Schools conducting parapsychology education


Schools conducting parapsychology education

Schools conducting parapsychology education

Parapsychology training The curiosity that people have heard about unknown has been present in every period of the past. We tried to find out the reason for everything that does not fit the normal living standards. Events that are difficult to explain and do not always exist in our everyday lives, unknown talent and questions that are waiting to be revealed have made some people mysterious behind the unknown.

Before the concept of parapsychology education emerged, concepts such as Shaman, Psychic, sorcerer, cinci tried to solve the questions that were pending answers individually as a reflection of this process. Some of them possessed direct power, but some were content to explain the events, but all the explanations made up to the discussion process of the scientific nature of Parapsychology did not go beyond cultural and religious teachings.

We do not claim to be wrong with the concept of cultural and religious teachings, and we use this expression because a scientific explanation applies to all religions and cultures. Since the scientific approach is based on experimentation and observation, it mentally tries to find answers to questions. This is one of the reasons why parapsychology is still not accepted as a complete science discipline. Parapsychology has not been accepted as a real science, because in modern science mind is alone and no reality is accepted other than sense organs.

Academic Consideration of Parapsychology

The Western World, which has assumed a leading role in the present world system, has tried to solve everything that is curious and reasoned through the Renaissance, the Reform, the Age of Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution altogether. This process began to present difficulties in explaining non-sensory events that were lonely with the mind, while explanations of most of the events that preceded it were in cultures and sacred books. Scientists interested in non-sensory phenomena have tried to explain phenomena that are difficult to explain scientifically, and they have begun to be included in the states because the results are very interesting. Particularly in the years of 1950 and 1970, during the cold war period, it caused the golden age of parapsychology to live up to the idea of ​​solving the unknown between eastern and western and using the results gained from the interstate competition.

Despite the slow-paced work of the Western world with known scientific methods, the eastern bloc countries have made great strides in their experiments. This competition has led to the continuing education of Parapsychology with state support at the academic level and ensured the emergence of parapsychology training institutions. Although today’s bipolar competition has reduced state support with end-of-life, the institutions that provide parapsychology education have continued to survive through both the state and the private sector. We do not have a parapsychology training institution in your country.

The main reason for this is that many events are still being resolved with cultural and religious teachings. Since the western world has been forced to resort to scientific means because it abandons these two sources, we do not have such a need. However, as in the rest of the world, there are many special courses and programs in our country that organize certificate programs for those interested in this area under different names.

Although there is no academic institution in the field of parapsychology in our country, there are many parapsychologists. All of the parapsychologists in our country have received this title in parapsychology training institutions in order to receive parapsychology education. For those still curious, there is no educational institution in our country teaching at the official level in Parapsychology and its sub-branches. In order to have a diploma in this field you have to study abroad. Below you will find the major educational institutions operating in this area. If you have countries and institutions that you know other than the ones you will write below, you can add them. I did not add some countries because I could not find the school names.

Parapsychology Education Granted Countries and Schools

Universities In The Russian Parapsychology Education

# Moscow University, No response was given to our request for information. There is no information about the stage of Parapsychology education

Universities providing USA (US) Parapsychology Education

Virginia University, Department of Psychiatric Medicine, Department of Perception Studies: Continuing to work on the possibility of conscious life after physical death.

University of Arizona, Veritas Laboratory: examines psychics in laboratory conditions.

Universities That Study Parapsychology In The (UK) Britain

Northampton University, Department of Parapsychology

University of Herfordshire, Department of Psychology, Perrott-Warrick Unit

University of London, Goldsmith, Non-Normal Psychology Research Unit

Liverpool Hope University, Parapsychology Research Group

Liverpool John Moores University, Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology Research Unit

Universities That Study Parapsychology In The Netherlands

University of Utrecht, Chair of Parapsychology

Annex: January 6, 2017

In response to the payment I sent, Utrecht University reported that he did not teach parapsychology. Section may be closed.

University of Amsterdam, Anomalous Cognition Section

Universities That Study Parapsychology In Sweden

Lund University, Department of Parapsychology

Annex 5 January 2017: Lund University has sent the link

Universities Providing Parapsychology Education In Scotland

University of Edinburgh, Koestler Parapsychology Unit (KPU)

Universities That Study Parapsychology In Australia

University of Adelaide, Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit

Apart from these schools, there are colleges and special education institutions under the name of Psychic Schools and Spiritual Schools in many countries including USA, UK and Australia.

I think the number of schools listed in the above list in the UK has caught your attention. It’s worth making a separate writing for those who do not know why they are familiar with the topic

Other Articles on Parapsychology Education

Schools conducting parapsychology education

Bibliography: In some parts of the article, Wikipedia was used. – 25 December 2016

Additional info:

On 5 January 2017 I sent an email to the universities with the above names for detailed information. One of the answers came. It can take a long time to answer because of Christmas holiday. I publish in detail when all the answers come.

In the meantime, thanks to Ms. Isabelle of Sweden’s Lund University, who made a very quick comeback and directed the place. I added the link to the Lund University message that was sent.

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