Quantum Physics and Same And Two Different Locations


Quantum Physics and Same And Two Different Locations

Quantum Physics and Same And Two Different Locations

Being in two different places At the same time, the atom exhibits features that do not match the properties of the material, but do not fit into the molds of the physique, while being based on the material itself. Now let’s take a brief tour of the quantum world and look at discoveries about how different forms of electrons exist, how they exist or disappear according to the observant’s point of view, or how they are observed in many places. Let’s also try to understand how electrons are aware of each other’s movement with a communication that is more than the speed of light, their harmonious movements with each other, and how atomic particles are influenced by human thought.

If you direct an electron to a closed TV screen, you get a small light spot. This is its particle property. At the same time, it is like a wave scattering in space as an energy cloud. The experiment results show that an electron, an obstacle with two holes, can pass through both holes at the same time. Just as the waves interfere with each other, the electrons also pass through the two holes, causing the interference patterns on the screen behind the barrier. The minds, who are accustomed to explain everything in narrow patterns of matter, have difficulty explaining these two properties of electrons. Are there any other worlds where electrons are living?

According to the quantum theory, a particle can be anywhere in a place and in a region. How could a particle be in one place and elsewhere? Atomic world is explained by quantum theory. The quantum is actually another space and the world has been discovered. Is there a difference between the presence of atomic particles in many places and the presence of angels in many places in the same place? Is it possible for a person to exhibit this feature if this feature is present in the atomic particles of human beings?

New world opened with quantum

It is surprising how the physicist Gerard’t Hooft relates to the movements of electrons: “But for electrons the situation is completely different, their behavior seems to be hidden behind a block of secrets, so that electrons can be found in different places in the same place. This is not to be neglected at all. “If enough sensitive experiments are carried out, it can be shown that a single electron behaves as if it is moving in the same orbit over far distant orbits.”

Max Planck (1858-1947) worked on ‘Black Body Light‘ in 1900. During this time he discovered that the light was formed of energy packs called ‘quantum‘. The quantum period thus began. Danish physicist Niels Bohr was interested in the movement of electrons. In the face of the strange behavior of the electron, Broglie began to wave to the electron. In 1926, Erwin Schrödinger transformed de Broglie wave theory into mathematical equations. The results were quite surprising.

Everyone was surprised by the fact that the electrons revealed contradictory results with known laws of physics. The calculations and observations showed that all other small bodies exhibited similar behavior. As for the investigation of the positions of the electrons, the electron turned out to be surprising and unconventional. The electron could be in two different positions at the same time. The head was well mixed.

Sensitive experiments were carried out in the following years. The electrons behaved as if they were moving at the same distance on far distant orbits. Atomic particles could be observed in the same ‘different’ places. This shows that there are different realities in the Quantum world. With these observations and discoveries, the materialistic aspects began to change, and a new understanding of physics based on metaphysics was settled.

Observer – Observed relationship

As the quantum discoveries expanded, we were better understood that we were on the brink of a different world. For example, the world in which the atomic particles are shaped by the observer has revealed a more interesting landscape. According to the common view (the Copenhagen approach), it is accepted that the observer is the determinant of the extent to which observations do not make a clear distinction in the world of the particles.

The manifestation of the matter-mind connection has made it possible to understand the human being’s ability to influence it. This gave people the opportunity to better understand the position in the universe. If the universe factory is organized for the fruit of life, the fruit of life is also the highest fruit. The person who is conscious of his head will read the universe arranged like a book and solve the secrets of himself and the universe one by one and try to learn what he wants from people as well as knowing his position and authority.

The new step that goes beyond quantum physics

Why is the quantum physics considered one of the most important developments in contemporary science? Before the quantum, the universe was considered to operate as a machine that could calculate the whole future ‘when the starting conditions were known’. It was the discovery of a new world in which particles were communicating in a number of ways and in places, at velocities higher than the speed of light.

Quantum physicists say that a higher level of intelligence and understanding is necessary for the comprehension of the quantum reality. In the foreword of Robert Gilmore’s work at the University of Bristol’s Physics Department, Alice in Quantum Realm: “In the first half of the twentieth century, the universe was totally inferior, the quantum mechanics of old classical physics took its place, changing the way we look at the world. The most surprising aspect of these theories is the extraordinary success of informing the behaviors of the physical systems.It may be the moments when the quantum space is absurd to us, but it is the path in nature. We have to comply. ”

Professor at the California Institute of Technology.

