Astral Travel and Imagination Studies

Astral Travel and Imagination Studies – Astral Travel is one of the paranormal studies that used the image. A person who has not gone beyond the realm of the realm and who is accustomed to perceiving everything through sensory organs can use imagination as a kind of bridge to extend beyond matter. You may not need to animate your mind anymore for a place you already know, see and experience, but for the first time you go there, you will constantly engage in your mind. This is true in our normal life.

Why Astral Travel Why Imagination Work?

It’s about a place you’ve never been to, you’ll see for the first time, you’ll start to imagine how you will go there and what you will face when you go. This is like a kind of spiritual preparation. At the same time, if you are aware of it, it is an attempt to establish a spiritual connection. As I mentioned in the introduction, the same is true of studies extending beyond matter.

Anyone who has not previously consciously perceived the substance beyond the dreams, as in real life, tries to establish a conscious or unconscious connection. This bond is about how it will happen, what will happen and what will happen after the first exit. In the same Anda Two Different Place, you can understand what it actually means by going down to the scientific details. Every image that comes to mind in your mind will have a spiritual connection between you and the place where it is related.

Imagination, Astral Projection and Astral Travel Connection

Those who study Astral travel have heard absolutely the concept of “Astral Projection” which is generally perceived as misperceived. It is a very challenging work for beginners to begin with. It is the first time that a person has seen and looked at a place other than where he or she is, and the brain violently opposes it. Of this study, which is unrealistic, in order to actually distorted perception of reality show resistance to show that you are not at your place you projected yourself and your body, you will find yourself again.

It is a point of resistance that needs to break but it is a pleasant work. The aim of this work is to create ourselves in different dimensions outside the body by playing in different places outside the body. Projections of work to be involved in our consciousness with imagination is one of the important factors leading destination with conscious dream travel in astral work.

Astral Travel and Imagination Studies – Preliminary Preparation

You need to make yourself ready spiritually and physically as in all other studies. If you regularly do meditation, breathing exercises, etc. What do you need to do in this preparation phase? And other information about the Astral Travel to get the necessary information, you can see the section of Other Articles. I do not mention the other detail because the location is the imaging methods to be used in astral travel.

Imagination and astral travel studies that you will do without being physically and spiritually ready can not be satisfactory because you can not get enough depth and spiritual connection. But if you have been working long enough and now you have come to a certain stage, even lying on your back or setting your eyes and closing your eyes will make you ready. Even if you are always working in the same place, it will make you ready when you are there.

Astral Travel and Imagination Studies – Application

Lay your back on your back so your back will stand upright. If you fall asleep easily, or if you sleep before you can complete your work while you have worked before, sit back and sit down and close your eyes. Before this stage I assume you have prepared yourself both spiritually and bodily. From the moment you close your eyes, you will quickly begin to move towards the alpha level. After this, it will be easier to image.


Do not perceive anything clearly about the application to be made. You can apply your imagination as you wish and use it the way you like. Do not get caught up in the constant techniques and practices that most people have done, everyone is in a different world and everybody has their own connection channels.

1- Think of your body starting to transpire, starting from your toes. (Transparency slowly moves upwards from the fingers, for example, you can look at the progress of the water to the ground to enter the details.) For further details, see Imagination Telekinesis and Telepathy.
2- Feel that every point reached by the transparency is tinged lightly at the same time. (It is always important to add emotional feelings to your work so you can not get the effect you want during your first work, but you will have to think and ask as you progress.) You can improve yourself by doing an autobiographical hypnosis study or just doing a separate study to achieve this effect.
3- Your entire body becomes transparent and you feel tingling in your whole body.

4- At this stage, we use the tingling sensation as a trigger to vibrate.

