Telepathic Whisper Depth

Telepathic Whisper DepthTelepathic Whisper Depth – Is it a loud conversation in a crowded environment that draws your attention more, a sentence whispered with a few words full of mystery, carefully selected and loaded with emotion? When you give your attention do you feel the spiritual attraction and intensity? Have you ever tried to whisper a little boy’s name?

Telepathic Whisper Depth

Application is more effective than reading hundreds of pages. Practice and test the results by yourself. If you are intensely interested in telepathy, try to spend an entire day talking with whisper to understand what this headline means. Do not make any special effort to announce your voice, all you have to do is do whatever you normally do in whispering tone. I suggest you pay attention to a point when doing this.

“The messages are like raindrops known to be hidden in the clouds in telepathic communication but can not be uncovered, it is known, but it can not be brought together and water can be obtained.”

Did you remember the speeches made in the whisper tone in the horror and thriller movies? Whose scenes, in what situations, and what effects are used to whisper? The whispering tone, the echoes, the accents on the words! Study all this carefully in your mind. Evaluate all the whispered conversations you will make throughout the day.

Whisper Effect

There is something you need to look out for when you work. Send whispered messages to the other side of the message first, telepathically. If you are not familiar with sending messages in person, I will briefly state.

Language and lips are not played when talking in the mind or heart. The reading habit of reading during the literacy period unfortunately dampens this system. You need to practice for a while to animate. Mind-heart reading is the conscious execution of the Thought. It’s like a film without video. If you have not done this before, your tongue and lips muscles will tend to act for each letter. If you want to develop yourself in this regard, I suggest you do this work when you are deeply transcending with breathing exercises. (Deep Transa Transition)

Whatever you say with a whisper, first say it in your mind as soon as my work will return. (If you have done whispering before, you will not have any problems.) In the first stage when you begin to speak mentally, the words and letters are sought to be inadvertently emphasized, which is the effect of spelling habits during literacy. As you practice, you will see that thoughts and talks are only a brief moment in your mind before they are played. Sounds slow down message transmission. Thought is speed. Here you will notice one more point, the speed between message transmission and reception in telepathic communication is influential in shopping. Are you sending sound? Thought?

When you pass this stage, you will begin to transmit all messages very quickly. The thoughts will come and go in a short while. Think and Whisper. Notice the effect between the two. At the end of the day just contact with thoughts and just whisper to see the effect differences.

Evaluate Your Experience

Make absolutely sure of the work you do. You will get what you will get by reading about telepathy.

  • At what times did you get better results?
  • Who are you most successful in communication with?
  • Age and gender differences?
  • How much difference did you have at the impact level, in your acquaintances and in the ones you did not know?
  • What happened to your telepathic contacts?

With these and similar questions, you can make your work efficient. The data you will gain will enable you to achieve what you need to do to strengthen your telepathic communication.

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