Peganum Harmala, Dmt Effect and Usage

Peganum Harmala, Dmt Effect and UsagePeganum Harmala, Dmt Effect and Usage

In this article, we want to convey the results of our work on the seeds and DMT effect mainly for about 3 months. At the first stage, we continued to work together with corn and grapevine seeds, then we continued with only seeds. We carried out the work with 5 friends to evaluate the effects with different dimensions. Among the people whom he has never heard of in the name of a majority, the Ulama Seed (Peganum Harmala), known as Nazar Otu, was really surprised by both its active ingredients, its DMT connection and its effects.

Purpose of our work

It is a known fact that almost everything we drink and drink affects spiritual studies. If every substance that enters our body also affects the contact between the soul and the body, we can try these positives in how much positive this effect can be used, how many doses can be tried without risking our health, and we tried to reveal the differences of inherent effects in the triangle of peganum harmala seed, Epiphiz and Dmt.

As we have already pointed out in various contexts, today’s experience makes it very difficult for a person to escape from the level of matter and reach spiritual levels through trans. We want to investigate what can be done with paranormal studies by testing the effects of plants, especially those that can create an accelerating factor in the overflowing of the everyday, material life-spirited soul.

Peganum Harmala, Dmt Effect and Usage

Each of the friends who participated in the study, their friends who have lived with certain levels of trance in meditation, breathing exercises and similar studies. They have natural DMT experiences in spiritual studies. In this study, we did not have the goal of experiencing and transferring spiritual flight experiences using the specific mixture of Ayahuasca, which first came to mind in the name of DMT, or high doses. We do not want an expectation in this direction. Almost everyone who goes deep into the transceiver will see that they have had similar experiences to the Ayahuasca experience when they do research on DMT. No additional work is required for this.

If you do not have a thorough knowledge of DMT, we have already published this What is DMT? DMT Effect and Spiritual Dimension You can read our article called.

In the last part of the article, you will find information about our acquisitions and the dosing doses tested.

Peganum Harmala Warnings

The effects will be different in every human being. We never know what metabolism will be affected. Especially those with allergies and sensitivities should definitely try. We never write a recommendation, treatment or prescription. Drugs, herbal products, foods and alcohol you use can cause side effects in such plants. Our aim is only to share what we have achieved about the spiritual dimension. The main risk is the susceptibility of the body to numerous chemical reactions after MAO inhibitors, which are used to activate DMT at high levels. If appropriate doses and compositions are not used, the end result can be life-threatening.

You will start to read more and more articles on the seeds of the pasture on the internet, but one thing we notice is that there is not much information about the side effects and the damage that the ingredients in it can cause. In this regard, I suggest that you read the following section on “Psychedelic Shamanism” by Jim DeKorne himself.

Psychedelic Shamanism P. 178

“It is important to emphasize that the MAO inhibitor is an extremely important principle of human metabolism, which must be understood by anyone who intends to try Ayahuasca or similar substances .. The reason is that monoamine oxidation (MAO) is a chemical function of the white blood cells is an enzyme produced in the human body, that is, its function is to disintegrate and render potentially unstable amines present in our nutrients Monoamine oxidation can be considered as the active ingredient in a kind of ‘chemical immune system’ that helps to regulate metabolism and maintain a healthy chemical balance in our bodies.

A monoamine antioxidant (MAOI) is any substance that inhibits the protective function of monoamine oxidations. (If we expand our metaphor, it can be imagined that it works like a transient ‘chemical AIDS virus’ that immobilizes the chemical immune system.) Many substances are designated as MAOIs, but all of them fall into one of two categories: reversible MAOIs and irreversible MAOIs ‘s.

An irreversible monoamine antioxidant is any chemical substance that truly destroys the monoamine oxidation in the body. Although it is called ‘not reversible’, this effect is not ‘eternal’, but metabolism takes about two weeks to synthesize the new MAO.

