What is DMT? DMT Effect and Spiritual Dimension

What is DMT? DMT Effect and Spiritual DimensionWhat is DMT? DMT Effect and Spiritual Dimension

The molecule that is the full name Dimethyltryptamine, the so-called soul molecule with the bridges between Spirit and Matter, the spiritual connections. This substance, which is secreted by the pineal gland, which is the largest part of our brain, located in the middle of the brain, has been a turning point in the psychedelics. It is very difficult to fit all the details about this molecule into a single article. For this reason, we found it convenient to submit a series of information on DMT. We are also planning to present the results of our work we have done with our friends in the series. First, let’s briefly introduce DMT.

What is DMT? DMT Effect and Mental Dimension – DMT Technical Information

Formula: C12H16N2

Source: The pineal gland is found in all living things and plants that exist in the land.

It is shown among hallucinogens. DMT, common means of communication for all living beings. It’s about telepathic communication and spiritual connection. Some plants are more dense. The amount of shamans they use to transit through religious rituals is quite high. We can say the molecule that makes Ayahuasca plant famous. The name of the molecule, which is often referred to by those who can not experience the spiritual experience with different practices and want to experience a much more intense experience than ever before.

What is DMT? DMT Effect and Spiritual Dimension

Interesting Notes on Dimethyltryptamine – DMT

After the studies started in the 1960’s, studies on psychic subjects were banned for a long time and afterwards studies with volunteers were found interesting findings about DMT. The common conviction of volunteers about the effect of DMT is the increase of spiritual intensity, the existence of a divine power, unity, consciousness of integrity and life beyond matter.

My most interesting information about DMT is that the amount at the two points is at the highest level; “Birth and Death at the Time” This information I read has allowed me to find answers to a number of questions that were unanswered in my mind. DMT is at the highest levels when human metabolism comes and goes away. An important molecule that plays a role in the unification of two dimensions. Apart from the moment of death and birth, there is another interesting point: the sleep is the sleep of the dreams. At times when spiritual journeys, spiritual journeys in time and space intensify…

The influence of mental life on the secretion of DMT is great

When DMT is secreted and activated, the effect of mental life is great. The DMT users are close to what they experienced when they were in deep trance. However, if you look at what the subjects and users know, the effect can be very large when given externally at high doses. There were those who lost the sense of reality and could not overcome this oddity. A user who is experiencing a DMT experience and has been experiencing a 1000-year experience who is surprised by the fact that it only takes 15 minutes is a very intense expression for me. Try to live it for a moment; you live for exactly 1000 years, then your eyes are opened and people you see 1000 years ago are standing with you. They say you only last 15 minutes. This density does not hold every human being.

If you have been meditating for a long time, if you have gone through deep transients and experienced different forms of consciousness, the effect of DMT will not come to you much. DMT’s coming to the ages is mostly due to the external acceptance of the external and the alienation of the spiritual experiences. DMT can be perceived as a molecule that is hugged for the rediscovery of a feeling that people who have long sought for the soul in modern life have forgotten.

DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) – Spirit Molecule (Spirit molecule)

There is a very important documentary I found while doing research on the subject. I do not want to give encyclopedic data when there is such a documentary. Those who do not like to read can go to the document at the end of the notes I compiled. My transfer will compile from the documented information.

# It is a very simple molecule. All organisms have two key enzymes that lead to DMT synthesis.
# A kind of communication tool among the plants.
# The plants provide the connection with other organisms through this molecule.
# DMT removes the filter between substance and substance beyond. – Dennis McKenna (Psychologist)
# It is seen in all plants and animals in the country. – Graham Hancock (Writer)
# I can not think of a more powerful tool for consciousness than DMT. Brain is not a source of consciousness. We are not the real thing, like a decoder, a frequency tuner of something much bigger than itself. – Leanna Standish (Naturopathic Physician)

Factors Increasing DMT Ratio

# DMT has a role in all living phenomones. Loneliness, Traumas, Dreams, Dreams, loneliness, traumas, dreams, dreams, divine emotions cause increases in DMT secretion.
DMT is activated in a very short time. Steven Barker (Psychologist)
# DMT rate is increased in situations such as deep trans and hunger. The source of DMT is the pineal gland. The increase in DMT leads to separation of the soul (Psychedelic), while inadequate DMT causes the world to look dull, smooth and colorless. – Rick Strassman (Psychologist)
# DMT is a material that makes it easier for the soul to enter and leave the body – Joel Bakts (Rabbi)

# DMT ratio changes the perception rate of reality. – Neal Goldsmith (Psychologist)
# The spirit is the inner world, and the molecule is the outer world. DMT are stimulants that carry us from science. – Alex Grev (Artist)
# DMT is the easiest way to communicate with all nature, plants and animals. It makes the transition to communication as a whole with all beings. – Jeremy Narby (Psychologist)
The DMT effect clearly reveals the existence of a consciousness separated from the body. – Terence McKenna (Author-Psychologist)

One common opinion of volunteers in DMT surveys is that they move away from the self and integrate with everything. This leads to the idea that DMT’s All beings can be a molecule that communicates in a spiritual way.

DMT Effect

# Why does your brain have a section that looks like “God detective”. What are the advantages of having a section that triggers transcendental experiences? – Dennis McKenna (Psychologist)
A long time ago the spirit of independence was broken. The things we learned tried to convince the material world that it was the only life dimension. What I experience from my experiences is that finding the truth is the only way to communicate with the Spirit again. To do this, we can use our plants to provide the exploitation of decoders for transiting beyond matter – Graham Hancock (Author)

# Those who meditate regularly with those who live after DMT, those who have deep trans experience, are going to the same stage. They are experiencing the same experiences and getting the same information. If we can do it more scientifically, we can improve our ability to survive and our intelligence. We are mortal, we are living with the planet we live in, so our situation is very serious. We can achieve an intellectual standard of living in this field. – Ralph Metzher (Mathematician)

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The subject will be covered under different titles under the DMT – Dimethyltryptamine category.

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