5- Feel and feel in your mind that the tingling sensation creates a horizontal or vertical vibration in your entire body. (You can animate the trigger part as you wish, from the top you can animate a drop of water dropping into your body and bringing it to a ripple scene, as in slow motion scenes, you can animate the center and direction of the vibration again according to your own sensitivity.I am doing this part with the tingling image .)
6- You can animate the vibrations in your entire body as you wish in your mind. The important thing is to be able to feel it intensely. Try not to experience the vibration state intensively enough. (You can be inspired by movie frames, animating that your transparent image vibrates as the bearing or vertical image clarity disappears.)

7- We go to the second stage

8- Stop vibrating at this point. Feel and feel that the atmosphere you have changed has changed, and that a sound of a tingling sound has been echoed everywhere that someone has hit a room with a big stick. (Dance as you want, dust can be scattered around the room, the room can be shaken, the color of the medium can be blue or brown in pastel shades, instead of the tingling sound of a drop dripping from the faucet, you can use ta as an exit trigger when you arrive at that particular stage).

9- Without losing too much time with the painting you draw, view yourself as you look at yourself at the other end of a room. (If you lose too much time with a stage in this phase, your brain will resist and you will be in an unnecessary fight.) Take a moment, look at yourself and go to the next scene immediately.

10- Control is Always In Your Hand

11- Before losing your time, send yourself to a place you have already examined by entering your details. (This point is important: every point you examine will provide convenience in your spiritual connection.) The point you are studying may be a crack in the top or bottom of the wall, a doorway or window, or even a role you left on your desk.
12- It is enough to see yourself once you are lying down or sitting on the spot. You leave immediately there and go to a few different points. You will stop at the point you are going to, set the duration according to the time your brain is engaged. (This time is different for everybody, so change a second before this)

13- Project yourself to the point you have set out of your room and you have already gone into detail. Study the details and leave.
14- In this way, follow the traces you left earlier at certain points of the house. (Check the resistance time of each brain you are going to, if it starts to show resistance sooner, shorten the time and return to the room again.

15- Third stage

16- Repeat the steps well before this step. Do not set a time for yourself. Go ahead and say “Okay, I’m ready now”. It does not matter how many days, weeks or months have passed since. This is the conscious project you are doing to this stage. So you are moving your consciousness to the point you want with the image. However, sudden outbreaks may occur as they exist in spiritual bonds with consciousness.
17- Once you have settled down the places you have settled, find yourself looking ahead to the neighborhood you live in. (You can animate this part in different shapes, you can add voices at exit, you can go through the walls.)

18- In places outside the area where you live, your spiritual traces are less common or never found in places you have not seen or seen. In places you have not known before, seeing yourself (looking at your eyes) will be a complete dream until you have a real exit.
19- For an effective experience outside your habitat, go to a place that you know where you live as far as possible. Look at the place you live there and watch out for the details around you. (And, if possible, bring in the hours that you are working in. If you go in the daytime and do the night work, you may cause your perception of the day as daytime.

Astral Travel and Imagination Studies – Conclusion

Future work after this is limited to your imagination until the actual outcome. By putting the technology into action, you can continue the same studies from different illusions, months or planets through google maps. This section is an example of how imagery can be used in astral travel. The important thing is that you have learned how to use triggers and orientations with imagination. The next steps will continue with conscious dreams and momentary exits. You can experience a real breakthrough at a time you never dreamed of.

And if you work regularly and systematically, your first outcome will be very healthy. It will be just like the sleeping dive moment. Your whole body begins to bite, and you will find yourself in a completely different dimension, with a feeling of falling into the void and a resonating voice.

Believe your success and be careful

Do not rush, do not show impatience, live and live, try to taste each experience separately. Continue to work with a solid motivation by adding account that the greatest obstacle is the lack of willingness to work regularly. Do not mention anybody who does not know what Astral Travel and Imagination words mean until success is achieved.

Before you start working with the community, explain that you are doing a concentration work that you should not be disturbed, and if you feel uncomfortable, you may experience difficulties. If there are minors from you who can disturb you at any moment, do your time in the time they will not disturb you. Sudden dizziness during deep transients or projection work can give you very unpleasant experiences. Never forget to color your belief that you will succeed with your imagination.

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