Psychedelic Shamanism P. 179

A reversible MAOI is a potentially useful agent, as implied by its name, when acting in a shorter time and intelligently combined with any tryptamine scavenger. The harmala alkaloids (harmine and harmaline) found in Banisteriopsis caapi are reversible MAOIs with a life of about six hours, which is the average duration of a Ayahuasca tribe.
What happens is that the harmonic half of your Ayahuasca drink prevents the monoamine oxidative action in the body, thus allowing this potion to connect the brain neurons of the DMT half.

Think of it, the hamlet makes it possible for the DMT, who controls the game by blocking the others, to score a goal. Unfortunately, this blocking action is not selective; it allows many other items to score as well. When the MAO defense is blocked for this, the body becomes susceptible to many potentially hazardous chemical reactions. Obviously the main problem with using any anti-oxidant monoamine is that if it is not used wisely, ie shamanist way, it can easily lead to death. This is why it is imperative to restrict feeding when a MAO-inhibiting substance is ingested, a discipline that has been rigorously adopted by all South American shamans who use Ayahuasca. “

Psychedelic Shamanism S. 180

“Severe poisoning with MAOIs can be very dangerous, and the indication of poisoning often does not appear until after 11 hours or longer after it is received … The most important feature of overdose is the high level of anti-malignancy, which increases blood pressure to pulmonary edema, circulatory disturbance or intracranial hemorrhage speed.

A severe, unusual headache is usually the first sign and may be a sign of an upcoming crisis that may result in anecdotal and death in the brain vessels. Symptoms of elevated blood pressure are usually headache, palpitation, burning, nausea and vomiting, light phobia and sometimes high fever and pulmonary edema. Foods containing high tiramin are a major problem. This chemical is a side product of fermentation. For this reason, every nutrient containing aged protein should be avoided.

(The list of prohibited foods includes but is not limited to: cheese, beer, wine, salted herring, snails, poultry, brewery products, figs, raisins, pickles, cabbage pickles, coffee, chocolate, soy sauce, cream and yogurt (substances that prevent monoamine oxidation and many pharmacological agents work together and sometimes lead to a high blood pressure crisis. “

Not to be consumed together

Foods that should not be consumed in the diet to be used in Peganum Harmala:

A list of things that should not be eaten and consumed when using Peganum harmala

# Shellfish,
# Salted herring,
# Snails,
# Beer yeast products,
# Beer,
# Wine,
# Banana,
# The liver,
# Chicken or veal liver,
# Avocado,
# Pods,
# Chocolate,
# Coffee,
# Cream,
# Yoghurt,
# Cheese,
# FIG,
# Raisin,
# Apricot,
# Pickle,
# Sauerkraut,
# Soya sauce,
# Salami – Sausage – Sausage,
# Dark green leafy vegetables,
# Roka,

All nutrients containing protein and some other foods.

Contains food in Tramin.

What is Tramin? “Alteration of foods (salting, pickled brine) or the resulting amine with degradation”

Before you start using Peganum harmala, make sure to diet for a specified period of time. Investigate the availability of all the medicines you will use, together with the seeds of the seeds, and without the advice of a doctor unless you use the seeds of herbal medicine / herbal cure and so on. purchase / use. Get advice from a dietitian on this issue and exchange information with your doctor.

Medicines not to be used with Peganum Harmala

If you need to take medication during the time you use Peganum harmala, be sure to tell your doctor that you are using the seeds. If your doctor doesn’t know about peganum harmala, M.A.O. and that there are substances such as Harmin, Harmalol, Harmalin and Harmol. Some drugs and antidepraxes (such as fluoxetine) that are especially effective on the nervous system should be paid attention to the usage and waiting times and should not be used without taking the doctor’s opinion.

# Stimulants,
# Sleeping pills,
# Some tablets taken in flu infections,
# And all the other drugs that can cause side effects when used with the substances in the seed.

Who should not use Peganum Harmala? Who can’t use it?

