What is sleep paralysis? How does it occur? What are the solutions?


What is sleep paralysis? How does it occur?

What is sleep paralysis? How does it occur? What are the solutions?

What is Nightmare? In the TDK dictionary, “distressed and fearful dream, nightmare“, in other words, “one of whom is in a confused, troubled state of mind” is called. It can be described as a difficult situation to get through. So how does this happen and how we can get rid of this situation, especially when it happens during Astral travel studies. First of all, let’s focus on the physiological reasons. When there is a situation that will disturb the body during sleep; We need to have a toilet, or we should not cover ourselves with a cold water, but we can not afford to meet our physical needs because of the weight of sleep.

At this time, the person who is in severe sleep with the stimuli of necessity coming from the physics may experience the condition of catalepsy (first phase of hypnosis – dyskinetic state). Energy during sleep is a different dimension with the closing of the consciousness of contact between the body and the soul that we call the body. If excessive stimuli cause someone to turn on his consciousness before normal, Consciousness opens early, or if the energy body is pulled to its early position, it can happen because both bodies do not sit together perfectly.

Among these reasons, we can add to the daily living and subconscious problems, troubles and unsolved issues. It can cause such an event to happen in such situations that disrupt the quality of sleep. When such a problem is experienced, it should be calm and should not react in any way. Everyone already knows that after a while you’re out.

Apart from that, the main nightmare that concerns us is about the Cines.

Since there is no academic study in the field of parapsychology in our country, only the physiological and medical reasons related to the nightmare phenomenon are emphasized. I can write very comfortably because I have lived in person and have been standing on it in detail. Whether it is astral travel studies or other parapsychological studies, as people approach the 3D matter outside the realm, those outside the realm become more easily penetrated. We can explain this with a simple example.

You can see that a fire burns away, but you are not affected by the heat that only sees the light.

If you get closer, not only the intensity of the light but also the severity of the heat will affect you. This effect is proportional to your distance. You can think that this is mutual. We may be exposed to these influences or effects from the moment we start working on te if we do not want to. If these works are to be expressed as a 100-step ladder, then researching to ascend astrals and starting to do something means stepping into the first step. As we do the exercises and proceed, we start climbing the steps and approach the outer pineal 100th step. Not only we naturally become closer to us in that realm.

For these reasons, the person may be exposed to certain effects. The psychological structure or general life of the person is an important factor in determining how these effects will be. If a person has a spiritual chal- lenge, that is, if there is a religious experience, these effects can also be seen in the form of spiritual help, or, if the spiritual nature of the person is strong, they may not be adversely affected or become more vulnerable to negative effects. This is especially the reason why women are more exposed to external influences during certain periods.

So this situation is sleeping, the paralysis, how the nightmare comes to you.

The direct substance abatement effects of the gins are not possible under normal conditions because of their properties 4.-5. It is not possible to have a material effect on the third dimension. In order to be able to do this, extraordinary conditions are required because I’m out of this position (the same situation as we are in effect when we are in the 5th dimension)

The easiest and easiest way for the genies to influence us is to awaken fear in us. If we have a complicated environment, it is possible to have a fearful dream. As I mentioned above, it is related to the spirit of this person and the power of his spiritual shield.

They can manipulate our spiritual world in dreams while they are able to influence in daily life, and they can manipulate our world in dreams. We need to lose our coldness, our control, the excitement and the panic, so that we can create a kataleptic effect (the mechanism of movement of the nerves on our bodies). First they create a (telepathic) effect with your feelings (someone watching you, someone watching you, someone inside, etc.).

If the person is strong enough, or if he has previously experienced similar situations, he will overcome it.

In the next stages, if the person is in astral work and in trance, he will start scaring them if they are scared or horrified if he is asleep. In this case, if the person really scares, the brain begins to secrete chemistry to move the defense system in order to protect the health of the human. (As you are experiencing when you see a dog running towards you, in this case the person will not tend to escape without fear. Defense system) is the moment when someone lost control and one person loses all control with fear and panic.

Now, a more intense effect may begin. This effect is a cataleptic effect, whether telepathic or kinetic, which will take place on the nervous system and the person is stiff. It is also a situation that happens because the energy body and matter match the moment when the body tries to come together in time, and it is not fully in place.

This happens when one is sitting on the person, someone feels that the person squeezes the throat or lies on the back, etc. This is not a real material effect, whether in the realm of the senses or the realm of matter. We can pretend to be cruel when we cut it with a knife in the dream. In reality, we are not cut off but feel pain. It is like this in this life. In fact, there is no sitting on us in the matter size, but we feel like it is real like the situation in the dream because we become vulnerable at that moment.

What should be done in this situation.

It is natural to read the prayer that first comes to mind. But those who experienced that it was not so easy to do it at that moment knew. If you can read it, you will be saved from this situation only if you have obtained calmness and control and calm enough to complete the prayer already. Getting rid of this situation requires acquired experience.
It should be calm, it should be known that this situation is natural, and only the living should be observed. It is not easy to do these things, who can remain calm simply in this fear and panic when they remain motionless, silent and uncontrolled. But do not worry.
Everyone from the dark room is afraid and uneasy because we do not know what’s inside. When we know we can scare this fear. Some things can be experienced, experienced and removed.

Then, everyone will probably start to struggle,

try to stand up, try to throw it if there is a quilt or cover on it, try yelling and trying to get help, try to play your language to open your mouth to move your arm, at least try to have some of your body. But all of them are nauseous, and even worse, you think you are doing them in the sense of feeling as you try to do them. But in reality you can neither shackle nor move. You can get rid of this kataleptic level only by calm and giving positive suggestions to yourself.

Try to make connections about real and everyday life, remember what you are doing that day, just try to think different things and remember that this will happen some time later. Nobody does not stay in this situation after a while, but if you can not control the brain will come into action and take measures to save you from this situation. Either you will fall asleep again, or a warning will be so intense from the neurons that you will start moving your senses out of your senses. After this event, you will slowly come to yourself in a way of slowing or sweating in blood or sweat.

Can the fugitives be useless in this situation?

If you can read it and it has come to the sensation of gin influence, it can certainly work. This has two influences, the first is the help of every servant, that is the servant angel. Even Allah, Bismillah, provides a positive benefit, but it is difficult to do that at that point because you can not do it because there is panic and uncontrollability in mental and intellectual sense.

What should he do then?

The measure must be taken from the beginning. We can not say anything about physiological reasons, but Ayetel Cursi, which is enormous in these matters, can be read before the harmony or before the work begins to protect such kataleptic influences with the influence of the Jinns. It can be abused or workable.

If you have a sensitive soul structure and are under the influence very easily, there is a method that Prophet Muhammad (S.A.V.) recommends the application of the place where you will sleep or work before bedtime or before you start to work. You can blow it at 7 times every time you read the Ayetel couse and you will work on it or work on it. (I do not mind seeing that the conditional utilitarianism comes: http://telekinezi.com/madde-kinezi-bagi-kanunlar/muzik-ve-sozlerin-su-kristali-uzerine-etkisi-t1803.html and http://telekinezi.com/genel-kultur/zemzem-suyu-kristallerinin-sirri-cozuldu-t5755.html You can take a rod to your hand and draw a circle by rubbing it all the time while you are reading it.

If you have your 5 hour prayers and if you have a spiritual life, you will never have or will survive such a thing because you will be protected by the spiritual shields you have already possessed and the times you have continuously read in prayer,

What is sleep paralysis? How does it occur? What are the solutions?

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3 Aralık 2012

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