How to Make Astral Travel?


How to Make Astral Travel?

How to Make Astral Travel?

Those who are familiar with this subject have studied a great many techniques related to astral travel. I do not want to mention the techniques repeatedly repeated in this article. I would like to focus on easy-to-apply examples for those who are reading astral travel for the first time, focusing on what they really need to do when traveling extracurricularly. In the previous article, we talked about the definition of astral travel, its content, and its varieties, so I talked about how a real astral travel should be, so I pass the part of astral travel.

Man is not just an entity that is composed of matter. The soul that makes up the essence has not been made dependent on the boundaries like matter. While the matter is limited, transitory, and limited, the Spirit is endless and unlimited within the framework of divine rules. When the sovereignty of the Madden on the soul is left during sleep, it can go beyond time and space. Because this transition is unconscious, it leaves us with “moments” about the future that we remember only when we live.

When it is done consciously, it is possible to go to desired places at any time, not to be limited to time and space, to discover different realms. They are more advanced than telepathy, telekinesis and other branches, which they earn by their scope. It allows you to cross the limits of matter and explore the whole world. However, discoveries are limited to the person’s ability to transcend borders and spiritual contact.

How should life be suitable for astral journey?

If your mind is constantly busy and complex with everyday work, it will not be consciously possible to get rid of this complexity and go beyond matter. A life that is constantly circulating with matter and the world will break the spiritual bonds of the person and shake the connection with the soul. For a moment, it is necessary to catch a frequency range close to the alpha wave level with a stagnant mind structure in order to leave the world and everything in it and to reach the spiritual dimension. Whether you want to meditate or do breathing exercises, you can provide a thoughtful way of thinking.

Whatever you say, whatever you call it, whatever the name of the work you are doing, you need to get rid of your daily life for a moment and just stay with yourself and have spiritual contact. Once you have accomplished this, when you discover the beauties in your spiritual world, once you enter from that door, nothing will begin to come to be ordinary and superficial enough to give you no taste at the material level.

It’s time you’re hungry

Hunger facilitates contact with the soul, shakes the sovereignty of the madden and provides ways of spirituality. How you catch this point depends on you. You can eat less, you can fast, you can leave your lunch, you can reduce the amount of food you eat.

Try not to consume food that will prevent you from attaining spiritual levels. Stay away from animal foods, vegetables and fruits that do not go out of season, frozen foods, and foodstuffs that contain preservatives. Can not you succeed if you do not stay away? You can be there for sure but it can take longer. Despite all of this, your contact with your soul is strong from birth and your chances of success are always high if you have not yet fully integrated with matter dimension. In this regard, I would recommend the “real medicine” manuscript read by Aidin Salih.

Stay away from the conversations and environments you do unnecessarily, your mind is busy. If your mind is constantly talking at the end of the day and busy with the responses you have given, it will be difficult for you to reach your goal. Be careful at least as long as you do your work.

Do not watch or reduce the TV. Your mind is busy with ready-made visuals.

Get ready for thought

Before you start your astral travel studies, prepare yourself mentally. If you are stable you will surely succeed. You can make preparations by suggesting yourself before the work begins. Have detailed information about the subject. Taking the preliminary stage will ensure that the steps are healthier and will increase your confidence that you will succeed. Study astral travel techniques at this stage. Try to develop by studying what is appropriate for you. Test the techniques in your mind before starting work. Astral travel techniques can be found on the Astral Travel Techniques link.

How should the environment be in Astral Travel Studies?

  • The environment where you work will have little light and should never be possible. Thus, the melatonin secretion will begin and it will be easier for you to reach the transs between sleep and wakefulness.
  • There should be a place where there is little sound where you will be working with sensitive external sounds.
  • Ambient heat is at a level that will not distract you.
  • Make sure that there are no unsenting entries that you are working on. If you can not be sure, try to do your work when everyone is asleep. It will not be very pleasant to be frustrated when you are in trans or when you are out.

Physical preparations

  • Do your job by lying on your back. This position will ensure that the energy flow is healthier.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that will not bite you on you.
  • Meet all your bodily needs.
  • Do not be hungry and tired enough to distract your attention.
  • Be sure to use a pillow that is not tall so your cunt is parallel to your back. Do not use pillows if necessary. A future pressure will spread your attention and adversely affect the energy flow.
  • Do not combine your feet, leave a slight gap.
  • Your hands are on your side without touching your body.

Improve your technique

No technical shepherds give the same results. As we have mentioned in different topics, affective, visual and tactile tendencies influence our perceptions in different ways. Technique that someone else succeeds may not do the same effect on you. That is why it would be useful to find your own technique and, if possible, adapt and develop a technique for yourself. Try to apply the techniques you have chosen in the preparation phase before you go to sleep at night. After these applications, choose the techniques you get the best result and change it to the one you want.

Example: If you have a visual perception, imagining yourself outside your body, or watching yourself from where you are lying, you will have better results. If you have a tactile perception, it would be effective to go out of your body and touch yourself, or try to feel them by touching other objects, clinging to an ipe and getting out of your body.

When you have completed all the preparations and you feel ready, start practicing. Make sure you have exhausted all question marks before you start the application.

Fear is the biggest obstacle.