Richard Feynman; A conference given by students to quantum mechanics makes this joke: “Quantum is really difficult to understand, but in reality this challenge is psychological. Every question you ask is the outsider’s desire to see it in the form of something understood, but I will not explain it by pretending it is something customary, but I will explain it only. ”

As Feymann points out, we have difficulty understanding the facts in quantum because they have no equivalents in the physical world. Just as our Prophet (sallallah allah and wa sallam) told Paradise; “He did not see what he saw, nor hearing the ear, nor did he remember the human heart.” The reason why we have difficulty in not knowing the worlds we do not see, such as heavenly unseen; The existence and the existence there are similar here and there is no countervailing.

Item – Observer relationship

Bohr says that subatomic particles only grow when they are watched by an observer. Perhaps the most interesting discovery of Bohr was that the subatomic particles, which appear to be independent, are in mutual contact with each other. Einstein opposed Bohr because of these considerations. Bohr did not mind the objections. According to Bohr, Einstein was in error. It was Einstein’s misconception that the twin particles were separate ‘objects’. Yet these were fragments of an indivisible system, and it was impossible to think of them otherwise.

Quantum physics

According to the EPR (Einsten, Podolsky and Rosen) paradox, if two photons give the same polarization angle at a certain distance, then there must be a faster communication between them than the speed of light. How is this possible? Was there communication beyond the speed of light and faster? Bohr has already made an explanation for this: The subatomic particles are only as long as they are observed. These are not independent things, but parts of an invisible system. Subatomic particles can not be thought of as ‘independent objects’ if they do not exist as long as they are not observed.

There was another physicist who was concerned about these issues: Bohm. Bohm’s work provided important contributions in illuminating the secrets of the electron. Bohm was contemplating the properties of electrons that do not fit into narrow patterns of physiology. Bohm’s intuitions were strong: he noticed that the electrons opened doors to the metaphysical realities that were ignored until now, to the strange features that physics did not grasp. Bohm was on Bohr’s footsteps for years when he was a young physicist. But the time has come to look at the subject from a different window.

He emphasized the need to look at matter and not with the narrow patterns of classical physics,

but with the broad eyes of the physical realities. Bohm conceptualized the importance of the “reciprocal link” of particles that had come before us, but which were not given much importance to Bohr and the followers of it. When Princeton University in 1947 deepened his work on metal electrons, he noticed that even the random behavior of electrons seemed to be highly organized and organized. The behavior of the electrons was not independent of the individual and others. The electrons were in harmony with and co-operating with others. Are the electrons living things?

Are the electrons alive?

Bohm was very impressed by his observations and discoveries. He had a strange idea that the ‘sea of ​​electrons’ in the metals was ‘alive’. Metals are essentially the shape of the positively charged metal ions that are submerged in the sea of ​​electrons. The conductivity of the metals is made possible by this electron sea. How are the electrons in the metals, ‘acting together’? Each electron was able to grasp the motion of the others. A common movement in the ocean of particles was a simultaneous and cooperative movement. Bohm gave this collective action of electrons the name ‘Plasmon‘.

Electron and Metaphysical Alem

It was apparent that electrons were not only interested in the structure of the metal, but also of what they would do with each other, even in the case of the plasma, which is the ion gas of the material (for example, the sun is an ion gas). Each of the particles within the particle ocean was ‘aware’ and ‘conscious’ of what other trillions of other particles would do.

Of course, it was not possible to accept atomic particles such as electrons as conscious and intelligent. The atomic particles abide by the laws that encompass everything that is beyond physical reality, and behave like the masters of an extremely regular army. They were, of course, taking orders from an endless kingdom.

As Bohm matured his work, Niels saw better the inadequacies of Bohr’s theory. As Bohm deepened his research, he was able to reach deeper realities of atomic particles, better seeing that existing theories were inadequate to explain what they had found and observed. It was clear that new explanations and theories were needed. Bohm kept on talking to Einstein. In the light of these negotiations the Danish physicist has developed an alternative to Bohr’s theory. It was based on the fact that the electrons existed without the observer.

