What is Parapsychology? And why is it not accepted as a real science?


What is Parapsychology? And why is it not accepted as a real science?

What is Parapsychology?

Dilimize has come to parapsychologie with its original spelling, which is translated as “Psychology” by Turkish Language Institution and is a French word. The Greek word “Money”, “beyond the known, unknown, beyond” meanings. In this respect, the word “parapsychology” has emerged, which has been mixed with a monetary phenomenon by the addition of the word “psychology“.

It is not known how much money is put together with psychology, what is parapsychology? In my mind when asked; “An area that psychology can not deal with is an area that it will be difficult to identify with its current capacity and terminology, the science of extraordinary people who are extraordinary, extraordinary, mysterious, different, and do not want to be condemned to ordinaryness that begins at the end of psychology.”

Parapsychology as a Scientific Contradiction

Parapsychology” is a distinct contrast to the scientific environment, which does not even take the category of science branches trapped at the item level, to bring money together with psychology as a “science branch that starts at the place where psychology ends”. On the one hand, it is a science far beyond what is known as “parapsychology” which, on the one hand, examines the “psychology“, which is regarded as a scientific discipline and on the other side, it is difficult to define it with psychology. “Parapsychology” is a non-scientific discipline that is adhered to an accepted science branch and applied when it is difficult to explain something.

From this point of view, we have also seen the inability of the scientific community to accept parapsychology as a scientific discipline. A mechanism that accepts facts that “see, hear, and touch” as a scientific reality is a science that is invented by the addition of a science that is part of its mechanism in cases that it can not explain or is difficult to explain.

Why is Parapsychology Not Accepted as a Science Department?

We can take the answer to this question in a few ways. Parapsychology “Science”, which is called modern science and is still being taught, does not conform to the pattern. Just as a painting with a black and white theme can not be accepted as a red color. Acceptability for modern science is limited to 5 sensory organs. As a consequence, we can not accept it as a scientific fact, so we can not touch, see, smell, taste, and we can not work. However, parapsychology has no fixed or objectivity in research. So the results may not be the same for everyone. I try to explain this with a simple example that most people have experienced or at least heard about.

He is sitting in a room where four friends are sitting late for hours, after one of them sees an image from the open door, and with a fearful look he says to his friends, “Did you see that?” No, the others have not. He sees again in the same video room, he does not see other friends even when he shows his friends with his fingers, he even makes fun of himself.

The first science to investigate this phenomenon is Psychology. Psychology will eventually be forced to give an objective explanation even if it is linked to neurology. Psychology can make diagnoses that go as far as schizophrenia in non-objective situations, but never reveal the truth. Perhaps you can get a quick resolution if you went to a psychologist who was interested in parapsychology. The phenomenon we describe actually goes directly into the topic of parapsychology, but in order for parapsychology to be regarded as science for modern science, the parapsychologist needs to see the unknown image in this case in the same way as the four friends.

However, parapsychology treats each individual differently and examines the changes in one’s sensory perceptions in the events that take place. It is impossible or impossible for these changes to occur at the same time. Even if all have been seen at the same time, they must be reproducible or should be able to be experienced in the same way for others. In other words, this state of knowledge is based on the perceptions of only 5 sensory organs that we call modern science.

In order for parapsychology to be regarded as a complete science, science must either be redefined, or science must make visible, audible, touchable, tasteable, and smellable, as well as clearly visible events that are outside the perceptions of the sensory organs. Unfortunately, we are talking about a situation where current technological improvements are not possible.

What is parapsychology? What is Parapsychology? And why is it not accepted as a real science?

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What is parapsychology? This article has been prepared for those who want to know the meaning of parapsychology and has been translated in Turkish by Google Translate. Meaning can be wrong. We apologize for that.



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