Telepathic Whisper and Telepathic Development

Telepathic Whisper and Telepathic DevelopmentTelepathic Whisper and Telepathic Development – In our article “Telepathic Whisper Depth” we talked about what you should do in the section until the evaluation stage. In this article, we will show you what you will do after the study, together with the evaluation, and pay attention to what you need to do. What points should we pay attention to improve ourselves on the telepath?

Telepathic Whisper and Telepathic Development – Challenges

If you are not accustomed to talking mentally or heartily because it addresses technically advanced levels, you can struggle in the first stages. but it is a technique that can go very fast as you practice. Those who have previously meditated or deeply transcended will see that they are familiar with the inner conversation they experience during spiritual integration when they are excommunicated. If those who have never come to this stage will continue to work, they will develop in a short period of time.

The challenge in the technique is that the sense organs and thoughts that connect you to the substance level are voiced. Speaking thought in communication with the other party is necessary only for the substance level. You need to know that there is no such need at the spiritual level. Those who have experienced astral travel and conscious dreams have seen telepathic communication at spiritual level. This technique will also improve telepathic communication in your everyday life. You will see how effective you are in spiritual communication if you pass the challenging parts of your technique.

On Which Hours Did You Get Better Results?

It seems like an unnecessary detail, but it is important in terms of acceleration of your development. If you have a congenital secret telepathic ability, it will be easier to identify at this stage. Just like in the case of heavy sleep, each person has specific, specific periods of spiritual opening. These time periods function just like the brain’s biological clock.

If you have the time to consider and evaluate the technique in the long run, the telepathic defenses that are waiting to be active will start to accompany you. Try to concentrate your work during those hours, especially if you realize that telepathic messages are more effective, especially after a certain period of time. The time slots can then be used as an opening phase for the development of your telepathic communication.

Who Are You More Successful in Telepathic Communication?

If possible, do your first communications with your mother. Since both physical and mental interaction begins with Mother first from birth, it will naturally be the human annuity that has the most intense telepathic communication in this life. If you have entered a stitch that you are having communication problems with your mother, continue your work starting from the ones closest to the other family members.

Psychological factors will affect the person in the spiritual direction negatively. This effect is double-sided. Spiritual factors mutually influence substance level, and substance level affects spiritual levels mutually. You should be the second person in the family that you need to try to be an individual who is feeling peaceful and comfortable next to yourself.

Apart from the family members, you will find your sincere friends with whom you have a mutual love and emotional closeness (your spouse, your girlfriend, the people your heart buckles when you feel the absence), your childhood (the ones with the infant stages together) and you will feel comfortable with whatever your life is, you can put people in a certain order according to their closeness to you that you do not have psychological warfare.

Your work with the person you get the quickest result after the work you do will benefit you faster.

Telepathic Whisper and Telepathic Development – Age and Gender Differences

Out of physical age your spiritual age will affect your telepathic communication. Generally, if you feel closer to which age groups you are at your level of your spiritual age. Try to concentrate your work in those age groups.

In everyday life, if you understand better what sex you are in telepathic communication (except for emotional ties), this is the big deal. Telepathic communication is more effective at certain frequency ranges, just like radio frequencies. This activity may also vary across genders.

Differences in Telepathic Impact Level

In telepathic communication, some messages appeal to some, while others are generic. A person trapped in a place after an accident is not found only in the voice help call. This call begins as telepathic messages. Just like who we are when we hear the voice of someone who needs help, the same is true for telepathic perceptions.

When we need help, the general messages that will make us feel like everyone else rather than messages that appeal to the public are also transmitted. These messages begin to be perceived by our relatives and telepathic susceptibility, especially the Anneless, regardless of distance. Even though messages are clearly perceived and can not be solved by everyone, it is felt that there is a difference by the message takers when there is no request for voice help.

It’s more of a strange feeling that we’re dragging into places.

It is not just for people to spread telepathic messages strong enough to appeal to the public when assistance is needed. Similar interaction occurs in animals when they need help. You feel the need to look once, and when you look at an encounter with an animal waiting for your help. This is a very common occurrence.

Telepathic effect which you are more active in which situations near you? In which situations do you have more intense telepathic communication with people you do not know or live in? Joy, sadness, excitement, fear … Which emotions speed up your telepathic communication. Setting all these and putting them in priority order will help you in your rapid progress.

The Effect of Your Technique on Telepathic Communication

What level of development has been made since the time you started applying the technique? Which studies accelerate your development? Which factors are the positive and which are the negative influences?

By evaluating these and similar criteria, you can positively evaluate the contribution of your technique to your telepathic communication.

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Telepathic Whisper and Telepathic Development –

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