## The use of antidepressants in combination with the aforementioned drugs (must be said to be the use of herbs or herbs)

# Stomach discomfort (use of seed seeds should be consulted doctor)
# Liver failure or discomfort (doctor advice should be taken)
# In case of hepatitis (Doctor’s recommendation)
# In pregnancy
# Work in need of attention
## Do not use or should get the doctor’s opinion.

Which plants are in DMT?

Studies show that DMT exists in all plants. However, DMT ratios in some plants increase DMT secretion in the pineal gland when they are higher or more interacting with each other. Some plants allow the DMT to become effective.

Some plants are known to be used to obtain DMTs other than plants such as

Feeding Snakes (Psychotria Viridis)
Bird Otu (Phalaris) 
Acacia (Acacia)
Sugar Bud (Arundo Donax)

Use and Effects of External DMT

As we mentioned in the previous article, the DMT is secreted by the epiphyseal gland, and the desired effect can be obtained naturally through spiritual studies (deep trance exercises, breathing exercises, meditation, etc.) for a certain period of time without the need for an external acquisition. Activation by increasing the DMT ratio by external intervention causes the desired results to be taken in a short time and suddenly. The use of DMT with the blends of herbs to summarize has been a long climb for years. I guess you can imagine how people who are not spiritually ready to do this can be exposed to an effect.

The experiences of people who are in spiritual search without knowledge of what they have found on the internet and what they are willing to experience without the professional experts on the way they are influenced by the events they are reading can lead to the reception of very poor results. DMT is the most effective substance in the psychoses known so far, and the level of effect that can result in non-dose-return results.

DMT is naturally secreted at the highest levels of birth, death, and dreaming during sleep. In other words, substance is secreted at high rates while linking between the world and the transcendent realm. The use of external DMT opens the door beyond human beings uncontrollably.

Sugar Cane and Wheat Seed

Shaman is a twin pronounced together in mixtures. Turmeric DMT source is used as a Mao inhibitor to activate DMT. However, it can create a risk if a correct formula is not applied.

We worked for 7 days with the coriander and grains seeds. We have not experienced similar experiences to Ayahuasca experiences because we have not tried high doses. We administered the highest dose on day 7 but did not notice a significant difference between doses. We observed that only the increase in the amount of seed seeds between day 1 and day 7 had an effect on the duration of the effect period of the Kargı Camii liquid.

The situation will definitely change in the practice of a full formula, but we never expected that the seed seed would be so effective in spiritual change. How can this seed, which is among herbaceous plants used against nazara and magic in the past, be so effective?

The secret of the activity is hidden in the materials it contains. It is a magical but riskier and poisonous mixture that goes beyond matter.

Grain Seed Content

Harmin, Harmalol, Harmaline, Harmol, glycosides, oil, vitamins A and C, which were formerly used in making red paint.

Source: Peganum harmala L. ANALYSIS OF HARMOL, HARMALOL, HARMİN AND HARMALIN ALKALOIDS BY MUTUAL METHOD M. Kartal, M. L. Altun, S. Founder – Herbal Drug Raw Materials Meeting, Reports, 29-31 May 2002, Eskişehir, Eds. K.H.C.Başer and N.Kırımer 228-233


It acts as a reversible MAO inhibitor (monoamine oxidase inhibitor) that stimulates the central nervous system in the human body. In this case, the MAO-A enzyme is blocked, but similarly the effective MAO-B enzyme is not blocked. May cause nausea and hallucinations. It is effective in activating DMT. (Harmin – Department of Pharmacology, University of Liège, Sart Tilman, Belgium.)


