Telepathy and Telepathic Studies


Telepathy and Telepathic StudiesTelepathy and Telepathic Studies

Significant progress has also been made in the field of parapsychology in the era of technological progress at a dizzying pace. In this cabinet, parapsychology institutes were established in all the universities around the world, and in S.S.C.B. According to the statistics made in the Soviet Union, the money spent on these works in 1967 was 12 million rubles. An important branch of parapsychology is ‘telepathy‘. A short description of telepathin can be made in such a way that individuals located in remote places can negotiate without having a financial connection to each other. The telepathy tradition is completely spiritual.

Twenty years ago, the Americans spread sensational news to the world when they sat in the sea with a submarine called ‘Nautilis’ and an officer leaked the news on the ship through telepathy one thousand miles away. Because it is a very important tradition for the news to be transmitted 3000 miles from a vehicle that requires very privacy like a nuclear submarine. Parapsychological studies in the Soviet Union have been due to this incident. Upon this incident, the Soviet Union paid attention to the issue of telepathy and set up the first mental research center in Vlodivostok.

Telepathic Studies

Telepathy is a completely spiritual tradition. It can not be an electromagnetic wave. Prof. Vassiliev telepat Although Ivanova put Faraday’s cage in place to prevent electromagnetic waves from developing, telepathic communication has always been the case. The researchers started to worry about this. If telepathy does not emerge as a pure physical phenomenon, telepathy will certainly be driven out of Soviet science. Vassilyef made a lead cell to stop the radiation.

Tomasevski, working as a telepathic transmitter, climbed into something that looked like an old refrigerator with the help of a staircase. The dome-shaped lid, which had entered into a groove filled with mercury, shut down. There was no wave coming in and out of there. This time the telepathic hadith was not thought to be able to come to a certain extent. Tomasevski, who is in the Faraday cage, started to imagine Fedorava as sleeping, despite everything. She lost consciousness immediately. Telepathic effect was even easier because of these lead sheets. This experiment shows that telepathy is a spiritual phenomenon and has nothing to do with the electromagnetic wave.

Telepathy and science

Atmospheric conditions, the storms do not change the telpathy is shed light on the matter. It turns out that telepathy is a spiritual event.

It is possible to see examples on telepathin mothers. The barns feel that their distant babies are crying. The moment the child dies in battle, he can understand the death of the child. According to research in the USA, this characteristic is seen in about 60% of women.

The materialists are trying to explain with the waves coming from the telepathic mind. Electromagnetic waves emerge from the human brain between 7 and 30 hertz. As a result of long researches, it has been understood that these waves have not changed with the spiritual athlete like thoughts, intelligence, fear, anxiety. Telepathin is not related to such a material electric current.

It has been argued that not only in terms of telepathy but also in the general sense, there is an electric magnetic field in the brain of many of our spiritual abilities. Recent research has revealed that this view is wrong; Rays and strong magnetic field experiences have shown that our spiritual abilities have not changed, despite the electromagnetic repression done to the brain.

Parapsychological studies in the Soviets are also common in Western universities. Uri Geller is one of the favorite names in telepathy. Uri Geller puts Faraday Cage (isolated cage) for telepathy experience. A cage made of double-layered copper, covering all these radio waves, was also in a tightly enclosed chamber. This cage was again telepathic. Buddha tells us that telepathin is not a material event.

The human dream can be influenced by telepathy and the dream can be changed

Perhaps the souls of our deceased relatives influence our dreams in this way. Dr. M. Ulman, Ph.D. In the Stanley Kripner dream lab, the person to be experienced is connected to the electrode and the person is being put to sleep. When it starts to sleep, the telepat shows the desired pictures to the sleeping person via telepathy in his dream. As a result, as the desired dream is shown through telepathy to the sleeping world in the world, why can not souls come in contact with us?

The vast majority of scientists say telepaths are not electromagnetic waves. According to Professor Arkadyevin’s calculations, the energy from his brain is so weak that he can not go out of a few metrics. Obviously telepathy can go too far, so it is not related to brain waves. Electromagnetic signals are sent during the collection and withdrawal of nerves and islands. But the signals are extremely weak. These; But can be taken with a few centimeters remotely on sensitive devices.

At this point, between 2 brains, electromagnetic transmission can be very difficult in a little more than a meter. In this case, it is possible to explain the telepathy, which has come into being in a distance like world-ay, only with the soul. In other words, there is a spiritual incident. If the human organism is sensitive to electromagnetic waves, then some psychological conditions have to occur in engineers and technicians (which work near high frequency sources of high power).

It is known that the intensity of electromagnetic waves decreases with distance

That is why Professor Vasilyev, Tomasevskiyi 1500 km. He sent it to Sevastopol, but the telepathy event took place. In short, telepathin is not related to the electromagnetic wave. There are also publications from various universities of dream – telepathy connection. In 1960, a personal dream is shown with personal telepathy experienced in Newyork Maimonides research center. With telepathy, people can influence the spiritualities and make some changes in their bodies.

All these scientific investigations show us that the solid walls of the material are fragmented. The nineteenth-century fashionable materialist thought was radically destroyed by the subtle and profound feelings of man’s scattered and scattered empires and desires, as well as being trapped in narrow articles of matter and time like the ones throttled and stuck in the dungeon. The residue is like a tinted curtain spread over the colorful and vast physical world in the eye of knowledge. The reality of the messages that come from human beings has reached the demise of coming out with all its brightness.

Telepathy and Telepathic Studies

Dr. Polat HAS

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