Imagination and Studies in Parapsychology

Imagination and Studies in ParapsychologyImagination and Studies in Parapsychology – For imagination one of the fundamental concepts related to Parapsychology also studies the next. Depict imagination, to revive means to create an exact image in our minds. Concepts of imagination to imagine each other, although very close to the concept of consciousness in Parapsychology because it is more about imagination is more of a bond with. Telekinezi from astral travel, telepathy is mentioned in so many different areas of clear vision from imagination, why is it so important, and what are the effects?

Why Imagination? Imagination and Studies in Parapsychology

Astral projection, telekinesis, telepathy, extrasensory, aura and much more why is the concept of a passing imagination? All the sense in the material world we live in by our senses is limited. Imagination is one way to overcome this limitation. If you don’t have an innate ability, and if the bonds of spiritual contact with the floor occurs spontaneously if the image is created in the path of the mind with an image that may be provided.

You read words and feelings that comprise the substance of the building blocks of scientific research necessarily affected by water, especially with water during the crystallization of crystal motifs that have been made of the words has proven to be effective on. Also created images like this one in mind in the spiritual sense is used in establishing a connection. You will communicate with telepathy, you will create visuals related to your topic and really think about that one with that person your bond on the formation of effect.

The Power Of Imagination For The Next

The generated images directly to solid spiritual and is concerned with such a strong effect on the consciousness is sufficiently reinforced by the transmitter will occur where imagination, establish contact with someone on the other end of the world and the desired effect can be obtained. In this field trials have shown that this effect of how powerful you can be in a Faraday cage. Vasilyev Prof. tomasevski telepathic skills who can stop the radiation lead also putting on a trough of mercury which entered into the inside of a cell the lid is closed. Located within the Faraday cage tomasevski it was thought that no telepathic abilities he can’t use. Subjects as ready as it fits in the minds fedorava miss held tomasevski however after a short period of animation, Fedorova lost consciousness. (Telepathy and Telepathic Studies and Telepathy Technique and imagination Elf Teacher )

Imagination As A Spiritual Channel

The visuals created in this and similar experiments demonstrate that the mind can be used as a spiritual channel for them to make contact with other people. A similar situation also applies to the work of telekinesis. The domain item from the source of energy primarily when you want to create energy or to get you to the desired out point you must visualize in your mind what you want the effect that occurs.

This is the desired result occurs on the floors of the article the plan before the first stage in spiritual forms. The animations we create in ourselves and in our environment, both our thoughts and our minds creates an effect with certain rate. The result is the picture we have created in our minds is related to how bright it is.

Imagination and wavelength?

Animation is difficult to do in our minds, but not enough to think about what we want to provide you with the clarity and impact of our brain at a certain wavelength must be present. The animations we make in our everyday lives if a certain wavelength, the beta will not be as effective if you don’t have experience. In order to achieve the desired effect, the brain of Alpha and theta wavelengths. Where we can reach in meditation or breathing exercises (contemplation and deep thought is no exception to this.

After having a certain trigger words and actions experience may be adequate) after Trans-deep-Alpha and theta wave heights under hypnosis where the subjects create the image of each desired stage. Impact on images and objects that will be created in this phase, astral travel, telepathy, such as studies, we can achieve the results we want. In fact, what we said before the image takes place in our imagination and our work is the first stage.

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