Harmalol is a member of a bioactive beta carboline and harmala alkaloids. Harmala alkaloids are regarded as prohibited substances in Schedule 9 within the scope of the Standards for Toxics (October 2015). A Schedule 9 item is a substance that can be exploited or abused outside of the Community for the purpose of medical or scientific research or analytical teaching or training, and which is prohibited by law to manufacture, possess, sell, or use. (Sarkar S, Bhadra K (2014) Binding of alkaloid harmalol to DNA: photophysical and calorimetric approach. J Photochem Photobiol B 130: 272-80.) Excitation, anxiety, cognitive dysphoria, euphoria happiness, enthusiasm), excessive affect, headache, eye fatigue, and muscle convulsions. Harmala Alkaloid


Harmaline is a psychoactive alkaloid from the group of harmala alkaloids and beta carbolines. Since it is a reversible inhibitor of monoamine oxidase A, it can theoretically cause both serotonin syndrome and hypertensive crises in combination with tiramycin, serotonergic, catecholaminergic drugs or prodrugs, since it is a reversible inhibitor of central nervous system stimulant and “reversible MAO- In Ayahausca brews, plants containing harmaline and plants containing tryptamine are used.

The inhibitory effects on monoamine oxidase allow the metabolism of dimethyltryptamine (DMT), which is a psychoactive chemical in the mixture, to jump; allowing a psychologically active amount of the chemical to be present in the brain for a perceptible period of time. Harmaline transforms the anabolic metabolism of serotonin into normatone or n-acetylserotonin, followed by melatonin, the body’s sleep-regulating hormone and a powerful antioxidant.

(Peganum Harmala: The Hallucinogenic Herb of the American Southwest by Albert Most Venom Press Copyight 1985 Albert Most – Shen, HW; Jiang, XL; Winter, JC; Yu, AM (October 2010). “Psychedelic 5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine: metabolism, pharmacokinetics, drug interactions, and pharmacological actions.” – Massaro, E. J. (2002). Handbook of Neurotoxicology. Totowa, NJ: Humana Press. p. 237.)


Harmol is a β-carboline isolated from nature. Monoamine plays an important role by reversing the oxidase in a reversible manner, making it psychoactive by inhibiting degradation of the dimethyltrimidine in the gut. Some beta-carbolines, especially tryptoline and pinoline, can be created naturally in the human body. Β-carboline is the inverse agonist of the benzodiazepine receptor and, therefore, may have some convulsive, anxiogenic and conscious opening, memory-enhancing effects.

(Abe A, Kokuba H (2013). “Harmol induces autophagy and subsequent apoptosis in U251MG human glioma cells through the downregulation of survivin.” –  Venault P, Chapouthier G (2007). “From the behavioral pharmacology of beta-carbolines to seizures, anxiety, and memory”. ScientificWorldJournal. 7: 204–23.)

The materials contained in the seeds can explain why this seed has an effect mechanism.

On Dosages and Usage Used

Be very careful when using the seeds of seeds found in medicinal plants. It is about the ingredients in the content that should be paid attention to. We did our work by setting the recommended daily amount of two teaspoons as the maximum limit. (İbrahim Saraçoğlu’s Usefulness of Grain Seed as a Medicinal Plant) We have stated as a quarter, half and full tea spoon, considering that there are no herbs to measure as a measure.

Ocher seed is used as a medicinal plant, usually by steeping or swallowing directly. However, when we see that the quick effect is chewed up when consumed and starts to show up on a tea spoon. When the seeds are swallowed whole without being chewed, they are totally digested. Those who research Ayahuasca have seen plants boiled for a long time. It does not fully decompose when the seed is brewed or swallowed as a whole.

Peganum Harmala DMT Effect

If you want to get a definite and clear effect, you can either let it stand in warm water for a while and let it bend in the blender or chew it until it is completely crushed and wait for a while in your mouth and swallow it. Because of their taste and smell, the first experiment they will do for most will be the last experiment at the same time. If you have difficulty using it like this, you can brew and consume it as tea or you can swallow the seeds as a whole, but the effects you desire will show itself for a very long time.

Those who would like to use it as described above can test by starting to use a quarter of a teaspoon daily. Increase the amount without passing the 2 teaspoons in a quarter of the time, as the duration of effect is much longer. Before starting to use, do not forget to do an allergy test with the steam under “Seed and benefits as a herb”.

