To contact someone who has died


To contact someone who has died

To contact someone who has died

Is it possible to contact the measurers? Most of the time, I’m sure the “soul-calling sessions” have come up. Of course, it is not possible to contact the sessions of cups and letters known to a majority. When a person dies, that is, when the substance leaves with his body, you will live for a lifetime and you will stay home outside the house. It is not possible for us to cross the wall with obstacles and obstacles. The reason for this is not one-sided. The situation of the person who wants to see in the first dimension and the person who wants to be seen in the other dimension is important. But it is not impossible either. Consider Konuyu in different ways.

Why do not we have contact with the dead?

This is what should be in your normal life form. This is necessary to make life more bearable and sustainable. Think for a moment that it is the deadly wandering everywhere. Or think about how we are all in contact with everyone who lives at home, from the past to the day. It may sound like an attractive idea, but make sure the world has become an uninhabitable place. In order for normal living standards to continue, the two dimensions must bear one another. Those who live in matter dimension have an organism that can only see the matter form with their material bodies (except for few paranormal talents and those who develop themselves). This organism has only sense organs that can perceive matter size.

The dead have abandoned the body of matter and continue their lives in the dimension of the spiritual dimension, that is, in the original source. Even if you have crossed the wall of matter in the meantime, it is not an experience that everyone can live in the limits of the 3-D life, to pass into the soul. I pass without entering the religious dimension of the matter.

Why Is it Possible to Contact Measures?

Both the deceased and the survivors have the seal from the same source. It is temporary and the soul is not subject to any restrictions. Spirits leave a telepathic trail in the people they are in contact with (especially family and love bonds). This ensures that the transceiver station location can be resumed. Think of it like a radio transmitter placed anywhere in the world. Spreading waves never disappear and spread to the whole house. Just like our thoughts. And the bond established on the spiritual floor is so powerful that communication is possible even when they leave the matter dimension. From a material point of view it can be seen as impossible, but when there is a spirituality in question, the limits are rising.

This bond, however, diminishes over time, and the rest of the world are tied to their own dimensions in spiritual dimension to the world. Very rarely there are situations in which the vineyard continues, especially those who lose their spouses and their children, and they can not break this bond and continue their lives forever. But in general it is often the time for the continuation of the normal course of life and the bond is broken.

Why are the Deaths seen during a dream or half-awake?

Contact with the measurers is possible and takes place while sleeping and semi-awake (state called Yakaj), which is a kind of trance, where we pass from the dimension of matter to the spiritual level. Those who see the reality of these dreams can distinguish very well. Spiritual contact at this stage is easier because the soul is released during sleep. The person who is alive sees in the spiritual way, crossing the wall of matter that he can not see in his material life form. At this level, people perceive and experience with their soul, not with their body.

So two people meet in spiritual dimension. However, at this point there are some exceptional circumstances and the spirits of people we call “martyrs“, which are in a much different dimension, can penetrate both dimensions. Do not say that this matter is dealt with in detail in the Qur’an and that “they are” dead “to those killed in the way of Allah¹ … No, they are dhirrs, but you do not know this.
To contact someone who has died

Is Mental Contact Always Possible with Measures?

There are certain days and times when the spiritual floors are opened or communicated more easily. We can only produce theories because it is not possible to treat this subject scientifically or to experiment or observe. Most likely transitions between spiritual dimensions are possible at certain time intervals, or for those who are alive, certain time periods may be more appropriate for contact. This type of contact usually takes place in the near future. For those who live in matter-size at that time, the mental states they are in may be more favorable. Because they are about to wake up, that is, they are in a state of being awake.

What can be done to contact the measurements?

Why is this phase used to communicate with a deceased person? It is difficult to recall what is seen in the sleepy sleeping dreams that are remembered difficulty, we are about to wake up more and more and more recently the consciousness gradually opens at these stages. At the same time, it becomes possible to connect with both the spiritual floors and the world. It is a suitable time frame for transferring the items from the spiritual floors to the matter level. If there is no obstacle to the soul of the deceased, communication with the deceased person at any moment between sleep and wakefulness creates an appropriate environment. There are a lot of case studies that have been in contact during the day when they are asleep.

This situation can be consciously created and liaison can be tried, but the sanity of the contact can be discussed because the jinn can pass through this point. It may be possible to try by creating a spiritual shield (by reading ablution and prayer, or by strengthening the aura). In this experiment, “How Telepathy is done?” The telepathic communication methods described in our article can be tried. You do not have to go to one person in this matter, if you have a strong spiritual connection.

Is it possible to make contact with the measurements by the Spirit Call Session?

Is it possible to communicate with the souls through spirit sessions? Those who seriously investigated this issue should know that these sessions should not be done and that they actually came to these sessions as daemons. It is not possible to contact such deaths with such sessions. The daemons passing the article size will also experience great difficulties.

¹ Surat al-Bakara 154th Verse. Religious Affairs meali.

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