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Spiritual DeepeningSpiritual Deepening – Parapsychology-related work to those who are familiar with the “psychic reading” is the phrase often heard. Isolated from external stimuli, which emerge with a feeling of peace and lightness, a deep trance State, our perceptions beyond the senses develop, strengthen, and we should be easily able to make the best use of these perceptions that is a point.

Literally, the word established contact with the soul stage, rapture, withdrawal, conscious or unconscious means to cut off contact with the world to be perceived with sense organs.

Brain waves and the phase Trans

Extreme activities while we are awake our brain in our everyday lives we have been in beta and in cases where it emits gamma waves. Trans universe starts with the propagation of Alpha waves. Under normal conditions, the alpha waves of diving and diving is ready to go to sleep before the moment people begins to spread at the time.

Theta waves occur during deep sleep phase. In fact, people of deep trance which is a part of normal life, Alpha and theta waves in the universe Trans universe completely isolated from the outside world with a new day and allows you to wake rested and more energetic in a way. Under hypnosis, subjects themselves to sleep for a short period of sleeping, make you feel very well-rested is the reason why.

Natural and conscious Trans Trans

Natural trans aforementioned brain waves, accompanied by a trance that is a part of our daily lives is largely out of trance and conscious of consciousness is that the biggest difference is closed. I’m not saying that in completely off when it comes to situations and possible consciousness again sleep because the physiological needs vital to external stimuli are left in order to open a little door in December.

Conscious in a trance with your request for surrenders to sleep if the person entered Alpha and theta state of consciousness and spiritual contact is still active unless the beta phase is much more intense compared to. Astral travel, telepathy, and experiences beyond the perception of time can be experienced in a way much more intense at this stage. At this stage, the dialog between the soul and the material body is on the increase due to decreasing external stimuli, and the perception of the transition from the mundane to spiritual perception provided.

Detects deep trance and spiritual

Today, all systems have been designed accordingly and kept in the forefront and matter of material life, the spiritual bond that really matters, unfortunately, remained in the background. Persons who do not live in this state of deep trance for a time when the world is very different and a positive perception of the reason. Previously they cannot in a spiritual way, and they jumped details are detected.

Deep trance in order to live in a conscious way, and you need to get the item level to the spiritual level. Parasites are transmitted from sensory organs with the item level / thoughts / discussion / complications / concerns are cluttering up our lives and have a negative perception of how to eliminate all of them if you have. It’s not easy to leave behind the world we are tightly connected even for a moment, but once you’ve always wanted will be waiting in the port of peace has been made.

There are numerous techniques that are used to pass into a conscious trance.

The person to find for himself a suitable technique or techniques to be considered is the adaptation itself. All techniques that are used to meditate in the beginning everyone, you may or may not produce the same results get the same depth. “But it didn’t work I tried the technique don’t say” Why are these differences to be ignored. By looking at an object, the object playing over in the mind, by giving all the attention to the breath listening to music or it can be passed into a trance. Visual, auditory or tactile can help you to create the technique you use will affect how a greater proportion of.

The main element in the transition to the point of attention into a trance collected and to minimize external stimuli. When we were turning inward we perceive with sensory organs isolated from the outside world starts. Alpha error of perception are captured in this phase of extending our spiritual practice and the expansion occur in a short time. Each work allows you to reach depth in a shorter time than the one before. So after a while, just under hypnosis, “when I count to three go to sleep” command a transition experience as effective.

Considerations For The Transition Into A Trance

Studies you should pay attention to are listed below,

1- Mentally prepare yourself. Before starting work, this study is aimed to what your are and what you want to do is determine what what.
2- Select the environment that you will do your work. Keep in a place this quiet and dimly lit environment as possible.
3- Your work environment must be an environment that you won’t be interrupted at any moment. As your work progresses you come to a sudden start at a specific depth by yourself, make sure that it will not be pretty.
4- Your work environment too hot nor too cold it shouldn’t be. Your body should be an environment where you can be comfortable.
5- Never give place to negative thoughts in your working environment. Try to be as positive as possible.

6- Prior to the experiment, neither too hungry nor too full. Go for your bodily needs as you start to work.

7- The most intense period of silence in the time you start working try to do.
8- If it’s possible for light to affect the secretion of melatonin, try to minimize the light. Even in a dark environment will help you get better results than you do. If fulfills most conditions over time when you get to a certain level, you can also achieve the desired result.
9- Suggestions must be told from the mind and the muscles we use during a normal conversation, lips and tongue movement should be avoided. totally the ideal level begins from the moment you start to speak your mind. This is an important step for telepathic communication at the same time.
10- You don’t need to fulfill all the requirements to build a new house. When you connect to bed at night if you wish, you can create all your requirements in your mind.

