What is Aura and how is it strengthened?


What is Aura and how is it strengthened?What is Aura and how is it strengthened? Just like the magnetic field that surrounds the earth, it is an energy field that surrounds all living things and is like the atmosphere that protects the beings. The stronger the aura, the greater the life energy and the stronger the living. Especially for those who work paranormal, it is very important to keep the occupant strong, because any negative change or weakness in the in-the-blanket will weaken the person and make it vulnerable to metaphysical oppression, threats and attacks.

As you work to strengthen the aura, you will feel more energetic, stronger and safer as the aura becomes stronger. By practicing the following practical methods, you can strengthen your banner. The techniques are simple but the results are excellent.

Light Tower and Light Cure Technique

1- Breathe deeply and smoothly. (Continue this during practice.)

2- Loosen your whole body.

3- Be steady, calm down while walking. Leave your arms loosely on both sides. When you sit and lie down your spine is steep. Place your feet parallel to each other. Let your hands rest on your thighs with your palms facing down. If you do not have a serious health problem, you should always be standing in your practice.

  1. Bring a long, elliptical, intense bright blue light surrounding your body in front of your eyes. This light reaches your body about 25 inches. It’s on your head and extends up to 40 centimeters of gold on your foot. Our spiritual agenda covers a larger area than this. Moreover, it is usually rendered in silver, but your protection needs to be blue appropriately.

5- Imagine a bright white light curtain, slightly above your head, at the top of the screen, after you have brought the blue area completely out of sight. (You can make use of the subject image)

6 – Focus your attention on this sphere. So it becomes white and brighter like magnesium burning in the shape of the core! When you do this, you just have to feel your presence. This light is indeed there. (Those who hesitate to believe can look at Kirlian photos)

Be aware of these two images:

7- You are all intense bright blue ellipses and white spheres above your head … They already exist there, but you concentrate on them to increase the intensity of these energies.

8- Allow the highest positive energies you can imagine to fill your mind. Let these positive energies shake your whole self.

9- When you feel you are ready, see the dazzling rolling white light. This light is full of silver sparkles. It first penetrates and then penetrates vividly into you and penetrates completely.

10- Now, when the outer shell of the aura is in the form of a vibrant and bright blue ellipse, the inside will be filled with gleaming white light. See this vision as a living and moving reality as long as you can continue your concentration effectively. Brightness is constantly around you and flows towards you. It is endless because it is the source of everything. Always wander around. It is shiny, hard and sharp. Be very happy in the midst of this magnificent manifestation of “Divine Power”!

11- Be aware that you already have a breakthrough, but now you make a special effort to strengthen it.

Once this work is done once a day you will start to feel better. Remember, everything in life begins in the world called imagination. You are only dreaming.

You can apply this work in an accelerated manner in anxiety, fear and panic situations. Maybe you might come across as an unreal, placebo effect, but the reality of the auror is proven by the Kirlian technique. You can schedule yourself the next day before you go to bed and start an activity that will last throughout the day. You can also use the same method for energy and message transmissions that are focused on telekinesis and telepathy techniques.

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April 5, 2017

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