Front Brain and Parapsychological Bonds Prefrontal Cortex


Front Brain and Parapsychological Bonds Prefrontal Cortex

Front Brain and Parapsychological Bonds Prefrontal Cortex

The human body-exquisite and spirit creates a complex system of interdependent, dynamic interactions. This complex structure is one of the centers of control and administration in the body. Although the brain itself has different parts and regions in terms of function and structure, there is little need for all parts of the brain for healthy functioning. Different regions of brain structure and function; front, middle, rear, right, left, such as direction and posture are expressed words. One such part of the brain is the forebrain or forebrain cortex (prefrontal cortex). We have limited knowledge of the forebrain.

Spiritual Functions

There are various researches on the existence of certain regions in memory of intelligence, intelligence, belief, hatred, love in the brain that has regulated and controlled the functions of spiritual functions. The two hemispheres of the brain are different in terms of the functions they perform and show specialization and dominance / restraint.

For example, speech regions, language functions, usually clustered in the left hemisphere, right hemisphere, music skills, and functions for analyzing and interpreting complex images. However, there are insufficient evidence that the prefrontal region of the human brain associated with high mental processes operates independently of other parts of the brain.

Prefrontal Korteks

However, only the temporal lobe is associated with the linguistic and mathematical processing functions of the Angular gyrus, which mediates between the Wernicke region with the tongue gripping area on the upper back and the hearing and image centers in the brain. Thus, it was found that the angular gyrus-labeled region of the brain is more closely related to high mental activity and human intelligence. Scientists have proved that in the destruction of these areas, mental activity and intelligence are much more damaged than prefrontal cortex destruction.

Therefore, in order for the functions of the spirit to appear in bed, it has been demonstrated that the brain regions associated with these functions must be robust and functional. However, the idea that spiritual talents or leniences, personality traits, or intellectual abilities can not be identified with any part of the brain is now more accepted.

A good evidence for this is the existence of numerous reports of brain tumors in which the tissue is removed surgically, a slowing in spiritual angels, and some loss, even if there is no significant destructive minus. Another example is that in some depressed patients about 40-50 years ago, patients continue to survive despite the fact that the prefrontal region is separated from other parts of the brain (prefrontal lobotomy).

These patients benefited from surgery and did not develop serious neurological or psychiatric disorders for a certain period of time after surgery. But later on, many years of follow-up surveillance showed that some of the deficiencies in the functions of the forebrain shells appeared in patients and this surgery was abandoned.

These disorders related to the forebrain brain are the main ones:

  • Lack of ability of patients to solve complex social and other problems,
  • They can not do sequential assignments in order to reach complex goals,

  • They can not learn to do several jobs together in the same place,

  • losing perseverance, effort and activity requests,

  • Disappearance of collective reaction reactions against households,

  • The loss of moral values ​​and feelings of embarrassment.

  • Despite the fact that patients can still talk and understand the spoken language,

  • Emotional situations, compassion and kindness, anger, enthusiasm, violence and madness show a rapid change,

  • Many of the motor skills and artistic skills that they are accustomed to throughout their lives should not be able to fulfill a certain goal.

These disorders also revealed the connection of the forebrain shell with the spiritual mind and functions.

Front Brain and Parapsychological Bonds (Prefrontal Cortex)

While individual neurons that can survive in the laboratory do not exhibit high intellectual activities such as intelligence, human neurons emerge in the forebrain as a result of the neurons coming together and the connections between them. This type of intelligence that can solve very complex problems, make discoveries, and certainly not exist in animals, is linked to the forebrain shell. It is not possible to explain what is happening here without accepting the existence of the soul.

Non-material spiritual functions and functions such as sadness, joy, happiness, peace and hearing, patience, compassion, and love emerge with a complex interplay of different parts of the brain. It is impossible to explain them merely satisfactorily with the electrical and chemical reactions taking place in the material mind.

The prefrontal area is the brain region where various minds of the lower brain (such as hearing, vision, touch cortex areas, thalamus, and hypothalamus) are enriched by manipulating and forming ideas and data from regions. The information bits stored in memory from many sources of the brain are being synthesized in the forebrain shell, synthesized, and developed in the sense of depth and isolation.

Active Memory

The ability of many pieces of information to be watched at the same time, and then to remember them when necessary to form ideas from them is called “active memory”. In the working memory, all the temporal pieces of information scattered all over the brain are combined and in this way one can see the future and plan the future. Five senses can gain time to give the right answer to the information that comes with the channel.

He can predict the consequences of his movements; complex medical, complex mathematics, ethical, legal, moral, conscience or philosophical problems. They can postpone the answers to the information at the best time, predict and solve the consequences of the words and actions, use all the information channels to diagnose the diseases, and use the will to control the suitability of the activities with the ethical and moral rules.

People suffering from the prefrontal cortex experience difficulty at a serious level in terms of being able to watch different information and to be able to use this information at the moment to integrate it into the new mind. This indicates that a person’s high mind or intellectual activity is linked to the prefrontal cortex. Another function of the prefrontal cortex is the role it plays in focusing on a subject.

Prefrontal Cortex and Its Importance

From this point of view, a certain level of attention is related to the prefrontal cortex. The reason for this is that the prefrontal cortex can not be gained by the injured people and can be easily broken. People who have been or are suffering from the prefrontal cortex are conscious of their souls, and even if they can think of it, they can not express their emotions and thoughts through the brain (a problem in the brain is an obstacle to the soul); but for a few seconds or up to a minute, they can display a logical and sequential flow of emotion and thought. These people can be easily distracted from the original idea. However, the prefrontal cortex is responsible for the soul-body in completing one’s thoughts irrespective of the individual.

Advanced intelligence

To sum up; When there are certain connections between human mind functions such as consciousness, reason, will, and the forebrain shell, materialists believe that this is the place of the intelligent mental angels (intelligence) and ignore the spirit. Materialist scientists who believe that human intelligence evolved from animal intelligence in the wake of evolution call human intelligence linked to the forebrain skull as “advanced intelligence.”

This is exemplified by the fact that when the forebrain shell region is compared with the apes’ anterior brain as evidence, much larger space is occupied by the human being. The biggest mistake of scientists is positivist point of view on brain functions. Every effort to explain each function with material leads to wrong conclusions. For example, if the prefrontal cortex can not do the job, the embarrassment is rising. This, in turn, causes the uterine to be given only prefrontal cortex.

However, the non-material and non-measurable spiritual angels can perform the central soul functions through the brain and the bridge. When the material has a problem; the soul functions without fail in its own realm, but it can not express itself and consciousness, mind and will in the physical-physical world.

Front Brain and Parapsychological Bonds Prefrontal Cortex




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