The effect becomes harsher and faster when you get hungry. However, those who are sensitive to the mide should definitely not use hungry.

Side Effects and Points to Watch Out for

All of the above mentioned crushing, chewing and holding in the mouth for a while when it is used in a very short time begins to show its effect. Those who are weak, sensitive to scent and pain can experience nausea.

Nausea and vomiting sensation.

  • Burning eyes and weight on eyelids.
  • Lack of attention and attention.
  • Change in taste and loss of appetite.
  • Loss of attention.

It was among the effects we encountered. It will be healthier to stay away from it if you are going to do something that requires particular attention, if you will walk for long periods of risk, if you will drive, and if you will use tools in the risk group.

Note: Fabricated products were not consumed during operation. He kept away from excessive food. Trying to stay away from unnatural foods unless needed. The consequences can be much different because the effects are directly related to what you consume and your consumption rates.

Positive Positive Impacts

  • The feeling of happiness and enthusiasm caused by the Harmalol in the inside. This feeling resembles the feeling of being integrated with everything in the state of meditation and trance, all-breaking, high self-esteem. It is similar to a sense of separation and emancipation from material ties.
  • Feeling of somatic relief. After meditation, breathing exercises and trance exercises, it seems to be completely relaxed.
  • Deeper and more comfortable sleep. We all have had positive effects on sleep. It provides a more comfortable and deep sleep.
  • A feeling of relaxation. It always provides both nervous and psychological relief.

We did not add any or all of the effects to all friends. In some friends, the effects varied according to the current mental state. All results were not seen at the same time and in the same period, but overall there was spiritual relaxation. An effect that resembles a mild trance and removes it from the material dimension and makes it a quieter mood.

However, the effects are also directly related to your mental state or to the mental activities you carry on. It’s easier to switch to trans. Under normal conditions, a mood that can be reached in 10 minutes can be reached in an average of 3 minutes. Especially in meditation, religious activities and trance studies, depth is increasing in a shorter time and more effectively.

Peganum Harmala, Dmt Effect and Usage – Spiritual Acquisitions

We believe that we have achieved the spiritual significance of the work we have done and the consequences we want. Affects were common to spiritual sensitivity with being different from each other.

  • A feeling of relaxation after a short meditation even if no other work is done
  • Clearness and easy recall in dreams
  • Increased vibrations in the area around the head, particularly in the region extending from the front to the front. These vibrations are more pronounced during prayer, meditation and spiritual activities.
  • Increase in telepathic perception.
  • Increase in intuition.
  • Positive changes in spiritual perception and perspective.
  • Awareness, perception and increase in consciousness level.
  • Increase in intensity in the imaging work.
Peganum Harmala DMT Effect – Differences on Personal Basis

As the results were assessed together with the factors such as the attention to food, fewer eating, less sleeping and less talk, this practice continued for a certain period of time without using any adjustment. Less eating, less sleeping, and less talk are caused by changes in spiritual perceptions without any additional work, but we have seen these effects increase when it is added to it.

An important point is that the results can vary according to the person’s point of view and mental activities. We do not add the notes, details, comparisons, unfortunately enough time, laboratory studies, and more about the acquisition of individuals so that the study can have a scientific character.

We didn’t write down all the details

For this reason, we do not want to extend too much by adding pages to the notes and diary entries. Certain materials that can be accepted scientifically for us and the work done on these substances are documented.

We did not find it appropriate to add all the details and conclusions because we thought it would not be scientific to add all the details that we have made to make the subject more interesting or totally avoid it. The fact that there are so many factors affecting the results on a personal and a spiritual basis, that we are not able to evaluate it in the laboratory environment and that it can affect health, has caused us to be unsteady about publishing and publishing until the last moment. We recommend that you consider Konuyu more as a preliminary information about seeds and dmt.

