Parapsychological Sensitivity and Living Problems

Parapsychological Sensitivity and Living ProblemsParapsychological Sensitivity and Living Problems – We can not determine what subjects we tend to be born with. I sometimes compare it to the colorful flowers that are on earth. The billions of flowers that open in different colors, different smells, in different geographies of the world... The features that distinguish us from all other creatures are actually the beauties that also provide our supremacy. Consciously leaving our ecclesiastical edge, recognizing and discovering ourselves, developing and using our abilities and evaluating all abilities in a common pot.

We finished our previous article with some key words. If the words in the first group are more familiar and appealing to you, then you probably have a predisposition to innate parapsychology. Parapsychology and Incompatible Life

Paranormal abilities are missing

It’s really nice that every person has a parapsychological inclination in a different area; Every person completes a minus with features that he has. It’s just like a piece of big bangler. Unfortunately, one of the greatest strains on the planet now about human development is the problems associated with the ability to come to the world with more or less parapsychological abilities, but to come up with what is supposed to be suppressed and treated, due to the lack of proper training to use these abilities.

Everything that a person possesses can come together with some problems that must be overcome. The issues that we have identified as our problem may be related to the fact that parapsychological sensitivities can not be found in the family or educational system right now.

Parapsychological Precautions and Living Problems – Some Possible Problems

# The sixth sense is that innate strong people can not live superficially because they have a high level of perception and do not know how to control and control it. Attractors may have to pay more attention to each order than normal.

People with telepathic ability may have to move away from people because they perceive each person’s thoughts at a certain level.

# Those who see transboundary beings with the high sensitivity that they have can have a nightmare and experience a process that can go as far as the diagnosis of Paranoia.

# Those who have an involuntary influence on goods may have the power to evade the evil energy and the power to harm the environment and the creatures. Because they do not know how to control it, they can be recognized as a person with harmful effects that must be avoided in their environment.

# Prekognition and Premonition Prekognition Events in the Future Those with visual impairments may have a particularly persistent anxiety and may be called disastrous in their surroundings.

# Those who remember their dreams clearly, those who make an involuntary astral journey (the extraterrestrial journey) may feel as if they have lost their sense of reality, lost in life.

## What is frightening is the fact that the functions that are unaware of the possessions and the intervention of the internal mechanisms as defense psychology are starting to see the person different and abnormal from the other people with a constant suppression psychology. In this process, he can escape from himself as a person’s point of departure as the thought of being like other people he sees around him. It is a serious research question that this process and its effects should be done by triggering the psychological disorders that are described in person.

What can be done about parapsychological sensitivities and living problems?

# As mentioned briefly in the previous article, it is very important to have knowledge, research and consciousness before everything else. When you realize the talents you have, try to find out as much research as possible.

# If you come to a stage that you can not get from above, ask psychologists who can connect at least between parapsychology and psychology with knowledge of parapsychology. Never be shy about this. If you need to find someone to understand you, go to a doctor. Do not forget that professional help will make your job easier. If your financial means are in good condition, it will be more helpful to have a review with a parapsychologist.

# If you can not find an effective one that can help you, try to discover and identify yourself. Try to reveal the causes and consequences of the features you have through internal analysis. Learning of the internal mechanisms and attempting to solve can reveal the fact that the finding of cause and effect relations can be countered by many unanswered questions.

# Try to figure out what features you have.

Knowledge is the greatest power!

# Research and try to learn. In this regard, you can find many sources on the internet. If your skills emerge uncontrollably, focus on what you need to do to take control.

# One of the important stages of your self-definition is the journeys you will make your inner world. Try to find out how you will face and deepen your inner world. Try to develop your control mechanisms at alpha and tetra levels with breathing exercises and deep transient transitions. How is Transa Passed?Deep Transa Transition and BenefitsImprovement of Imagination and Capabilities

# Many people in your circle, including your family, can be remote from you. Take care not to enter narrative that will leave you in a difficult situation. Life will not offer you exclusive possibilities as in movie frames. If your family listens to you and their approach is solution-focused, then it will be healthier to talk to them first.

# Do not forget to value yourself. Every human being is unique and has a separate ore in it. Personnel training may be needed to reveal these ores. If there is no such possibility, the person should do it himself. Do not forget to recognize, discover, and learn more as you know yourself so you can feel how valuable and special you are.


Parapsychological Sensitivity and Living Problems –

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