How to build telepathy?


How to build telepathy?

How to build telepathy?

People do not really talk. It’s just a way of conveying thoughts. Thoughts turn into the voices we speak. The messages to be transmitted are shaped in the mind and transmitted by voice. Are our thoughts conveyed only by way of speech? Of course no. Every thought that comes to mind in our brain is spread as EEG signals. You can think of it as waves that a rock thrown into the water drops. Each thought spreads like waves that a stone thrown into the water throws. The larger the discarded stone and the formed waves, the wider the circle.

Thoughts and Radio Signals

Our thoughts form in the form of electrical signals and spread like waves that are transmitted by a radio transmitter. The resulting waves also transmit messages. It is also true that telepathy is possible. The first impressions you have made in an environment of people you have entered and you have never known are telepathic impressions and impressions of appearance (fake mimics, clothes) are based on telepathic thoughts spreading around until you are deceived.

In studies on parapsychology technology was introduced into the market when it was understood that everyone could not use telepathy ability equally or that it would take a long time. Computers and software were developed that can interpret EEG signals at both the receiver and transmitter levels via electrodes.

Today’s technology is able to translate signals that people have spread to 45% accuracy. It is planned to be used by soldiers carrying electrodes at the beginning of the battlefield to increase this ratio.¹ Is not it amazing? In the world where parapsychology is not exactly accepted as a real science, telepathy can be combined with technology.

Telepathy in our Daily Life

In fact, we are living a large number of examples of telepathy even if we do not know it. We feel like we are born into ourselves but can not interpret what is happening, we do not feel like we can not describe the events that come to the heads of our loved ones at the moment, we are talking about a thought that comes to our minds or we think of our opinion before we say it, we remember our friend with the ringing phone and we know it is the caller.

We know what will happen, feelings (good or bad) about a person we like, and many more examples. These are a few, even for some, I’m sure all of them are familiar. Our telepathic contacts are stronger than others, especially with people whose spiritual independence (we love, respect, share something), and everything about them. I do not want to reiterate how they are and how telepathic mechanisms work in our previous writings.

How to build telepathy? – Applied Technique

I want to share a simple technique you can do without going into too much detail by telling us what, why, and how it happened so we came down to the details of a technique previously taken from one.

How to build telepathy? Preparation and Application

1– Sit back on your back when you can relax and loosen all your muscles. (It is better not to have a golden pillow for your boyfriend, do not combine your feet,
Breathe in 2-5 times. (If you do not have your lungs, take your breath away and give it by mouth)
3– Stop for a while and try to feel the energy flow in your body. (Heartbeats, vibrations, energy centers)

4-Breathe 5 more times and tighten all muscles in your body when you take your last breath. (For 5-10 seconds) Relax your muscles while giving your breath.
5– Give all your attention to the energy flowing in your body. Stay completely neutral. Just follow and observe. Do not interfere in anything.

6– Focus your attention on the third eye (between the two eyebrows, the workers on the cubes can understand from the vibration)
7– Think of the person you want to communicate with (The first is to have someone with a spiritual connection) Your mother should be your first priority, your siblings should be your loved ones and sincere, and look in your mind between two eyebrows (The clearer the image, the stronger the transmission. If you are at wave level it will strengthen your work)

8– Imagine a strong light emerging in the middle of your forehead and entering through the middle of her forehead. (You can animate the light as you like, the lightning can be a flashing light, it can be colored, it can be a calm light, the important thing is that it is a light that reaches it from you.
9– Now imagine what you’re doing if you want to do it. You can use two methods to do this. 1- Think of it as O. 2- You can think of what you want to do.

You can end your work when you are sure that you have done or been told that you are strong enough to do so. You do not have to do breathing exercises all the time. Once you reach that depth and close your eyes, it is necessary to be able to easily reach that depth. (If you have not done it before) You can improve your strength by repeating the same work by closing your eyes in the following times.

Telepathy Why not?

1– Telepathic Frequencies. In fact, the signal reaches every and everybody, but not every buyer gets it. If you have tried on someone who is not strong enough in your spiritual connection, or if you can not generate a sufficiently strong signal, the signal can be handled by the other side without being converted into action (Will comes into play, for example). This mechanism is a vital prescriptive mechanism, otherwise everyone can control someone else very easily, and even a great telepathic noise will be unbearable. If telepathy is really important for you, repeat the work. (You can make it continuously throughout the day)

2. The other side may have taken the thought, appeared as a feeling but refused the will. Like the whispers that tell us to do something inside of us (you know the source, the same telepathic communication or methods). We do not do all. Your telepathic mind may be judged in the same way. People who are weak in the spiritual direction or susceptible to vespes are more likely to be telepathic.

3– You may not have fully recreated the actions you want done. You may need to work on it. Researching the imaging techniques can be useful.

You can also use the techniques in our other scripts related to telepathy or even develop it yourself. There is no such thing as “no”. It’s just that your message is not transmitting strong enough, or you’re trying on the people you need the last time you try.

February 6, 2017

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