Lastly, I would like to add the benefits that we have compiled when we were researching the seeds and added ourselves.

Grain seed and its benefits as a medicinal herb.
  • It stimulates the nervous system
  • Sputum removal
  • Useful against hair loss
  • Useful against watery eczema and irritation
  • Stomach is good for aches
  • Good for Parkinson’s disease
  • Sleeping patterns and insomnia are good
  • Kills intestinal parasites and bacteria
  • Positive effect on basal healing process
  • Good for menstrual pain
  • Good for rheumatism, varicose veins and headache
  • Good for heart strain and shortness of breath
  • Antioxidant and anti-tumor properties have protective effect against cancer. Especially Colon, lymph and breast cancer is said to be effective. (Source and Content Updated at the end of the article)
  • There is an aphrodisiac effect.
  • Provides spiritual relief
  • It’s good for depression.
  • Antibacterial properties are available.
  • When the seed was burned, ta was used as an insecticide.

The tea can be eaten by steaming or roasting mixed with honey. Excessive consumption can cause nausea and vomiting. Steam can be used against depression. Up to two teaspoons can be taken if taken by mouth. It’s more risk than two teaspoons.

For a simple allergy test related to overgrowth, simmer a sweet sprout seed with a glass of water, pull out the steam when the color of the water starts to change. If the steam you draw causes you discomfort, if you narrow your breath and make it impossible to get steam, you should not use the seed. This test is the only ideal laboratory test for advanced levels.

Anti-Cancer Feature
  • Harmine showed cytotoxicity against HL60 and K562 cell lines, which could explain the cytotoxic effect of P. harmala against these cells.
  • Peganum has been used to treat skin pain, including skin cancers and skin inflammation. – Farouk L, Laroubia, Aboufatima R, Benharrefa, Chaite (February 2008). “Assessment of Peganum harmala L. alkaloid extract analgesic effect: possible mechanisms”. J Ethnopharmacol. 115 (3): 449-54. 10.1016 / j.JP.2007.10.014
  • Harmin, another alkaloid in P. harmala, is a remarkable effect in eliminating intracellular parasites in vesicular form. [1 – 2]
Antibacterial Properties

We recommend reading the article “What is DMT? DMT Impact and Spiritual Dimension” and “Epiphyseal, Third Eye and Metaphysical Connection” to address the issue in a different and detailed way.

Use of Peganum Harmala DMT Effect – Source for those who are interested and want to investigate thoroughly: Psychedelic Shamanism – Jim DeKorne Okyanus Yayınları


Our original article for full details: Üzerlik Tohumu, Kullanımı ve Dmt Etkisi

Peganum Harmala, Dmt Effect and Usage

October 27, 2017 – Trial and Testing Process (July – August – September and October)


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    Another common preparation method, which is easier on the stomach and causes less nausea in general, is to make a hot water infusion. Part of the active ingredients can easily get lost in the process of this method, so add 1 to 2 grams to the doses mentioned earlier. 150 ml of water and 50 ml of lemon juice per person is used. Simmer the finely ground seeds for 15 to 30 minutes on the lowest fire on your stove and strain the liquid, which is then ready for consumption.


    Peganum harmala contains MAO-inhibiting substances. This means it can be very dangerous when combined with certain foods or other psychoactives that are totally harmless when taken by themselves.

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    The interaction of certain foods and drugs with the MAO inhibition brought on by beta-carbolines can be fatal!! The following substances must not be ingested within 48 hours before and after taking the brew: [A more complete list is available here]

    All amphetamines or related compounds, such as MDA, MDMA, phenylpropanolamine, ephedrine, etc. [add "smart drugs" to this category.]

    Any foods containing tyramine, or where enzymatic processes have been used: e.g., yoghurt, sour cream, aged cheeses, wines, especially port or Chianti, beer, fermented sausages (pepperoni), soy sauce, etc.

    Certain other foods, including: shellfish, bananas, liver, avocados, broad beans, chocolate, coffee and others.

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