Most of the failures in astral travel studies are related to fear. Getting used to living at the level of the material brings with it the fears arising from the fact that we leave the level of matter and do not know what to expect from the human being. We may be worried that we will live with astral travel like fears that a dark room is caused by human being. There are two solutions that can lift your fears away. To learn by reading that there is nothing to be feared inside when you light the dark room. To look at the light of the dark room personally, that is to learn by living. If you do not trust your courage at this point and are shy about going to your fears, you can be sure that what you will experience at the time of departure will scare you further.

Astral Travel Study Requirements

The moment of departure, if you do not prepare yourself enough, brings with it an increase in high excitement and heart rhythm. If your heart is sensitive or you have panic attacks (and similar ailments) then you should stay away from this work, do breathing exercises (meditation), auto hypnosis and trance exercises if you feel you can not get excited. It would be good for you if you can see with a psychologist who knows astral travel if possible. The recommendation will make your job easier.

How to Make Astral Travel? Application

  1. Lay on the backstroke and release your whole body.
  2. Take a deep breath from your burn (fill your breath with whatever you take care of while taking your breath). Wait a few seconds and give your breath in your mouth. Repeat this 5 times. (You can do it 10 times)
  3. Hold on to your last breath and tighten your whole body. Tighten all the muscles you can fit in your body. (5-6 seconds) Loosen your muscles while giving your breath. (With this technique, the energy channels that will discharge your body will be opened and you will get into the transa if you do not think it is enough.
  4. Take a deep breath and tighten your feet with your fingers. Loosen your feet while giving your breath.
  5. Take a deep breath and apply the same method to your other muscles in your feet. Do the same for your calves, your stomach, your chest, your hands, your arms, your knees, your face and finally your whole body. Make sure you do not have any muscles in your body.
  6. After the last step, release yourself completely. Watch vibrations, energy flow, and images of your body. Do not interfere in anything. Do not try to steer anything, even in the mind. Experience the feeling of hanging yourself in the void. Watch out for the energies and vibrations that flow more and more from your material body and just watch it. (This stage can bring sleepiness, sleeping, usually due to melatonin secreted by excessive relaxation, do not be intrusive but do not lose your consciousness and fall asleep)
  7. Once you have stayed that way for a while, apply the technique you have set. But do not force yourself, do not squeeze your muscles when applying the technique you need to pay attention to here. You are not doing sports, you are doing spiritual work, and act with this consciousness. Just think and think about it.
  8. Points to Consider
  9. When it’s in trans, everything is shaped by thought. When applying your technique, do not try to move your body by getting caught in bodily reflexes. Do not interfere with any discretionary movements.
  10. When applying your technique, excessive vibrations may occur in your body before and after. You can hear sounds, you can see excessive flashes. Do not forget that these are the reactions your body gives (Muscle relaxation, relief, excess oxygen in the brain, discharge of negative energy). Do not enter into an expectation or worry.
  11. Repeat the same work every day on a regular basis. Do not focus yourself on a specific time. At this time, do not enter into the condition that it should be at this time. The moment of being ready can not be determined conditionally. Leave everything to time for a smooth exit and enjoy what you will do after work you do.
  12. The moment of departure will bring over excitement, your heart will beat faster. (Everything is very calm if you have spent a long enough working time.) Think about this moment from time to time and think it is a very natural process. Do not forget that you have been unconscious even when you have fallen asleep.
  13. You may experience a feeling of falling from high to near the time of departure. There may be tingles that surround your whole body. It is a matter of time before you intervene.
  14. You can experience visual, sensory, and emotional moments before and during the outflow that can not be realized in a very short main compressed normal time period. Do not get caught up in them, they will come back to you as moments you will say in the future “I remember this moment”. (Open consciousness can not solve these packets in normal time, such as dreams that take hours in sleep for 3-5 seconds because the time concept in the dream works differently)
  15. Very rarely, those who are ready at all floors may experience an exit at the first working time. But for the vast majority, there is a process of ruin and physical exodus preparation. You should know that this process is a process that should happen. Wanting to be right now is like having someone who has never driven a car starts driving in the city. Do not hurry and leave time.
  16. When you are body and ruhen ready, you will have a moment of departure. How long will it last depends on how long the person and the person will be ready. It can take days, weeks, months, or even years. Do not hang out, just enjoy what you will live.

Before and After Astral Travel

Once you get out, the next exit will be easier as the mechanism is resolved. Carefully follow what you have lived through during this entire work. In fact, as you progress through this process starting with desire, you will begin to prepare for this point step by step. You will be aware of the dream in 1-2 weeks, knowing that you are dreaming while you are at the dream and you will start to direct your dreams. The conscious dreams called Lucid Dream are the first phase of preparation in the spiritual direction. Your sleep becomes deeper and more relaxed. You will begin to remember the dreams you see more clearly.

If you start to take note of your dreams in this process, you realize that you have already seen a considerable part of your everyday life in your dreams over time. You will start to look alive, stagnate and live a calm life. We are pleased, you begin to have changes in our perception of life, a more emotional and objective perspective. If you feel vibrations in different parts of your vague body and around your heart, there is no need to worry that this energy channel (Chakra, Letaif) is starting to work.

We will continue with the issues of astral travel and Sun frequencies in the future articles with different unknown output points, risks and precautions after the exit, how we should have in the preparation phase and in the works.

How to Make Astral Travel? Before and After –

March 19, 2017



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