Time and Beyond as a Dimension


Time and Beyond as a Dimension

Time and Beyond as a Dimension

Although size and time are difficult to agree on, parapsychology is a very important article in terms of understanding the concepts of the fourth and fifth dimension. I specifically mentioned the parts that I consider important. The complex may come, but it is a useful article that has been tried to be explained as simple as possible and with concrete examples.

Even if we can not easily grasp the time, there is one thing that we can easily understand: the dimension is formed… If we do not give a “time” appointment to the person we meet in one place, We’re in a space vehicle or a helicopter in the air.

We are reporting the location coordinates, specifying the current latitude, longitude and altitude. In order for this to be reasonable, it is necessary to specify the time of that moment, that is, date and time. For this, space-time is a four-dimensional measurement system; Meat and nails.

Time and Beyond as a Dimension

We are mistaken if we think of time as a matter of hours that only informs of time; It is a size such as height, width, depth. One of the reasons why we do not have difficulty in understanding the time is that our eye is sensitive to three dimensions. It is not sensitive to other dimensions. Many living things can not perceive the depth dimension. Some animals see their environment in two dimensions, like a photo. Just as life-threatening animals in black and white are unaware of other colors, we also have difficulty in recognizing other dimensions.

Mankind has a very different and privileged position with the most developed of the senses. However, we are limited to seeing, hearing and feeling. The nice worlds beyond our senses exceed our knowledge.

Another aspect that supports the formation of time dimension is that it is compatible and proportionate to other dimensions. Time is growing or shrinking in parallel to the space dimensions. Human 60-70 years, microscopic insects live a day or two. The life of the sun and the universe is expressed in billions of years. These are macroscopic. The life of very subatomic subatomic particles is one billionth of a billionth. So we judge that they are resonant, not particles. Atomically, there is a “time contraction” that adapts to space (space) downsizing. This is another aspect of being a dimension of time.

How do we understand the other dimensions of space called space?

What does the fourth dimension of the space mean? Aside from telling this, it is not easy to imagine, to imagine.

If a is a (length), a2 (field), a3 (volume), what is a4? If we regard space as a plain paper, there is no depth of this paper, only its surface. If we fold this flexible paper and make it ash, we create a ‘Schwarzschild Hunting’. If we round it like a spherical surface, we get ‘Riemann Space’. Just as we can see the three-dimensional world – while standing on the ground – as we do not see two dimensions, we always perceive this paper as two-dimensional. But when we create a depth, that is, when we go under the paper, we can speak of the third dimension.

The fourth co-ordinate of the place is tunneled. Think of our universe as ‘two-dimensional’, a thin flat sheet or paper. Let’s be people in the form of photographs without the thickness on this surface. It’s like pictures without depth on a newspaper. We are free to go every direction on this paper, ie we have four directions. But since we can never get out of this paper surface, we will never know the terms bottom and top (up and down). Anyway the lectures will be incredible to us. Thus, we will not be aware of a third dimension, and our dictionaries will not contain terms such as ‘up’ and ‘down’.

If our paper is a three-dimensional object above our universe,

even if this object slides through our paper, we will not see it again as three-dimensional, only to see what it intersects with our universe. For example, if this is a sphere, we see the projection of a circle. The cross sections of their latitudes gradually grow from the poles, become the largest circle in Ecuador, and then the diminishing form of the ring disappears and goes down at the other pole.

So we recognize it as a section or a shadow. Such a three-dimensional object appears to us two-dimensionally as we see its cross-section. We are surprised; Because suddenly it happens. Because our forms are fixed, it is very strange that the sphere suddenly appears in our two-dimensional world, then grows, shrinks, and eventually disappears.

A four-dimensional cismin ‘three-dimensional’ shadow in the plane falls into our three-dimensional space.

We see the cross-section, not the length of the straight tunnels, just as a circling circle appears. Now that the globe is a simple object, but surprised us, let’s think of a more complex form now. For example, change the shadow of a vase to a wall, and turn the vase into a different shadow. A passport-sized photograph living on the wall will look astonished at this shadow and the changes in it, which will flourish. Because he is the man without the color, not us and the vase; He just falls on the wall. It is the wall of his universe, without the wall and without the back. We can not believe it.

When we are trapped in a single space-time conception, we are evaluating the bodies in narrow patterns of space and in certain dimensions.

For example, the concept of a space related to the volume desired to be described in terms of width, height and height is understandable. But the fourth dimension, the time, in which it takes place in physics and relativity, is a majere length, beyond matter. The mind-consciousness called the fifth dimension is, like time, mücertrettir, not material. The tunnel seems to us to be such an incredible dimension.

We can see with the five senses in the universe that the multidimensional truths (eighteen thousand worlds) outside of the laws of physics are merely a three-dimensional shadows overlooking our perception dimensions. If we do not see, but our realms we feel are present, we are bound to develop a new science of learning, which takes us to the sphere of horizon, physics and metaphysics together, in order not to escape from the narrow patterns of time and space in this test world. As a result, the martyrdom world (measurable, visible world), which is the field of research of modern physics, is a tentenical act on the unseen world with the expression of Bediuzzaman (ra).

Time and Beyond as a Dimension

Source Article http://www.parapsikoloji.net/boyut-olarak-zaman-ve-otesi/


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