Astral Travel Types

Astral Travel Varieties Astral Travel TypesAstral Travel Types – Unlike what you might think, astral travel is not a one-dimensional concept. Not every astral journey may be a true journey. The reasons why the seekers can not find what they are looking for, and the experiences that can be proved when the money is rewarded are also related to the position. Almost everyone can travel extracurricularly, but not everyone can experience a real experience at will. People who can experience the way they want to be, are also people who are not in a position to prove anything or who are not looking for a prize.

Astral Travel Types

I have already shared the definitions made under this topic under the topic “what is astral travel“. In this article, I would like to open a little more of the 3 astral travel types that I mentioned earlier. Definitions may be different in different sources, astral travel types may be mentioned more or less. I suggest you not to stick to such differences.

1- Mental – Nephsi Astral Holidays

The image is formed by the effect of his wishes and wishes and the subconscious recordings in the period when the chin is still in ego stage. Just like the images that occur in deep transsexuals or under hypnosis. Images are formed according to the experience and knowledge they have in life. The issue of correctness of images is unclear. Even if there are partial real outcomes, it is not possible to say anything clear about all of them. Astral travel has always been an unsure concept as most of those who are engaged in astral travel or say that they are doing astral travel are stuck at this stage.

This phase is like the different versions of the conscious dream. The opening of conscious awareness in the trance, the conscious guidance in the trance, the opening of consciousness at the time of transition to sleep can provide the transition of this stage.

Most of those who have a psychological structure conducive to birth make close-ups to this stage. Their ability to progress is weak because they do not come to work on the basis of reason and do it with their spiritual sensitivities. The wall climbed and started directly from the other side of the wall. Existing points were limited to what they had from birth.

At this stage, when they want to read a text they want to read, they do not have any data related to the subject in memory, so they are added to the unreadable, blurred, or unconscious images. Drawings in images; brain, subconscious and external influences are important elements.

With the soul, the ego is still a great obstacle. The main aim is to explain to others what they have experienced, to be accepted as an important person, to strengthen the egos, to be enthusiastic and to applaud. When the ego is not fed, requests are gone and work can be stopped.

2- Ruhsal Astral Holidays

A real astral journey, so an out-of-body journey begins with this phase. Matter with body Energy is the spirit that is active because the distance between body or soul is greatly shortened. Since time and place matter does not depend on the body as it is, real travel starts beyond matter. Moving away from the plan of matter, objectivity without evaluating the events, feeling in the sense of releasing itself, opening in perception, seeing extreme mental sensitivities, bodily respiration, changing the frequency of the body, feeling the flow of energy, feeling and increasing the vibrations at certain points of the body, between. The person thinks and lives at the level of meaning rather than at the level of matter.

The bond with matter does not go beyond necessity. Constant calm and peacefulness is observed. Concerns, worries, fears have lost their meaning at this stage. The point of view of life and people changes completely.

Travels are real and can go where they want when they want. But there is no effect on the physical world. Travels are spiritual out of substance. At this stage, properties of pregognition arise. This is not the unseen. Variable and incomplete events are images. The seen dreams, snapshots, what happens during or after the trip may actually be related to future events.

3- Physical Astral Travel – Tayy-i Mekan

In this phase, both matter and spiritual travel are the issues. Materialization and Dematerialization have become possible. Because the soul is superior to the material, the material has no effect on the soul. The restrictive provisions of the Article and the Article have left their place to the soul’s sovereignty. Going from one place to another, staying in more than one place at the same time, standing in a physically located place and actually being in other places both spiritually and physically, physical effects beyond matter are seen in this phase.

In some cases, even if the person has reached this point, he may not be aware of it.

People in the 2nd and 3rd stage do not want to participate in the competition to get the money prize, not to try to prove it, to explain even what they are living, and to not revive their egos. It’s like blowing up the 50th bomb and blowing up the basement floor. A person who transcends the substance will not crush the soul and take the substance upon it.

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September 23, 2017

The article was taken from the part of the visual doctor Strange Movie where Astral issues are found.

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