Bohm began to think that a deeper reality that Niels Bohr could not notice was that there was a quantum-lower level waiting to be discovered. As a result, the atomic particles have discovered a dimension that is awaiting disclosure.

He gave the name ‘quantum potential’

It showed that this potential exists in all space, as opposed to gravitational magnetic fields, that the effect does not decrease with distance. Most of the physicists opposed this view, but this began to be accepted among scientists as a new theory. Bohm states that no theory has the power to explain infinity, and that it is not right to oppose it. He noted that science moves from very limited data, such as impact-response, whereas the con- cerner may be connected to many causes.

This new area, named by Bohm as the ‘quantum potential field‘, dominated the whole of space just as it was in space. This new approach has also begun to respond. However, Bohm did not doubt his considerations. He continued to work.

This area revealed far more radical differences than classical views: One of them was the unbreakable unity of the universe. In other words, everything was connected. Classical science saw the situation of the whole system as the only consequence of the relations between its parts. However, each electron was aware of each other as a whole. The behavior of the parts was not independent of one another, but organized as a whole.

Plasma is the gas of the material;

Refers to a gas consisting of high-density electrons and positive ions. If you heat the gas to a higher temperature, it becomes a plasma. For example, in stars like the Sun, matter is in the form of a plase. Bohm saw that in his work on plasmas, electrons, which moved by themselves, lost their qualities when they entered the plasma, exhibiting the properties of a whole that was in communication. Although the individual movements seem nice to come, the electrons exhibit perfect alignment. The plasma is constantly renewing itself and the distortions within it stand like foreign matter in a cyst.

Power that regulates the electrons

The classical science, the system, examines the parts as interactions with each other. Quantum potential also takes this into account; But the parts are organized by the whole. Instead of saying that atomic particles are not independent, Bohm draws attention to the existence of a system that regulates everything invisible. In the plasma and superconductivity there must be a ‘hand’ that regulates the movements of electrons.

This ‘secret hand’ also arranges the relations between the electrons. In other words, it has a quantum potential, saying that the electrons do not diffuse well, there is not a crowd of individuals acting on their own. It requires the presence of a ‘smart power to govern’ at the back.

To put it more clearly, the movement of the electrons resembles the behavior of the players in a regular raks, or the military march is similar to an army. According to these conclusions, whether the beings are alive or inanimate, the machines are not a machine that brings the pieces together. It is like a living system or living organism with connections to each other. Bohr thinks like this, revealing his arguments with experiments.

What was that “conscious power” in that situation? Who provided this order?

There are exciting and extremely interesting consequences. It is not a conscious action to assume that electrons have consciousness, hele hele and all other things have the wisdom and knowledge to know the movements of all the particles and act accordingly. It is the manifestation of the Divine Power, which provides communication and governs each of the specks and all the seeds, and regulates everything with absolute knowledge. Is it possible that actions that need to be conscious, like knowing and being informed, are attributed to electrons? Bohm’s ‘invisible system of organizing everything’ will be no more than Divine Power.

On the verge of a new world

In the last fifty-sixty years, the most important and revolutionary discoveries, the laws of private and general relativity, quantum mechanics, hologram and molecular biology, offer the opportunity to better understand what is happening in the universe and reality. Quantum is not only a source of physics, but a source of inspiration for many art movements, sociological theories, and various fields.

Yes, thanks to quantum knowl- edge, we have the opportunity to look out of our cage, which we classed ourselves with classical physics. Quantum shows how impressive the results are in the beginning of theories, which are the most preoccupied minds in science history and subject to many heated discussions.

Quantum power is becoming increasingly widespread. The quantum tells us that everything that is known must be reinterpreted. It is said that the universe is not one-dimensional and not only material manifestations, and the apparent shell introduces to the realities outside the universe. Another important issue is that these discoveries are in parallel with the truths of the truth of the truth. We can find a better understanding of religious realities with the realities of quantum.

Quantum Physics and Same And Two Different Locations

Prof. Dr. Osman ÇAKMAK

Atomic Metaphysics World

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