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Telepathy Technique and Imagination (Elf Teacher)

Telepathy Technique and Imagination

Telepathy Technique and Imagination – Elf Teacher – In fact, technical parapsychology and telepathy are familiar to those who are familiar with a technique, but details are important. Nobody said that would happen. The Source is a friend who personally helped me with hypnosis studies. Telepathin never knows what it is and at that time, maybe the only book he’s finished is the adventures of Cin Ali. The incident took place in 1994 and this friend is now living in Istanbul. If there are those who want to handle it scientifically, I can contact them. If we accept it, of course. At that time, experiments were made on both animals and humans to be sure.

Each trial was 100% successful. I pass some parts of the technique because it has not been proven fully, but it has reached the dimensions that will damage the other side in anger situations. As there are some issues that need to be understood, I would like to transfer the technique here in a few steps, not as a single article.

The technique is naturally weighted on the image. Imagination in the old way of thinking-mind is about power. For this reason, those who are not good at imagination or mental stimulation should develop themselves in this regard. Detailed information about the image can be found in on the search page.

So why is the image?

Because if you are telepathic or telekinetic or astral studies, if you do not have an innate ability that does not make the image conscious or unconscious, it certainly can not succeed. Because the human body lives in the 3D world. For this world, a body is made of etten bone, but we can go beyond matter only to be able to go out of dimension 3, but with our non-substance related links.
We perceive the 3-dimensional world with our sense organs. If it is not 3-dimensional, we can perceive parapsychology with energy world. Imagination, or imagining the old phrase, provides a controlled and conscious contact with the senses.

How is this possible?

There is no image in your mind, no thought in your inner world will ever disappear. Just like radio signals, it spreads to the house. The stronger the Signal Transmitter, the farther away it is, the stronger the Receiver is, the more distant the signals it can receive. The same is true of us.
Mental images convey images and messages just like radio and television signals. But they are not perceived unless they are targeted and consciously transmitted with certain power. This must be so that a person can live a healthy life. Otherwise, for a person who receives all the data, this world has become an uninhabitable place.

How is this transmission?

Thanks to the so-called “prisoner” and the scientifically charged Prisoner who completely filled the whole country. If there was no such substance, no transmission would have been possible anywhere else. Whatever you want to transmit from one place to another, you need to cable. I do not want to go into the subjects of physics because this topic is very detailed, but I try to explain it by basically reducing it in a way that I can understand that they have entered into Science lesson.

Water 2 Hydrogen 1 Oxygen occurs. In order to separate hydrogen and water from each other, a process called electrolysis is performed. Salt is also used as a catheter to speed up the process.
When you add water into a glass and add salt into it, and then you make contact with the cable positive and negative poles with water, the process takes place.
At low voltages, water must be supplied to allow electricity to flow from one cable to another. Nowadays, the transmission of electricity elsewhere from one place to another without significant use of cables is possible only by means of “Captive”, without the use of any material such as cable or water.

Powerful imaging and operation

Powerful imaging and operation (Catalyzer Salt) is required for stronger data, in order to use the telepathic consciously Dreamer (Water), Transmitter and Receiver Target (plus minus cables), Telepath to provide communication. In order to capture a different perspective on this issue, you can review the topic on the Impact on Music and Water Crystals link.

The boundaries on the earth are limited to matter, and the boundaries and time for imagination are not negative concepts for imagination that we will use as thoughts and imaginations or as a donor we use. There is no such thing as “I did not make it”. Weak and untargeted weak telepathic data and links. Why do not you think you feel more about what happens to your children than to your parents? Why do classmates who have nothing to do with each other feel the same when they do not feel what they have to say to each other, but love two love lovers and one another?

I have come to think of introducing a few subjects to our technique and going to the technique in that way, but I do not want to extend it too long because I am not in time and I will be away for a while. As I mentioned in the introduction, it is a technique that may be familiar to those who are dealing with these issues, but some details are noteworthy. I leave comments on the details to those who will apply the technique.

A final note before moving on to the technique

If telepathy becomes uncontrolled, life can become a complete torture for you. So be careful and leave things off for a long time when things go wrong. No one will surely want to see all the people around him unconsciously perceiving themselves directly.

Telepathy Technique and Imagination Technical:

First of all, we are setting a target either animal or human. In order to increase success in the first place, we can take care that there is an emotional dependency especially for this proximity to this goal. – People you understand very well – (You can think of them as donors and receivers tuned to the right frequency) As a preliminary preparation, we concentrate on closing our eyes for a few minutes (If you want to do this by taking time out, you should do your breathing exercises to catch up with the alpha waves to make your work easier.) You should know that you must be unintentional and uncooperative You must be absolutely free to be Invincible as link)

Our eyes closed. We push our thumbs slightly (not exactly) into our ear holes, and we push our index fingers onto our small arterial veins, which we have previously identified on our right and left foreheads. After focusing on this for a while, we take a few deep breaths and play in our minds that a light emanating from the middle of our forehead flashes like sparks and goes towards our target. We imagine that this intense wave of light will enter through the middle of the forehead of our target and let the whole body go. (This is an illusion for us, but according to the severity of the image, it establishes a bridge between us with this goal.

We send our intense beam of light to our goal after we have absorbed the whole body, and we image what we do or say if we want to make it to our goal or to say it in our minds. (At this time, the target light should not be interrupted)

This should take about 2-3 minutes.

After clearly making the image we want to make, we open our eyes and release our hands and wait for the end. Again, depending on the severity of your submission, your target will do or say what you want after 2-3 minutes. If you are working on a person and you have not mentioned your work, you will not know why you did it. It will live as a feeling that is born to us, or as the state we call it, or an incentive that comes from within.

Never forget this work. You will not fail, there is no such thing as failure, you will only find your image and the strength of your sentence and belief. If you can not get exactly what you want, either your transmitter is weak or you need to amplify or the receiver of the opposite side is weakly outdoors or the auto control system is too strong. If you have no connection with the person you are working on and have a strong will, the request may be blocked by the auto-control system, in which case you will have to be in a much more severe submission or you will have to mislead him imaginatively by resorting to mind games.

We will continue to elaborate on how this mechanism works. I wish you all to work well.

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July 2012

TTelepathy Technique and Imagination – Elf Teacher

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