Is Astral Travel Dangerous


Is Astral Travel Dangerous Is Astral Travel Dangerous Astral Travel Risks and Precautions Do not make any sense as Astral travel is too dangerous to do. It must never be forgotten; Man is the most perfect being in this world, and the spiritual powers he possesses have excelled Him over all beings. However, if you have bought the world’s most expensive and safe car, you must be a good driver. If you do not know how to use the vehicle you get, it will not make any sense of how valuable it is.

Astral Travel Are Dangerous?

Two dimensional designs for human 3 dimensional life; Substance and spiritual direction. One feature is item size, open to everyone, open to mysterious and only endeavoring spiritual dimension. The essence is a spiritual one, but it is a creature whose priority in matter dimension. It is unlikely that a creature with a living space item will be as relaxed as it is in the matter. We are beginning to draw attention to the residences of other sizes from the third dimension outside. Just as landlords do not know what to expect when they enter the water, and if they have the necessary precautions, it is also the case that we went out of 3rd dimension.

Somebody wondered when you entered the garden, would not you wonder who is here? Or, if you encounter a species of creature that you have not seen before, or are you curious about an entity you know from other dimensions? The same is true of nobody deceiving anyone and we are beginning to be examined and watched from the moment we pass on to other dimensions. Those who are in paranormal studies have experienced this personally. As the spiritual traits and energies increase, the lives of our lives are no longer as old. Previously unheard sounds, changes in the dreams, unseen images, different feelings take their place in our lives.

What measures can be taken?

All of this comes from your lack of information about this issue if you are worried and frightened. The fact that the dark room scares people is because we do not know what is inside. Those who have enough knowledge of the matter know that all of those who are living and will be a natural result. The most important measures that can be taken are related to the mental layers.

  • First of all, have enough information about astral travel. Investigate and find out what causes and what causes it.
  • Take care not to disturb others when you work. Notify those at home. Because this is the biggest unease we can live.
  • Always try to be positive.
* Thought influences the magnet; What you think and how you will attract it; You are attracted to him. (Consider this article in particular)
  • Remember that there is no such thing as backtracking during astral travel. It is enough to “think back” to return.
  • All paranormal studies are linked to each other. Also find out what your efforts are to strengthen you.
  • Make conscious dream studies. This will be a great practice for you and you will live like astral travel, pre-work for what you will feel.
  • Be careful of your sleeping order, your yemen and your drink. Try to stay away from the factory food.
  • Try to use everything natural. Pay particular attention to products such as toothpaste that are natural. (Bridge between the soul and the body Pineal Bezi (Third Eye) Metaphysical Link to the link)
Lets continue
  • Do not share with everyone what you are doing and what you are doing. You can undermine your activities on the mental floors, “You are crazy ?, what are you doing, what are you talking about? Share what you are curious about, what you are experiencing, your problems, and get help. In this regard, you can find plenty of resources and forums on the internet.
  • Be knowledgeable about the aura and make sure your aura is always strong. (What is Aura related to the subject and how is it strengthened? You can look at the post)
  • If you are fearful, find the cause and experience it if necessary to remove your fear. Do not forget it could be a frightful entrance gate
  • Change your point of view. Imagine you are an explorer and you are on your way to discover new realms. Accept for all dimensions that risks are always possible for such a discovery, and prepare them for what is needed for an explorer (knowledge, experience, courage)
  • If you are not afraid of excitement, such as making discoveries of unknowns or making new discoveries, fear all your life and find yourself different.
Is Astral Travel Dangerous –

April 6, 2017



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