Fourth Dimension Time


Fourth Dimension Time

Fourth Dimension Time

Fourth Dimension Time The term “time” in daily life constitutes the fourth dimension. When we say that the base of a room is flat, or that an orange surface is curved, we are talking about two-dimensional surfaces. A non-volumetric line in a plane is one dimensional, and a volumetric object is three-dimensional. He sees space (three-dimensional space) and lives in it; She feels it and she is crazy.

There is no difficulty for us in this. Time (the fourth dimension) can not be seen as a material space. We only understand. We can do this in the best way with science branches that can not bring the concept of mücerred (abstract) such as mathematics closer to the vision. There are also dimensions on the four dimensions; But we do not know much about the effects of these dimensions on our lives yet.

The idea of ​​being created together with the material universe at a moment when we will say zero moment (big bang) does not want us to see an inevitable result. The result is that time will be regarded as an integral part of and together with the three-dimensional space. You have decided to meet a friend and meet at any place (place). The agreed place will not be enough for you to meet your friend, and you will also have to set the time. This gives us the impression that it is an integral part of the space in terms of human relations in time. How is space alone, in time, in relation? The hanging gardens of Babylon have remained over time and have already completed their role in time.

Think of a warm summer evening where the sky is pure, looking at the sky full of stars. As you roam your gaze in the sky, your eyes are attached to Vega, a bluish bright star, 26 light years away from us in the Lyr team star. (Light year is the road light takes in one year and is about 9.5 trillion miles in one light year). The light that reaches your eyes that evening, 26 light years away, is not the image of Vega’s star, but the image 26 years ago. Likewise, the light falling into the photographic film is the light that travels 250 million light years, while an astronomer takes a photo of a galaxy at a distance of 250 million light years with a telescope.

The photograph gives the appearance of the turn that the galaxy is not, but not even the dinosaurs on earth yet. For this reason, when we look at the sky, it is obvious that we look at the depths of space and past time. When thinking about the meaning of gazing at the stars, once again the concept of time is broken up as a result that can not be separated from the dimensions of the space, and this four dimensional formation is called space-time.

“Allah commands and manages all things from above. Then all these things will come to Him again in a day that holds a thousand years with your account (your time). Here is O who is the absolute victor and compassionate who knows what is seen and seen. “(Prostration, 32/56)

At first sight of these verses; There can be received messages that the concept of time may be variable, that no work is random, that certain beings can take a distance of fifty thousand years from our concept in a day, and the speed of these beings is more than the speed of matter. Moreover, it is also thought that the beings whose speeds are far above the substance level can be influenced by their appearance in this state of affairs, and besides, within the bounds of time as in the case of the Arz, beings can be seen. To very near years, time was a concept of time.

In verses, however, time has a different flexibility for the various entities, and the variability of the time course (slower or faster) is expressed in the various layers of the universe. It was accepted that in the Newtonian physics the light travels at infinite speed, that is, the interaction speed is infinite in the systems that are not interacting, and therefore the time must be taken constantly.

With the Special Relativity Theory (ÖRT) published in 1905, A. Einstein argued that the speed of light is the end, and therefore the time is variable (relative), and that it should be taken as the fourth dimension, and notes that the fact that time is variable has the following consequences in cismin movement: , Volume shrinkage, mass shrinkage, time deceleration.

The basic idea behind Einstein’s General Relativity Theory (GRT), published in 1915, was the four-dimensional space-time curvature of gravitation. What happens at the time when shooting is tilting the space-time space section? With GRT, gravity slowed down. In this theory, we can also make the following comment: In the depths of space, clocks run at normal speed away from all sources of attraction; But it progresses more slowly than normal due to the curvature that occurs when the region of attraction is approached.

You can not notice this because your heart beats, your metabolism, or even your thinking time slows down the same often. However, if you try to communicate with someone who has stayed in a zone where clocks are moving at normal speed, you will notice.

“Every time you live is influenced by a stream of time flowing constantly. Time is perhaps an energy, like a river running water. It is not a constantly flowing river, it is water in it. At the same time, there is such a flow characteristic. Time, with this feature, has been coveted by all objects, covering all living things. The fact that there is nothing at all means the creation of time. The fact that time has been created means planning the future. This fact, on the other hand, expresses a side of the concept of DESTINY. “2

Mankind is not limited to matter (three dimensions) but is also related to further dimensions. This alaka is increasing in the extent of man’s destiny and the voluntary efforts he has made. It could be the opposite; It may close the eyes of the velûd (fertile) circus by covering the eyes with objects other than the material due to human suffering and staying in the faşit circle. We take refuge in Allah from such a condition and we are sure that; “God show us the originals of the samples and the shadows you show us, increase our bods, lift the curtains in front of our eyes so that we can become acquainted with the truth of the …”

Fourth Dimension Time –Uğur İlyasoğlu


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