How short and effective method of trance is entered?

A Psychic reading that is implemented in the most practical and effective way to breathe shopping. You don’t need extra conditions for this method because any object or is lying.

1- Soon your sleep, lie on your back, cross-legged position that will open the energy channels in our body or where we can be comfortable without hogging important that you can do) sitting in a chair. The best position is to lie on your back. If you do not use the neck pillow the pillow is high if it does bother you try to put a lot of gold.
2- Close your eyes and take a deep breath. The top of our lungs (as the diaphragm breath in through your nose, so abdominal breathing picked up) and completely fill our lungs the oxygen to the subject.
3- Of breath and the breath you give, you will receive full attention. Inlet air, fill your lungs, and her body noticed. At this point you can use the techniques of the imagination. He was thrown with the dirty Air you can imagine all the negative energy in your body into energy for your body to soak up air. Energies can make you feel better by painting.

Effective way to use imagination for the next try. You can build a colorful world of imagination

1- In this manner 10 times, take deep breaths and take your last breath in 5-6 seconds without. Exhale and release yourself completely. Make sure all the muscles in your body that is completely free. Follow the changes in your body and do not interfere with anything.
2- Now take a deep breath, tighten all your muscles of your foot and your hips at your fingertips. (Alternatively, a single region by squeezing it you can do starting from your feet and with each breath) for 3-4 seconds after tightening all your muscles as you breathe out relax your muscles.
3- Take a deep breath and tighten your stomach. As you breathe out relax your muscles.

4- Take a deep breath your chest tighten and your stomach together. As you breathe out relax your muscles too.
5- Take a deep breath and tighten your shoulders and your arms with your hands. As you breathe out relax your muscles.
6- Take a deep breath and tighten all the muscles in your neck. As you breathe out, loosen your neck muscles.
7- Take a deep breath and tighten all the muscles in your face. All the muscles in your face loosen as you breathe out.
8- Last time take a deep breath and tighten your whole body in your body, no you haven’t Nov. All your muscles relax as you breathe out.

Why Are We Doing This Exercise?

In this way, all the negative energy that may prevent you from a trance your body is discarded and the flow of energy is optimised. When you do this exercise regularly, your heart works much better and you’ll see how much energy you feel better about yourself.

1- Release yourself completely, all your attention in your body and let the energy flow. At this stage your body, try not to intervene. If you scratch, scratch and then continue. “Scratch scratch” I don’t-style discussions do not enter.
2- Completely release your body and mind. Do not interfere with anything like a leaf in the wind.
3- The lights and images in your mind may occur. Just follow them and do not try to manipulate.

4- This way for a while, non-invasive in a way, just watch and observe.

5- Again take a deep breath and give the breath your attention and all you provide you receive. You give you the proper suggestions as you draw your breath (every breath you take I’m not on a deeper level with myself I feel much better than I did before, with every breath I’m deeper, etc. The work of indoctrination you will use before you begin, prepare yourself to determine and suggestions according to your situation. Will not effect everyone in the same way every sentence.)

6- Take deep breaths hold your breath for 5-6 seconds and the last 5 times in this way. You give yourself when you release your breath, and give all your attention in your body and to change your mind.

This is supposed to be completely passive at this point that need attention. Don’t move in with any expectation, “without water, this should have been” – style don’t go with expectations. Set everything aside and leave the whole world and yourself alone. Release your soul and let your mind rest.

How Is A Mental State Of Deep Trance?

1- Undefined, indescribable and vast to describe this situation is really difficult. When you live you will too.
2- Before sleeping, heavy feeling that hangs over US that occur after the feeling of relief which is evident when you go to sleep.
3- Neutral, neutral, objective, and very variegation..
4- The body is left suspended in the air, feeling liberated.
5- The sensation that is stuck in the void. Accompanying these shares from time to time, the tingling along with the sensation of falling.

What happened, everyone will be different. After study a couple of with a feeling of deep trance state, deeper first will start to happen, but this may not be the same for everyone. The resulting depth with alpha waves, theta waves will continue with your work as it progresses. At this stage, conscious dreaming, astral travel, telepathy and other senses out of you can do your work more effectively.

Note: the suggestions given under hypnosis are Alpha and theta, particularly at the level shall be effective until the suggestions that you give yourself. Try to use your promptings to prepare in a careful and attentive manner. A key auto accompaniment is on the same level in a much shorter period of hipnotizor hypnosis you can reach by taking the TA.

Hypnosis or auto-create yourself when you get to this stage by directing the migration steps, you can inspire your next work more quickly and to reach in a deeper way. The suggestions that you give the same level of your aura with breathing exercises and edit, you can create suggestions to increase your energy and direct your energy.

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