Lower Branches of Parapsychology and Areas of Interest


Lower Branches of Parapsychology and Areas of Interest

Lower Branches of Parapsychology and Areas of Interest

The theme of parapsychology and lower branches. Since Parapsychology, which investigates paranormal phenomena that 5 sensory organs can not perceive, is not accepted as a science department, it is not possible to make sub-branching clearly and clearly like other branches of science. However, there are certain subgroups parapskologists call for their work.

The sections of parapsychology that you will read about the lower branches and areas of interest are more about movies and even horror films. Most of those who are interested in parapsychology are familiar with the concepts they see on their sites, especially in books they read.

Telekinesis (Psychokinesia)

The effect of substance on the substance without any other contact with the power of thought. It tries to examine and explain how this effect is happening. Nina Kulagina, whose name is often mentioned in the examinations made during the period of the former USSR, and Uri Geller, who made a name for her experiments with the Parapsychology Institution she founded in 1957, became two important names in this area.


It refers to the communication between the minds only, without using any means of communication or sensory organs. This communication can be bilateral or unilateral. Studies in this area have revealed that telepathic communication also exists among animals. In communication with telepathy, the intuitions and feelings are frontal and the sense of communion or symbols is dominant. In the Parapsychology Institution which he co-ordinated with Ted Serios Uri Geller, this field has made significant work.

Astral Travel (Excursions outside the body)

The subject is the subject of travels that you have done as a matter of body. Astral body, energy body, double body, spirit body can be traveled without space and time constraint without body being matter body. This condition can often occur in sleep, severe illness, fainting, anesthesia, or similar situations, as well as voluntary work.


It is about spiritual perception and observation of any situation, event or moment without sense organs. Since there is no time and space constraint for the soul, those who are particularly innate in nature can see events that may occur before the day, and can see and perceive objects elsewhere in the world. It is very important that studies done by Ingo Swann, who is involved in the establishment of the Parapsychology Institution with Uri Geller and Ted Serios in this area.


It refers to the contact with the different bodies that are believed to have lived in the past after the psychological separations experienced by the succes during hypnosis. That is to say, the reincarnation and the different moods of the person are tried to be explained.


It refers to the ability of a person or any animal to move independently of gravity, that is, to fly. It tries to explain how this happened. It is especially important that this field is done by Daniel Dunglas.


It is about the perception of an event before it comes to the scene. It focuses on the fact that events will be perceived correctly in the dream or when consciousness is open.

Haunted House

Interested and unexplained events are subject to certain places of experience. In these places, it is tried to explain the voices heard and how the goods changed spontaneously.

Apart from these, there are different areas such as psychic perception in plants, fields with various moods, conscious dreams and different perceptions in dreams.


January 5, 2017

Lower Branches of Parapsychology and Areas of Interest – www.parapsikoloji.net

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