Human Parapsychological Capabilities and Intelligence Studies


Human Parapsychological Capabilities and Intelligence Studies

Human Parapsychological Capabilities and Intelligence Studies

People are wondering that they do not know, and many inventions and explorations are based on this curiosity. In parallel with the development of our material knowledge, the work of searching for the gates of the real world is accelerating as philosophical pozitivizmin is about to fill. The focus of these studies is on the inside. Unfortunately, these studies are mostly focused on topics such as telepathy, psychicism, hypnosis, which are often referred to as “parapsychology“.

In fact, parapsychology is not a new subject, and it is possible to encounter events such as yoga, telepathy, telekinesis, and clairvoyance in ancient civilizations (eg Chinese and Indian civilization). Even today, the number of people with parapsychological characteristics in these countries is quite high.

In fact, it is possible to find activities based on spiritual experience, many saints and great pleasures in Islamic history. Their nature, how they can even be interrupted, is explained in detail in the works they write. Such abilities happen through the exercise of some spiritual mechanisms in the human psyche. There is a very important difference between such events seen among Muslims and the extraordinary events shown by yogis and psychics.

A Muslim may have some extraordinary qualities as a grace of God, worshiping God, the end of worship and rebelliousness he has done for the sake of terrible moral and spiritual progress. Yogis and the media can work to possess these extraordinary features and have the features of telepathy, perseverance, thought reading by discovering these spiritual mechanisms in the human psyche.


Besides the abilities we know and use in the human psyche, there are many directions that we are not aware of and therefore can not use.

For example, we can read another person’s thoughts through telepathy and we can see and hear what is happening anywhere in the world on the television screen through the screen. Since the human spirit is not registered in time, it can be seen as past and future (which is often misrepresented as misbehavior or fortune-telling). In fact, there may be people who give notice of our near future, our near future. Because they have come out of the universe with their spiritual angels, and they may feel the events coming to the world of the curtain curtain. Or a psychic can embrace his thoughts without writing anything on a white sheet of paper, and another mediuum can send messages like this, yes, man, this and many other similarly believable powers can do extraordinary things. However, such capabilities are rarely advanced, and so these people have a very special position.


Intelligence organizations are aimed at reaching information on the opposite side, the enemy’s hand. The life of your agents is always in danger when you do this. But if your agent is a psychic or telepat then the situation is different.

When we look at the work done in the USA and the former Soviets, we can see that parapsychology has been intensively researched by intelligence organizations. For example, in the 1970s, the CIA used 7,000 psychics for hypnosis and telepathy. Americans also made parapsychological experiments in the Vietnam war.

The work done in the former Soviet Union and eastern bloc countries has a much wider and longer history than the US.

The parapsychologist who had migrated from Prague to America. Moln Ryzl summarizes the aims of research in socialist bloc countries as “using parapsychology as an army in espionage and weapons, communicating with possible intelligent beings in other star systems with telepathic communication, discovering new ways of communicating information and knowledge in the rapid development of science”.

Since 1923, the Russians have started arresting the media. The aim was to use psychics in spy work. We do not know what kind of studies are done with psychics these years. However, when we arrived in 1975, we see the KGB arresting people with parapsychological abilities again. The KGB was also looking for people who were highly hypnotizable and able to commit murder.

Parapsychological studies in Russia were not only carried out by the KGB. There were secretly working parapsychology groups. The KGB was opposed to these anti-communist groups and when arrested, arrested their members.

In 1976 the parapsychology science was established in the KGB.

The aim was to conduct parapsychological studies and collect intelligence in this way and to prevent work against the regime. But when the anti-regime was also a psychic or telepath, it was very difficult.

The use of parapsychology in intelligence studies is not limited to the US and Russia. We see that such studies have been done in some European countries since the First World War. One of these countries is the former Czechoslovakia.

In 1925, the Czech military authorities published a book called “Durusörü, Hypnotism, Magnetism” for use in the army. The aim was to inform the soldiers and discover their ability. II. During World War II, some soldiers were hypnotized and very accurate information was obtained about the enemy positions and numbers through astral travel. In this way, the corpses of some missing soldiers were found. The reason for the development of such studies in Czechoslovakia was that it was a very common occult (alchemy, magic, spirits) coming from the Middle Ages in this country.


In 1951, a stone of a weight of 50 kg was stolen from a large church in London, which was used during the reigns of the kings. British security did not find thieves. They finally asked for help from a man in Antwerp, Belgium. A man named Father Harkos came and concentrated on the church. Later, it became clear that the address he described was a shop where thieves bought tools. Father Harkos was again concentrated and gave the thieves’ addresses correctly. The four arrested confessed their crimes.

This was not Father Harkos’ first success. Previously, II. During the World War I also found some lost deaths.

Maybe a lot of Father Harkos lives in us. But often these kinds of people are not aware of their abilities or they do not know how to use them. Police do not use such people for reasons and can be asked if they do not solve the incidents more quickly. However, the fact that the police and national intelligence personnel are informed about this matter must first of all make such an intelligence method an accepted, official method. It is a shortcoming that the security forces in our country are not doing this kind of work.

Human Parapsychological Capabilities and Intelligence Studies

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