Kinetic energy and conduction (And an Experiment)


Kinetic energy and conduction (And an Experiment)

Kinetic energy and conduction

Kinezi in your brain Kinetic energy and conduction Kinetic energy and conduction (And an Experiment). Everyone who comes to this site has heard the concept of Brain Power. BRAIN POWER. Is there really such a power? What is the source? How does the motion mechanism work? The source of real power reflected at the material level is Thought-Imagination. Behaviors also occur with this chain. You will think in your mind, the Mind will emerge out of power, this will be reflected in O. In O, consciousness and consciousness are superseded by releasing the chemicals necessary to reflect this real life. And the neurotic emerges as a great power. What do you want it to be? Imagine, Collect Mental Power and reflect on Behavior. The formation of the kinetic energy in the brain occurs at this level.

How is this kinetic energy in your brain reflected in any medium?

The last energy generated by neurons (according to the cells) is thought to be transmitted through the eyes or through the hands like a radio signal. Air has conductivity in this direction. One of the biggest reasons for this is the “prisoner” in a smaller structure than the atom that covers the entire universe. The distribution of the signals emitted by the electronic devices can also be at this rate. In our mind, all the activities that are happening are actually spread by means of signals, just like a radio transmitter.

In this way we can have a belief in his mood by telepathically without saying anything! The impressions are not only made by way of the mimics but also by means of the signals spreading from the brain.
When these signals are intensified and channeled to a point in energy, telekinetic energy emerge. Just like the situation when strong radio signals focus on one point.

Kinetic energy and conduction Experiment:

Set up and relax. If you have intense thoughts in your head, do not fight them. Continue to believe that you are strong enough to disseminate that complex thought. Because believing is half of completing a job. Immediately put a light item on an object (paper, feather, etc.)

If you have a clear idea and you believe that all the muscles in your body are loosened, stretch your hand and your knee forward so that you are comfortable using your most used hand (Right or left – Which is why the current rate is higher due to continuous use) – Close your eyes. In your mind, visualize that a light emitting energy from your brain has descended from your arm to your hand, and that it has accumulated in your hands and glowed in a more powerful current. If you do this, if you have practiced little (meditation, auto hypnosis), you will immediately start the flow and you will feel it as tingling.

Kinetic energy and conduction (And an Experiment)

Imagine that the energies accumulate enough in your hunter and you weight it up. Immediately after a while, direct your avatar to the object in your future and imagine that the energy in your avatar has hit the object with rays of light, and that the object is scattered with shock and jumped forward.

If you really have done this with a sincere and strong desire, and if you are free from the hesitations in your head, open your eyes and hold your hand in front, and when you send the energy to the object, the object will jump forward. At least the object will move.

Repeat this twice a day for 40 days. Continue with the same faith and determination. Do not be fooled by the “I do not do it”. Remember that what you do and how you believe that everything is shaped by it.

[*] Do not forget that. The reason why many things are not immediate is not the incompetence of the people. The body needs this kind of adaptation process. What would have happened if the experiment I had written above the first time was not as familiar as the thought, the brain and the body, did not do any work, and was not available as a birth?

The nervous system responsible for the transmission of energy is bankrupt due to the sudden flow of high voltage, the neurons go bankrupt due to the overproduction of the required energy, and the person has suffered severe damage due to the sudden formation of this violent current.

So there is a wisdom in everything that is important to understand. It is in the interest of the person that something is actually not in time, but in time. Let’s not forget that patience and perseverance prepare the person for the summit, but with determination, the workers can climb the summit. Others just look back and envy.

Kinetic energy and conduction (And an Experiment)

“Kinetic energy and conduction” Translated from Turkish with Google Translate. We apologize for the change of meaning.



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