Telekinesis and imagination Exercises

Telekinesis and imagination ExercisesTelekinesis and imagination Exercises – “in your mind what you want to do if you cannot conceive three-dimensional material world to exactly reflect your wishes if you are unable to”. A for imagination with an instance of telepathy in our previous article we talked about the importance and influence of the next, the same applies to the telekinesis effects. In our example performed in the laboratory by scientists is any doubt about the effect of imagination, for this effect you can do your work from imagination.

Imagination, faith, power, energy, and Telekinesis

Anything you envisage spiritual ties with each resulting image is the product of intense mental activity. A reflection of real life requests through the floor before the internal mechanisms of mental and spiritual triggers. That will impact on the environment of energy that is uncontrolled and are not directed because they are energy inefficient.

In order to make programming and the impact of energy of energy must be targeted. Just before the building of the building desired to be made in the work of preparation of plans and projects such as telekinesis in the minds of those preliminary preparations must be made and painted.

You will see a finished project when you want to buy a house within the house for everyone I’m sure is more believable. The same situation applies to studies telekinesis. You don’t believe in nothing you do matter and your mind will be unable to effect sufficient because you didn’t plan on. Faith, power, and energy means. Binary domain are the two basic elements that are required for this. The formation of the duo that you believe is not possible. Resmedere to believe in yourself and what you want to do, you will need to present by way of illustration.

Targeted energy and imagination

As mentioned above, the energy of programming and must be targeted. Unscheduled and untargeted energy “I want to do telekinesis,” the statement as such is very extensive, and distributes the energy. It is not enough to just ask. Telekinesis psi wheel, called anyone who has had anything to do with the work done – and Telekinesis-Psi Wheel – if you come back to the paper just how much influence he had? Your inner energy has intensified how much? I wonder how much impact and he was able to return and unscheduled untargeted energy paper? I wonder was mentioned on reacting to the sound of protons and requests at a time, doesn’t effect mental images and thoughts can we talk about?

The study and application of telekinesis imaginative

The subject and technical details without boring with too much imagination for the next extend the effect of let me try to explain with an application. Before you start the application or if you do not practice meditation, breathing exercises, or how to prepare yourself internally if you do not enter a trance with a similar application? open your energy channels and by the application described in the title, make yourself ready to apply.

Example for psi is very well known over the wheel I’m telling. The house is calm and quiet in a room make all the preparations completed. Materials and the environment that you will do the work to get ready. You should make sure that nobody doesn’t bother you.

Telekinesis and imagination Application

  • You are primarily a deep relaxation in your mind for the imagination what is the easiest in terms of preparation, if you paint him start the next ten. These numbers can be a mountain view. May be inside your room. Work may be a pen that you use all the time on the desk. The important point is “will give you as much detail as possible,” for example, if you need the numbers to paint a cool mountain Mists on the wind went out of the digits 1 at the beginning of the sunset on the shores of Lake number 2 soon (pay attention to the shades of color and light), 3 digits on the banks of a flowing river that you can even hear his voice on the pen… the colors, the projections and indentations, almost with a magnifying glass, bakiyormusca in detail to picture it in your mind. Penetrate and enter into substance, try to get the smell. This work studies and improve imagination at the same time on a regular basis in advance for the next clairvoyant.
The water to revive in your mind.
  • “Very well-rested, energy gushing yourself as one of all who trust in you react. (The energy flowing through you or you can bring lights scattered around in the form of sparks) Psi wheel do the work and go where you will you are sitting in a position that you can use your energy in the best way. (Posture is important. Disrupt the flow of energy, or forcing should not be your stance) take a deep breath, called Prana, while breathing through your nose, and your energy filled to soak up energy in the atmosphere increases even more.
Must be viewing from your own eye, and when required short-term follow up from outside yourself.
  • If you have the habit energy of your hands, in your eyes If you are working with eye contact) because your hands start to tingle and warm up and the intensity of energy.
  • The intensity of the energy in your hands and you can feel the effect.
  • Psi your hands on the wheel you put it on both sides of the paper.
  • The energy is so intense on your hands on paper Psi Wheel sparks.
  • The energy in your right hand, on the right side of the paper forward, the energy in your left hand, the left side of the paper from moving backwards in a powerful way. Thus, the right and left of the paper begins to turn. (Rotate in the desired direction)
  • The speed of rotation of the paper can be adjusted as desired.
Telekinesis and imagination Considerations
  • This example based on its intrinsic specifications to develop and apply it regularly. The image in your mind as clear as possible, don’t start work without stimulating in a way.
  • Always do your work in the same environment. The penetration of energy and mental work – environment there is a property settlement.
  • Do not enter into any expectation. Don’t fool yourself. Do not allow your ego to occupy you.
  • The process requires targeting a certain action and release the energy, and the result will be different for everybody. When you are taking all these steps to work, which will see as you make the mold over time you will learn the impacts of the release of energy.
  • “I can’t”, “Not in”, “Failed”, “I did it”, “that was quick” patterns like remove it from your mind. Each mold will create expectations that would require me to chase down. Just the process fun and you will achieve what your questions enjoy.
  • During the imagination exercises your muscles do not tighten, just use your mind. Imagine and imagine. Minimize the impact of your article body.
  • During imagination, your muscles, your pupils or your hands may have the effect effect of involuntary movements is eliminated for the imagination to the next element will increase the effect. When talking without moving your lips never mentally in this trance like stage started to talk.
  • The work of imagination you can induce lucid dreaming, or your dreams can cause you to remember more clearly.


Note that every person have different properties. Imagination nothing to work it is not necessary, but can be used as a catalyst accelerator. Innate differences because of the work of imagination, especially visual, to make it more practical, reducing the amount of printing may require. Don’t complex, just remember that each person has different characteristics and abilities. Be patient and determined. If you set out to accomplish, I immediately don’t give up. Be persistent. The word impossible to use for paranormal studies are the gains that you will get what you want. Internal gains with any educational institution in which you will get you the work you do on the website and in the book cannot be issued. Each person is a separate world and you can uncover it by exploring this world but you.

Telekinesis and imagination Exercises –

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