What is Astral Travel?


What is Astral Travel?

What is Astral Travel?

Astral travel is considered separately in parapsychology and metapsychic. When astral travel in parapsychology is defined as “extracorporeal experience” or “extracorporeal travel”; Metapisicism is expressed as “conscious projection”. It is the closest parapsychological approach to the definition of extraterrestrial travel in the sense that we know about consciousness projection is not sufficient to describe exactly extraterrestrial travel. Projection relates to the transmission of a view to another point, which will be understood more clearly when astral travel is diversified below.

The journeys made by two basic parts of matter beyond the material body and beyond the material dimension are defined as Astral travel, that is, extraterrestrial journeys. However, the different floors that are inhabited until this point are caused by misunderstandings, and the subliminal and mental images can be confused with a real astral travel experience.

What is Astral Travel? Astral Travel Really Possible?

It is never possible for substance-based science. Because Matter science does not accept anything that exists beyond matter, it is not proved, observed, or evaluated for the sake of reason that science is based solely on sensory organs. In order to question the reality of facts like astral travel, you have to go out of the criteria of science. You can start with the interrogative spirit question about the reality of astral travel. Perhaps it will be simple, but dreams are among the greatest evils of the soul and beyond.

In your dream, when you shake your hand with a knife you feel burning and painful, but in reality your hand has not been cut. When you first enter an athlete you remember that you have seen the environment before, you realize that you have experienced a moment, the feelings you have experienced before. Samples can be increased, but I do not want to extend too much because there is no spiritual reality and propensity to be positioned.

If you believe in the existence of the Spirit (Energy body) in short, you know that it is possible to go beyond the transcendence if you believe that time and space are a soul without boundaries within the framework of certain divine rules. Because a substance that is not a substance can bind with matter but can not be condemned. O can only limit ties with matter.

What is Astral Travel? Astral Travel Floors (Astral Travel Types)

Astral travel is the astral travel floors that cause the question of the reality of travel. Every image is not real. The human brain is like a small copy of the universe and has an enormous imaging capacity. That’s the biggest reason for the misconceptions about astral travel. I will examine this kind of astral travel types.

1- Nephsi – Mental Astral Travel:

In fact, there is no real astral travel at this stage. All the images that appear are revealed by the acquisitions of the subconscious until that time. Just like a person under hypnosis “What do you see now that you go to Istanbul?” It is as if he has answers about Istanbul in relation to the images he has seen up to that time and the answers he gives according to the images he has created in his mind from the information he has obtained. The person actually does not go to the spiritual place at all but only follows the images that are formed in his mind.

Most of those claiming to do astral travel are at this point and are actually walking around in their inner realms. Similar images occur under hypnosis, after the meditation in trance and when we dive into our inner world. The images that occur in most of the dreams are also related to this stage. A conscious dream can be seen, but it is formed by the effect of the subconscious in the images that are formed. There are short-lived sudden outbreaks and feedbacks that lead to the consciousness’s replacement.

What is Astral Travel? A small test

If you are wondering about the reality of your trip, you can do a simple experiment. Leave the pages of a book open randomly in another room before starting work. Do not look at page numbers. During the study, come to the book and look at the page numbers and what is written on the page. Compare the post-study information.

2- Spiritual Astral Travel:

It is a real journey beyond matter. Material is exactly out of the body and what appears is real. The majority of those who stuck in the earlier stages actually emphasize that astral travel is not real and stop working without coming to this point. Because of the work done, it is very easy to switch from the conscious dream to the astral journey. It takes longer to reach than the first stage, and we can also say that it is necessary to be able to finish the body of the material which we can say as well. Because the matter must be passed through earthly folds to destroy the superiority of the substance over the soul in order to establish a complete contact with the soul.

Doing this in modern expression, working through the chakras, gaining vegetarian food habits, etc. We can also explain in the form of. The dreams are intertwined with the real world, and the dreams seen are often consciously displayed, and future images can be captured many times. However, since these images are placed in a variable fate, life must be shaped accordingly. It occurs frequently in the pure and clean phase of the human being, which is not yet polluted with matter, ie during childhood (near recall). As man becomes integrated with the world and moves away from his soul, that is, when the matter is integrated with his body, he moves away from it.

3- Physical Astral Travel:

Old saying Tayy-i Mekan. The place is a journey that can be done physically to places that are much different from the size of the item found. For more detailed information on how this is possible, you can look at the articles “Traces on Muhyiddin-i Arabi and Mars” and “Quantum Physics and Same And Two Different Locations“. It is a journey that can not be done with normal everyday and earthly life.

It is necessary to cross the stages of materialization and dematerialization in order to be able to transcend the material and to travel in both ways in the spiritual folds. (See Materialization Dematerialization Apor and Aspor) In both the Islamic world and in the eastern and western cultures, there are those who come to this point with life outside the worldly life. Life is handled in its entirety, real reality is seen. Since all life has been fully explored, it is possible to come and go in time and beyond. The older siblings are at this point.

We will continue with the topic “How to travel Astral”.

What is Astral Travel? March 16, 2017




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