Telepathy and Imagination Studies

Telepathy and Imagination Studies – Telepathy and remote impact How does it occur? How do you make ties with the people you want to impact and contact with telepathy? If you want to communicate telepathically with someone else that is a clear mechanism to establish a connection with innate or imagination. As it moved on the wires, the electricity, the thoughts in the mind on the image that is created can be carried.

Under the category of imagination and Parapsychology the scientific imagination to reality Imagination it was explained by giving the example of the experiment conducted under the title of. For that reason, I don’t want to touch on the scientific aspects and meaning of telepathy. Those who can have access to the details of the articles under the category of telepathy.

Relationship between telepathy and imagination

The thoughts, desires and demands on the image can be forwarded to the desired person, how can This be possible in two different places at the same time, an article titled, quantum physics and metaphysics agree with the approach of the subject from a scientific point of looking you can learn. Under normal circumstances, they can affect each other people by telepathy, but installed images of consciousness, this can become possible. The installation of consciousness, it is not enough to only images, the image must be focused on strengthening and should be addressed to.

All the details in the image that is created in a conscious way, sounds, colors, scents and tones of the desired message to be transmitted determines the severity. Briefly the image, the stronger the message will be so powerful. This condition may be compared to the threshold of perception of our senses. Perception of violence in the same way to the realization of spiritual perception.

Telepathic Resistance Breaking and Imagination

Telepathic transmissions are difficult among those who have strong emotional attachment, and those who have weak emotional attachment. One of the factors that cause this difficulty to arise is that the receiver evaluates the incoming messages by passing them through various filters, though they are not aware of them. Familiar voices, images, messages are passed easily through this filter (as if the mother was misplaced for a moment when the child was calling to her, while the child did not speak, but somehow caused the message to go to her mother). This phase differs from person to person.

In sensitive people (telepathic, suspect, hypnosis prone) this screening process is weaker. In order to deactivate this phase, the person to whom the message is to be sent may be eliminated from the process of establishing a spiritual connection or by the process of elimination. (It is exemplified in the application section.) The easiest way to do this is to create an image. By using conscious images, the data can be transmitted to the other side in a healthier way. (How you evaluate this part depends entirely on your imagination.)

Telepathy and Imagination Studies – Telepathy Preparation

If you are studying for a long time, you should be ready for such a spiritual work. The process starting with alpha waves and extending to the Teta waves will be an important factor not only for our spiritual readiness but also for our efficiency in high sensitivity work. Since I have told you in many articles before, I do not want to write about how transa will pass in the preliminary stage again. They can look at what they need to do during the preliminary stage of the process. If you are doing these kinds of work regularly, we can start working on the Telepathic Image by opening your energy channels.

Telepathy and Imagination Studies

Your physical stance is as important as it comes to a certain stage, so whether you are in a position to relax or not, sit back and forth, but with your back straight upright. This is important in terms of not cutting the flow of energy. When you arrive at a certain stage, the mechanisms will be solved and only your thoughts will be enough.

1- Think of it as an energy that covers your body. (You can enter details to increase the effect: energy or light fluctuates, even when the wave fluctuates, sounds come out in low tones, light blue, dark green, constant motion)
2- Consider all your attention to the center of your forehead (direction of the epiphyseal substance, telepathic exit point) extending outward from this condensed energy. (You can visualize that darker than the color of the energy enveloping your body by entering detail)

3- Think about the person you want to influence. (Begin with your emotional connection, if possible, your mother or your brother, or a friend who you are very sincere, knowing where your house is). (You can animate that when you enter through the foreground of the energy to enter detail)
4- Just imagine that the energy envelope the whole body by going in and starting from the forehead and covering the body with an energy just as you are. (In detail, imagine the same color as the energy of your energy, as well as how you animate your own energy or light)

It is important after this point

5- Try to feel what he feels, and be in the mood of him. (You can animate this in the opposite direction,
6- Try to feel your heartbeat, feel the blood flow in your veins, your blinks, your breathing. (Take the breath that you receive in detail, the winking eye is yours, your heart is yours, your blood flowing in your veins)

7- Try to integrate as spiritually as possible, and you can find different details for yourself.
8- Now you have created a whole and continue with that thought after that.
9- Just as you say what you want him to do, what he wants you to do, just as you are doing it, in your mind.
10- Do not continue when the transmission is over. The most common error occurs at this point. Do not be persistent, do not do it over and over again, animate things you want to do, and end your work.

Telepathy and Imagination Results

Almost everyone who works does whatever the intensity of the message goes to the last stage, but the energy can not be obtained because the energy is not released in the last stage. When it comes to this stage, do not worry as if it were “I am sorry”, “I did it”, “I could not see enough detail”, “I did not do what I wanted, again experience”, ” If the message has been transmitted and the energy has been released, if the intensity of the transmission is sufficient and the recipient’s defense mechanism has not resisted, the process will begin to process and you will be done between 1 minute and 5 minutes.

Although this time differs from person to person, usually the message is delivered within 2 minutes. However, the overall results should not be taken into consideration during the initial phase. Perform your work without any expectation. This is a learning process, you will learn a separate detail in every study you do, spiritual learning is personality specific and you will continue with every detail you add to your next studies.

Don’t Give Up

This article is the first article you read about telepathy, and I think you have seen what you are missing. You need to know how to transit and know the intricacies of imagination. Be careful not to fall into the error of “Everyone should be right now” that everyone else has done when you have eliminated these shortcomings and started your studies. See such works as a special door and experience to be opened to your life. Try to make it as pleasant as possible.

Do not engage in such work with feelings of revenge, anger, hatred, and hatred. Extreme desire and extreme emotion force people to get a quick result, which will cause you to fail in a big way and give up with the words “I can not, I do not”.

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Telepathy and Imagination Studies –

July 22, 2017



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