Precognition Seeing Future Events


Precognition Seeing Future Events

Precognition Seeing Future Events

The images perceived by the spiritual structure are given to the ability to see at a conscious level the ability to foresee future events. This situation is confronted in two ways.
Precognition: Events are clearly displayed.
Premonition: Intuition is the dominant. It is perceived that something will happen, but it can not be expressed clearly.

Precognition and Scientificism

The manifestation of the future with preg- nognition has been clearly demonstrated with numerous events. At this point, however, parapsychologists say that your future will not be pre-designed. Neo-Spiritualists claim that what is to be experienced in the future is partly determined as the outcome of past constructions. However, there is a point in both groups that they may have not been mentioned because it is not possible to examine it and therefore it is not scientifically prone to see it.

There is no time and space constraint for the soul, and it is possible to see every point in his universe that he can go to the future and to the past, and to have a spiritual connection. They can transfer what they see during their visit to the item level, or people with this ability can read and see it at the level of consciousness. In fact, almost everyone lives like this: “I’ve been through this before”, “I’ve been here before” and “I’ve seen you before”.

Precognition Functioning

In prekognition tradition, most of the images are transferred with dreams, while others can be taken as images at any moment of the day. Sudden images can occur in situations where the transitional state of the trance occurs, such as divergence or deep thought, or when the spiritual folds are opened in the near phase. In general, the images will be related to events that can occur within 2-3 days. The number of long-term viewers is low.

Much of the images that are seen relate to people who are in ruins. (It can also be called spiritual contact) The images that will indirectly influence the person in the other view are the events that will be heard, seen or connected in some way. It’s like catastrophes that will affect a lot of people.

Preg- nognition is born from birth, but it can cause this characteristic to occur in a living event. In people who are sensitive to the spiritual direction, those who are interested in parapsychology issues can also observe Precognition events in people who practice deep transgender meditation. The important point here is how much contact you have with your spiritual layers. It may be frightening when uncontrolled or innate and uncontrollable, but unknown, but mental characteristics should be investigated and normalized and, if necessary, investigated with academic help.

Precognition Seeing Future Events

Pregnaism Visions of Future Events – February 1, 2017
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