Astral Travel and First Stage Lucid Dreams


Astral Travel and First Stage Lucid DreamsAstral Travel and First Stage Lucid Dreams. When you start working on Astral Travel, you will begin to experience some changes both mentally and spiritually. One has a magnificent mechanism, and one of the main tasks of this mechanism is to adapt to all the changes that may occur. What you will experience from the beginning of your Astral Travel studies are the results of this harmonization process entirely, and one of the basic structures of this process is conscious dreams called Lucid dreams.

Why Conscious Dreams

Astral travel is a consequence that comes from outside the material level, and the adaptation process must be appropriate. It is conscious, it can be changed but it is outside the dimension of material … In order for a person as a whole to do what he wants other than material life, he must experience similar situations before. Conscious dreams provide us with a perfect environment for this. You can even go to Astral Travel directly from this place later on.

Astral travel is one of the factors that push people the most when it comes out and sudden withdrawal. Excessive tingling, uncontrollable, contractions, unknown mental states, and sudden changes in human shock can occur. During the opening and closing of consciousness during the dreams, similar situations are experienced at lower levels, the opportunity to control them as the experiences increase, and the extrajudicial journey that you will live consciously as the process progresses will not have a great impact on you.

How can consciousness be opened in the dream?

If you start to work with a serious Astral Travel survey under normal conditions, conscious dreams start to emerge spontaneously. As soon as the simple mental layers of reason are clear, you are close to the distances you can consciously see in your dreams. If this process has lasted a long time and you want to speed up – you can do it with a simple technique (natural is always good, wait for that step).

Conscious Dream Technical Practice

# Heavy sleep – Determine your universe. (Dreams are seen in this phase)
# If you do not know the Rem universe, use between 03:00 and 04:00.
# Set the alarm clock on your phone to 3 o’clock or 3 o’clock.
# You can use the following suggestion in two ways. When the alarm rings, you can either take the phone to your hand as a note that you can read, or directly as a voice recording (you can use it as a ringtone).
# Record that suggestion in your phone “When I fall asleep, I can control my dreams as I would like to – I program my dreams to open in dreams I see, when I start to dream, I will open my mind and control my dreams as I would like”
# You can use it to program your self in advance without lurking in a similar way.

Points to note.

# If you read indoctrination as a note (this will be more effective, it will keep you alive between sleep and wakefulness) You need to adjust the phone sound to wake you up.
# Use a loud sound before you start playing the sound you recorded while you were sleeping (break, crash, high ring, scream, etc.)

Managing Conscious Dreams

Your new first attempts with conscious dreams can result in waking up or falling asleep. Just watch for a while when your consciousness is open during the dream and do not intervene in any way (schedule this phase in your mind beforehand) and do minor interventions when you see that everything is in order. Everything that is suddenly made will come into contact with water and either consciousness will be totally opened or constant irresponsibility will turn the consciousness off. Evaluate the first try as a trial drive and get results as usual. As you gain experience, you will be able to make astral exits very easily.

You are an all-consuming whole; You will fall asleep to the sink, or you will wake up to the surface. Stay tuned between the two of them and be prepared for small surprises.

Astral Travel and First Stage Lucid Dreams April 9, 2017



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