy. Today, many physicists at Rochester University, like Leonard Mandel, are trying to do the same through Quantum theory. At the end of the researches carried out by the physicians in the laboratories, they ask: What is the ultimate limit of human knowledge? Is the physical realm shaped in our minds in our minds? Is there any coincidence in the universe, or is the whole process predetermined?

A Look at Assets from Quantum Level – HISTORY OF QUANTUM PHYSICS

About a hundred years ago, the Quantum era began by saying that Max Planck’s electromagnetic bubble spread as regular energy packs called quanta … Based on this first basic idea, which seems to be quite simple, scientists are one of the most successful theories of science so far. Except for the General Attraction Law, quantum mechanics has succeeded in many scenes that seem to be very different from each other (eg lighting events of stars, periodic table, etc.), besides forming a basis for the theories about the basic forces in nature. Utilizing quantum mechanics, many new technologies and inventions have been developed, from nuclear reactors to laser devices.

The uncertainty equations introduced by Schrodinger in 1926 say that the probability, probability and statistical approaches to determinism in quantum-level laborers (as in the Newtonian space) are prevailing. Albert Einstein was one of the founders of the Quantum Physics, saying in 1905 that the photoelectric hasith (to form the electrical current of light falling on metal) could only be explained by Planck’s electromagnetic particles (photons). However, he later opposed the principle of uncertainty brought about by Schrodinger and his friends throughout his life, saying, “God will not throw dice.” In contrast, Bohr’s advocates of quantum mechanics have opposed Einstein and thinkers like him, who say, “Scientists can not determine how God manages the universe.”

Until recent years, apart from famous physicists, they were generally uninterested in these basic issues, only to say that new technological developments were made through quantum theory. However, in recent years, some scientists who have been bravely working on reconsidering the quantum theory in the laboratory and determining the approaches to bring it back to the laboratory, have made it feasible to produce faster computers and communication devices, making use of recent developments in the field of experimentation.

Hundreds of studies to date have revealed Einstein’s fear.

Subatomic particles, such as photons, electrons and neutrons, which are components of the quantum world, sometimes all atoms behave like particles and sometimes as waves, but it is not yet possible to determine what they are as particles or waves as they are measured. To tell the truth, scientists are still unable to understand how small basic particles of matter are observed in two opposing forms in this way. How can a particle emerge as a wave in the next experiment that we prepare as a particle in a set of experiments that we have prepared to measure its particle property and to measure its wave property.

Newton was born in the 1700s, the first to come to light as a particle in the history of science. Only then did young Young 1800 try the famous venture in years, causing the light to be believed to be wave-like. In his experiment, Young placed a layer with two very small slits in front of the incoming light. The light waves entering the curtain behind the clefts formed bright and dark eaves. It was not possible to explain the formation of the fringes after thinking like a wave of light.

But the new double slit experiments in the last century showed that Newton was at least as right as Young.

Modern photodetectors can detect multiplying light particles such as a particle at a certain point and a certain point on the screen behind the slits (picture on the left). However, in the first place, as soon as the particles, which are determined to strike the screen one by one, gradually form interference on the screen, they form dark and bright lines (the right side) which can not be explained by anything other than the light wave characteristic in the middle.

Furthermore, if the researcher continues to use any one of these two slits until the end of the experiment, leaving only one of them open, or using photodetectors to determine which hole the photons pass through, the interference pattern is no longer observed. It is understood that the photons act like particles (their positions can be fixed at a certain distance) and act as waves when they are allowed to act like waves (they do not have any specific positions in space as they are on a wave). As Bohr said in the 1930s, “If you are not confused with the quantum physics, you really do not understand the quantum physics.”

The double character behavior of the light, sometimes wave, sometimes particle, is opposite to our usual basic logic assumptions. How can one carry two characteristics at different times in the opposite character. Scientists say that such discussions, which began in the 20th century, have changed our view of the universe and show that everything is not limited to the world we see and to the busts we have so far determined.

A Look at Assets from Quantum Level – FINAL DISCUSSION

The present vision of light is an uncertainty. The “cosmic thought experiment” requires measuring photons from quasars that are split in half by a galaxy acting like a “shooting lens”. Billions of years ago, each photon moved around the galaxy in the form of a particle ending in one of two detectors, or in the form of a particle that follows both paths around the galaxy, eventually moving as a wave producing an interference pattern. Shape.

The reason for the ambiguity in this area is the assumption that there is any physical shape of the photon before the observation of the astronomer. Before the observation, the photon was either a wave or a particle; In both cases he passed around the quasar in one way or another. “What is called quantum is neither a wave nor a particle! It can not be described and understood until the moment it can be measured.

However, when the photon appears to be a wave, it is transformed into a particle, which is measured, and when it is particle, it takes the shape of a wave.

Because of this, it is not possible to say anything definitively about the nature of the existence, since the identity of the “photographed” can not be found. In one sense, the English philosopher Berkeley was probably right two centuries ago when he said, “Being is being understood.” Because it is not possible to make a definite statement on the reality of the existence of something incomprehensible (photon mu, particle).

Einstein’s “if the quantum mechanics is right, then the world is crazy“; Ie, as the physicists pointed out, no provision can be made that the universe will remain as the same universe after the smallest unit of time; It may change instantly, or it may be absent. Daniel Greenberger, a theorist from New York City College who quotes Einstein’s above statement, “Yes, Einstein is right; The world is really crazy. ”


It is not known to which slit the photons coming from the double-radius will pass during the formation of the interference pattern. If we make an arrangement that will “know” which slit it is already going through, it is not possible to observe the enterprise history. In the first place, photons reach the screen one by one, showing irregular and totally statistical fluctuations. But what is interesting is that there is a pattern in this chaos, and as time goes on, the photons build up the pattern of interference that is obviously very regular.

As we have seen, when we descend into the Quantum world, the bases in the world we live in are totally invalid.

Despite the fact that science and technology are progressing very much today, it is quite interesting that a clear solution is still not reached in many matters of life and universe. Even if we accept that the universe was born from a point with the Big Bang theory today, we still can not fully understand how and why the explosion exploded and how its mechanism worked.

There are many issues such as how the galaxies are clustered, how the solar system is, how the solar energy is created, how the creatures are created from the earth, how the human brain works, how the eye sees and how information is stored in our memories. What kind of structure the light we can call substance (!) Is still not fully understood. Although the situation presents an ambiguity, a darkness and a complete lack of understanding in the “evil eye” of Western scientists, the universe is, in fact, prevalent as a light obscurant hidden from its violence.

Within this light, the Islamic scholars who were able to penetrate today and into the truth of the contemporary, have been discovered from God’s creation that they are the beauties of Esma-i Ilahi and that they are standing with custody of Him.

While Western scientists who look at existence at the point of being, that is to say, a meaningful name, live in full pessimism about tomorrow, and eventually fear of death, Muslims continue their lives in peace with faith in the fact that there is indeed an existence, death and cruelty to Allah.

A Look at Assets from Quantum Level

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