Astral Travel and Use of Artificial Brain Waves


Astral Travel and Use of Artificial Brain WavesAstral Travel and Use of Artificial Brain Waves

With every activity in our body, our brain is spreading waves like radio waves in certain frequencies parallel to this. There are four main brain waves that are basically considered. Alpha, Teta, Beta and Delta waves. Recently, this wave of Gama brain wave has been added. These fluctuations vary according to the mental state we are in. Waves that spread in happiness with waves spreading in sorrow; Our consciousness is different from the waves that are emitted while the waves are emitted while the waves are trans. The part that interests us is; “What happens if a mental state develops artificially when the waves of the brain emerge when it is in a neutral state?”

Use of Artificial Brain Waves

I guess you’ve heard the suggestion mp3s used to change the mental and psychological state. The purpose of this artificial brain waves used in the suggestion pieces is to make the brain be able to instigate with the waves that emanate from the trance. Artifical brain waves were produced for each paranormal by mimicking the brain waves that emerge during paranormal work, just as they are in these parts. To summarize, a person may need to work for years to be able to produce the necessary Alpha wave lengths for astral travel and to be able to carry out extracorporeal activities with this wave length.

Theoretically, this process is being accelerated with artificial brain waves. In practice, the result is not the same, but differences can emerge. The reason for not being the same is that the characteristics of the wave lengths are unique and require a certain period of time. This process differs from person to person in order to complete the process 14 days – 21 days or 29 days after the general artificial fluctuations are becoming personalized and are beginning to show its effect. In the short vineyard, transition effects are observed which can show the effect of herbivores. Both short-term and long-term effects show how the effects will emerge depending on the mental structure of the person.

Artificial Brain Waves and Frequency Intervals

Every frequency range is described by specific names.

Delta (0-4 Hz)
Teta (4-8 Hz)
Alpha (8-12 Hz)
Beta (13-30 Hz) and
Gamma (30 and over Hz)

It is the Alpha and lower wave lengths used in Astral Travel studies. As the Hz values ​​decrease, the depth of the transt is increasing. The 8-12 Hz range is medium wave lengths, meaning that the “half-sleep half-awake” phase is both open consciousness and closed consciousness transition gate. Because of this feature, Astral Travel is the ideal range to use on exit.

8-10 Hz range: Internal awareness, mind-body interaction, balance
10-12 Hz interval: Centering, healing, representing the mind-body connection.

Can Artificial Brain Waves Cause Astral Travel?

Theoretically, this is possible. When an artificial brain wave starting from the upper Hz starts to descend below the alpha wave, the person starts to show the effect of waves in a suitable environment and position, and someone who knows astral studies, techniques can speed up the astral output. However, as I pointed out at the beginning of the Makalenin, this is all about how ready the person is. Anyone who rides in a car that travels at 300 km / h can reach that speed when it presses to the end of the gaza, but the result will not be the same. It can be used to accelerate the process for someone who is ready to exit from all sides.

I have personally tried myself before publishing suggestive mp3s that I have made for different sites, and I have observed that there is an increase in both trans depth and conscious dreams (Lucid dream). In addition to this, I have observed that with different Hz intervals I try to sleep, it becomes so deep that I can not hear any sound anywhere. (I did not hear the alarm clock, phone and door bell in the normal time during the adaptation process.) However, the result was not the same at all times.

Artificial Brain Waves or Natural Brain Waves?

You know the answer, natural brain waves are the result of a natural process, and this process is based on learning, experience, and accumulation. It is healthier in spiritual terms and the result is inevitable. Artificial brain waves are generated by external intervention and nobody can predict if they can come out of expected results.

Are Artificial Brain Waves Reliable?

Let’s take this issue from two perspectives.

If you have a suggestion, you may never know what you are whispering in your content.
An incompatible Hz interval in an epilepsy condition can trigger a seizure or produce a latent disorder.

It is not possible for anything that is not natural, that is not part of our body and soul, to be 100% useful. An artificial marine not produced by our brains will give positive results, but we can not know what the consequences will be in the long run. All work we do will be safer and more useful at the end of a specific integration process. Despite all of this, those who do not have enough time, can not find a suitable environment and want to be involved in development work in this regard, can try it if they believe it is safe for them. Development and change sometimes necessitate not thinking about their consequences.

As a result, as Tesla said, “The universe tremble tremendously and we were all a reflection of this tremor”

Teta 4 Hz

Delta 4 – 1 Hz

I do not add a version that I have prepared and inspired in this article, but if those who want to try will ask for it, I can forward it to them.

April 9, 2017

Astral Travel and Use of Artificial Brain Waves



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